Second Chapter: Birth & Trouble

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Jan 15, 2011
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Birth & Trouble

Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ or Any of its characters (sept Shine ha-ha!)

A thundering crackle sounded the air as rain poured down hard in the West City, kids staying in doors, dogs in there little houses. A cry broke threw the stormy night as men in white coats and tanned gloved running around with equipment and gear panicking as they did so, until one of the men was grabbed by the neck and a screeching voice was heard “Give me drugs!!!” her voice echoed threw the room as others winched and did as the woman told.

On the other side of the room was a young teen sitting in a chair with a slight blush plastering his cheeks in embarrassment as he had to sit and wait in the room, also watch them run by him like they gone insane.
’Yesh, I’m glad I’m not a girl…this looks more painful then fighting Cell…’ Gohan whispered to him self.

In the next room over, another faint cry was heard as Bulma was screeching and biting her bottom lip out of the pain that cased her body, Vegeta standing beside her with her hand in his; winching from time to time from her squeezing “Damn woman! Don’t break my hand!” He growled, but quickly shrunk back at her darkish snarl… sweat dropped down Vegeta’s forehead, as he stayed silent, watching, learning.

After a good while of screams and cries of pain, heavy breathing and that taunting cry that wanted to come out so bad. Finally, a baby was born… Thunder cracked outside as the rains poured down harder; a gentle innocent cry broke the air with ease and made everybody feel satisfied… Until they heard Chi-chi screech again!

People panicked as they did this three more times, Once more with Chi-chi and twice with Bulma! Vegeta and Gohan were there to support the most important women in their lives.

On this night, their new names were given to the babies, Goten… Shine… Chi-chi’s babies. Then there’s Trunks and Bra, Bulma’s babies.

Gohan ran his finger over the babies foreheads with a soft smile, watching the two of them lay in Chi-chi’s arms, Chi-chi smiled and gave Gohan a kiss on the cheek before handing him Shine “Here sweetie, hold your baby sister.” Her voice was cracking slightly from being tired and out of energy, so he didn’t object and took Shine into his arms very carefully.

When Gohan brought the child into his arms, he noticed Goten didn’t have a tail, but Shine did. He played with it for a second before taking a seat next to the bed and rocked Shine gently while she slept peacefully in his arms. “She is beautiful… and so is Goten, you did great mom.” He gave Chi-chi a warm smile relaxed.
Now that Gohan has a baby sister and baby brother, he was happy. Vegeta in the next room was holding onto Bra, being very gentle in the process.
”Why do I have to hold the brat?…” he wasn’t objecting to it, he loved holding his little girl… But had to keep his true self away so he played the ‘jackass’ routine.
”Because she is your daughter and you’ll hold her and Trunks as long as I say!” Bulma snapped at Vegeta, which made him sit down out of shock, rolling his eyes he looked down to see his little bundle of cuteness joy! “Gah… cute…” he whispered.

On that night; they summoned the Eternal Dragon forth to grant them a wish. The seven Dragon balls were all in a circle in front of Gohan, Vegeta. “Rise Eternal Dragon and grant me a wish!” As Vegeta said this, the Dragon balls flashed brightly and the sky darkened. Flashing electrical energy shot from the Dragon balls as a long slithering light formed and shot up into the sky, twisting and tangling as its head stopped just a bit away from Vegeta and Gohan; before forming into a long Dragon! Gohan spoke out with a respectful voice “Dragon! We wish the earth to be restored and all the people that were killed by Brolly! But not the bad people!” The Dragon’s eyes flashed dark red and he nodded slowly “Your wish is granted… Farewell.” With this, the people of earth returned at the exact location they died at, and buildings repaired and cities reformed. The dragon slowly started to glow and disappeared as the Dragon balls shot into the sky and scattered in many directions to be found once again in a year.

! Five years later!

”Gohan! WAKE UP!” a screeching voice boomed in the house that was out in the middle of the mountain top areas. “Aww but mom! I want to sleeeeep….” Gohan whined slightly before sighing. “Get up or I’ll get Shine and Goten to get you up!” Gohan’s eye twitched slightly before he grumbled “Fine fine… I’m up...” he sat up and snickered ‘another day…’ he whispered.

Chi-chi was in the kitchen at this time, cooking up a big breakfast as two little kids at the age of Five was sitting at the dinner table, one was a young little girl with a tail wrapped around her waist slightly, her icy blue eyes and dark brown hair that was short and spiky, Tomboyish look really. Then there was the little boy who was known as Goten; who looked a lot like his father did at a young age! Goten had awkward hair that spiked in a few places and didn’t in another, but always had a good smile on his face.

Shine was one of them trouble maker kids that ‘loved!’ to get into trouble, so she had Goten tag along a lot. Goten didn’t really like to get into trouble but loved his sister, so helped her do anything she asked.

Shine stretched before placing something on the seat next to her, she giggled playfully before she looked at Goten with a thumb up smile before acting normal and waiting for their food.

Gohan came down the steps slowly, he was about 21 yrs old right now, but in Human time he really was only seventeen, but after his Hyperbolic Time Chamber, his age went up as he spent four years in the HBTC. Gohan looked much more buffed up, his hair short and spiked in a jet black color fighting gi with red cuffs and red anklets weights.
Gohan stretched his sore muscles and walked over to his seat, which was near Shine and pulled it out but suddenly stopped and looked at his mother “Hey mom, what you making?” Shine looked up at her big brother and wonder why he wasn’t sitting down…

”The same as every day silly; Eggs, bacon, sausage, cooked meat and veggies!” as she was done speaking, she placed the food down in front of Goten, Shine and Gohan.
The two kids dug in fast, hungry and eating like true Sayians! Bite after bite they engulfed the food like they was going to die in seconds.

Gohan sat down slowly and eye twitched slightly as Shine begun to giggle, uncontrollably. Goten was right along with her as he kept his snickering as low as possible while eating!

”Sweetie, what’s wrong? You seem to be in pain…” Chi-chi watched her son as she was on the opposite side of the table, wondering why her son was cringing and such.
”I’m… okay… mom… “He reached below him and plucked something from his butt and placed it on the table, a thumbtack. “Ow...” he whispered as the kids now broke up laughing hard!

Chi-chi only giggled from his reaction but got her stern face on “Shine! Goten! Apologize!” The kids winched and shrunk back and bowed to Gohan “Sorry!” they said at the same time. “That’s okay… I’ll be more brutal in training today for that.”
The kids scolded them selves a bit before returning to eating… Gohan was much sterner after all the training he did with Vegeta and such. Gohan begun to eat as time was running out and they needed to leave soon.

In Capsual Corporation (Big dome building in West City ((I think)) ) was in a uproar of screaming and seemly sounds like chasing. A little boy with purple hair that was bowl shaped haircut ran as fast as he could with tears streaming down his cheeks; as he screamed “MOMMY! HELP!! DAD IS TRYING TO KILL MEEEEEE” he kept screaming as a pissed off Vegeta was boiling hot and a flaming aura bursting around his body, his face covered in makeup… looking like a clown. “Come here boy and accept your punishment for making me look stupid!” as Vegeta chased Trunks, they ran into the main room where there sat Bulma and Bra who were watching TV.

Bulma stood up fast as Trunks ran up and clung to her legs “Mommy help me!” she sighed and rubbed her forehead before grabbing the back of Trunk’s shirt and pulling him into the air to dangle in her grasp “Trunks what you do now…?” Bra looked up at Trunks and stuck out her tongue at him as she continued to watch TV, Bra had light bluish hair that was sort of like Trunks but longer and she wore a red bandana that matched her light pink red eyes.

Vegeta roared as he stomped his feet into the main room where the others were “Give him here so I can beat the life out of him!” Bra begun to laugh hard as she saw her daddy wearing makeup “Is daddy trying to be a girl mommy?!” Bra asked in a squeaky voice because of her laughing!
Bulma could not help but hold her mouth shut with her hand but fighted the urge to laugh. “It was just a joke mommy! Help meeee!” He swung his arms and legs around her arm and held on tightly, nearly scared to death!

Bulma walked over to Vegeta who was boiling mad and took a hanky and dabbed it on her tongue before starting to wipe the makeup away with her free hand while trunks was trying to get away, but she had a hold on his shirt. “There we go, all better… But you did look cute with makeup on hun!” she now couldn’t help it and broke out laughing while handing Trunks to Vegeta.

Vegeta grinned big and snatched Trunks from mid air and all that could be heard as Vegeta walked away with him was… “AHHH HE IS GONNA KILL ME!! 911!!! 911!!!!!” a smack sound was heard and a yelp, but that was not all… one loud horrid scream was heard from the boy as Bulma and Bra twitched slightly as they waited…

Few minutes later… Trunks walked out into the main area with a fluffed up, pink, sweetened with perfume Dress on! His hair having a little pink/purple bow in it and him rubbing his butt slightly obviously getting a hit.

Bulma and Bra held each other and cried with laughter as a few servants that worked the morning shifts were laughing too, not able to stop. “Can we just GO!?” Trunks blurted out as Bulma nodded “Alright Trunks, go pick out some fighting clothes and meet us outside… keep that dress on though! YOU LOOK TOO CUTE!” she echoed her voice and started laughing harder as she picked up a giggling Bra and walked out the front door, Vegeta passing Trunks and snickering as he walked out the front door as well, the three of them waiting out front for Trunks.

Minutes later Trunks finally came out the door still in the dress with tears seeping down his cheeks at how embarrassed he was “Come on, my daughter!” Vegeta muffled a laugh before they got into the hover car and Trunks only cried (Mentally) at his embarrassment. “What is Goten and Shine going to say when they see me like this?!” Trunks whined… “Hey sexy?” Bra suddenly said and everybody looked at her… then started laughing hard!!!

Twenty or so minutes later, they arrived in the middle of a clearing in the middle of a beautiful forest, Vegeta got out of the car with a grunting smile as he looked around to see if anybody else was here or not, as he turned he saw Gohan sitting down on a blanket with a glass of wine in his hand, two kids on his lap asleep or resting; Vegeta got a softened look on his face for a split second as he tapped the car “They are here, come on.” He walked over to Gohan and flopped down beside him with a grunt hello “Hey Gohan… “

Gohan turned his head and smiled at Vegeta “Hey Vegeta, whats up?” Gohan blinked, noticing an awkward smirking smile on Vegeta’s face “You’ll see… “Gohan shrugged and shook the two on his lap “Shine, Goten… Get up; Trunks and Bra is here.” As the two woke, they sat up and stretched with a groan not really wanting to wake up, but there eyes snapped open as they saw Trunks getting out of the car… eyes started to water and stomachs starting to turn as Gohan, Chi-chi, Goten and Shine nearly keeled over with laughter! “Oh my god Trunks! What did you do to get that punishment!?” Goten could hardly talk as he laughed, Trunks was starting to get mad now and ripped off the dress in a fit of rage as he now stood there naked! “Trunks dear boy! GET SOME CLOTHES ON!” Bulma spoke while laughing as Bra and Shine blushed horribly and turned and looked away.

Trunks blushed bad as he just noticed what he done and jumped into the car fast! Getting changed into his fighting gi.
After everybody settled down he came out and walked over to the others and sat down on the blanket with them, snickering with a light blush on his cheeks “So are we going to train today Gohan?” Gohan raised his head up to meet Trunks eyes and nodded “Yeah, Vegeta are you going to help?” He turned his gaze to Vegeta who shook his head, his hand cupped in Bulma’s “We are going to relax, you bash them today.” He snickered.

Trunks and Goten grinned as they went off to start there warm ups of Pushups and Sit ups, using boulders as weights and such, Shine and Bra went off to chat and spar a little but they did more chatting then sparing most of the time, Shine loved to spar but Bra was not that much of a fighter; but Shine was Bra’s best friend so it didn’t matter to her.

After about an hour of waiting for the wine to settle in his stomach, Gohan stood up and walked into the middle of the clearing. “Kids, come on! Time to start your intense training!”

Trunks and Goten stopped there fooling around and came to attention in front of Gohan, snapping there feet together and raising there hands to there head in a salute “Sir yes sir!”, they said at the same time which made Gohan snicker slightly. He turned his head in the direction of his little sister and waited silently, tapping his foot a bit before Shine finally turned to look in his direction and gulped “Sorry!!” she rushed over leaving Bra to watch with the others, standing beside the other two boys and saluted “Sorry! Sorry!” she shouted knowing it was bad to keep him waited.

Gohan smirked and threw a fist towards Shine’s face, too fast for her to react so she winched, but nothing hit sept air. Shine blinked slightly as Gohan smiled down at her, his fist an inch from her face “Be on time, or else.” His voice was stern but his smile was soft and sweet.

Shine nodded a few times before sighing deeply, they took a moment to relax and do a little breathing before Gohan said “Okay, Go all out!” with that, the ground around him cracked as his aura flared in a dazed white glow as he shot back doing a few back-flips.

Goten and Trunks clenched there fists and golden aura spouted around them as they turned Super Sayian easily, dashing forward towards Gohan; sending a flurry of punch and kicks at him, Gohan easily dodged all of these from the two boys.
Shine stayed still for a moment wondering what to do since this was actually her first REAL team spar… she clenched her fists and shrugged her shoulders and shot forward fast, throwing a single punch at Gohan’s cheek which connected!

Gohan was pushed back a little and was un-guarded as the two boys came up in front of him and slammed there fists into his stomach and shot a blast of energy together, the beam carrying Gohan into a pack of trees. As Shine giggled playfully, she span her hands around in a circle in front of her “Twisting Chaos!” bluish red energy formed with her hands in a big orb in front of her, as she forced the orb forward, Goten and Trunks appeared beside her and placed there hands at there sides “Ka…me…Ha…Meee…HA!!!” they both shot a Kamehameha at the Red orb, increasing it’s speed greatly as it went spiraling into the area Gohan was at.

Vegeta winched and stood up slowly “Kids… behind… yo-..” Vegeta couldn’t get the words out quick enough as Gohan was behind the kids and within a few seconds, the kids were sent flying with a punch to the gut, a kick to the side, and an uppercut to the jaw.

Vegeta snickered slightly “Poor brats… Okay, my turn to get into the fun!” With that Vegeta flew towards Gohan and threw a punch which Gohan dodged and rolled back with his foot raising up firmly into Vegeta’s gut, sending him into the air; The kids got up and charged at Gohan from all sides and threw as many clustering punches and kicks as possible!

Gohan was doing well, dodging every attack even with out turning Super Sayian. Vegeta came up behind Gohan with a surprise blast, the kids came up in front of Gohan and all fired a beam into his stomach while Vegeta send his blast into Gohan’s back!

The blasts collided together against Gohan and made dust fly everywhere as the ground caved in a bit; the kids flew beside Vegeta and waited silently… Vegeta smirked and eye twitched “Kids, be careful… “Shine looked up at Vegeta “Why?” just then, a huge aura spread across the area as the dust swirled in a twisting style around a figure that was now covered in a golden aura “Because I’m going all out!” he was lying, holding back most of his power honestly, Gohan shot forward and was in front of the kids and Vegeta in no time, sending them all back with surprising speed.

“Spread out!” Vegeta shouted as they all separated, Gohan skidded and shot to the side catching up with Shine, grabbing her ankle and ramming his knee into her stomach; tossing her into Goten that was flying towards him.
Trunks came up behind Gohan and powered up a blast over his head and slammed it down onto Gohan’s back, but no effect! Gohan whipped around and grabbed Trunks by the head and slammed him into the ground. Vegeta was up in front of Gohan instantly, flipping back so his feet connected with Gohan’s chin, sending him spiraling into the air.

All the while, Chi-chi and Bulma was sipping tea and eating a piece of Cake, Bra enjoying the fight and giggling “Go Shine GO!” she shouted in a rooting manner, while biting into a Cookie and drinking some milk.

“Them guys… they seriously going to get hurt one day Chi-chi...” Bulma said worriedly. “I think they will be just fine, I brought the Med-kit with me!” she held it up from out of no where! “Your always prepared Chi-chi… How do you Do it?!” she said in a friendly joking tone, which made the two women laugh as they kept there eyes on there babies…

Gohan fell to the ground and put two fingers to his forehead and Vegeta gasped “NO FAIR BRAT!” with that, Gohan disappeared; Vegeta looked around fast, all that could be felt was a hard bone crushing fist thrusting into his gut and sending him dangerously crashing into a mountain side.

Bulma and Chi-chi gasped at how much force Gohan put into that one attack and looked at the half destructed mountain “Wow, Gohan be a little more careful.”
Trunks, Goten and Shine watched as Vegeta slowly got out of the rubble, coughing slightly. Trunks smirked and dashed towards Gohan along with Goten beside him.

Shine shivered softly and whispered “Whats…wrong? Something is wrong…” she stared at her older brother as Trunks came to a crashing halt as a fist rammed into his jaw, a little blood seeping from his mouth as Goten got a kick to the stomach, making him spit up a little blood and saliva, they were sent back behind Shine and crashed into the ground, winching and whimpering softly.

Gohan turned to face Shine as he raised his fists up slowly and dashed forward, ground picking up from his sudden burst of energy, Vegeta came crashing down on top of Gohan right before he was able to give Shine a punch to the face. “What is wrong with you Gohan!?” Vegeta growled, being Super Sayian now; hair spiked up with golden aura, pinning Gohan down as best as he could…then he finally noticed…
“G…Gohan…why do you have red eyes..?” Vegeta twitched slightly as he stared into pure red eyes, a wicked smirk formed on Gohan’s lips.

“My my Vegeta…Seemed a little scared eh? Want to fight…? I know you do… Let’s FIGHT!” his aura burst again, sending Vegeta up into the air by a push of energy, Vegeta growled and barked at Shine “Get Trunks and Goten OUT OF HERE!”
Shine shrank back and turned around and got to Trunks and Goten, picking them up and flying back to the others where she was greeted by a frightened Mother and Bulma.

Vegeta stood there now in front of a Gohan that seemed unreal, glaring each other down like beasts. “Gohan, what is wrong with you boy?! You’re scaring your mother and sister!”
Gohan snapped at Vegeta slightly before turning his gaze to look over at Chi-chi and Shine, they were both crying slightly as they watched.

His arm twitched and he rolled his head back cracking his neck slightly in an awkward way before his gaze turned back on Vegeta “Prince of Baboons…” Gohan let his words slither from his lips like a snake as Vegeta growled and balled his fists in anger.

Vegeta sparked with electricity as he charged forward fast with out warning, Gohan raised his hand up slowly and caught an on-coming fist, twisting it around and spinning Vegeta in mid air and digging his fist into his cheek, sending him to pick up dust twenty feet away.

Shine jumped up and clenched her fists, Chi-chi tried to grab at her “No!” she shouted, but Shine was off into the air and charging down at a blistering speed towards Gohan; as Gohan had his back turned to Shine watching Vegeta slowly get up.

Shine was raging her fists forward with energy crackling around them, but it was too late… Vegeta’s eye twitched as he watched Gohan span around and nearly snapped Shine’s neck at how fast and hard he grabbed her out of the thick air, slamming her repeatedly onto the ground. “Ahhhgh!” Shine screamed in pain as blood seeped from her mouth and little cuts.

Vegeta burst his aura around him so his body was shocking violently as his hair sparked and went black to gold rapidly
, his muscles bulged out and his fists clenched tightly as he was done powering up, he forced a foot off the ground and slammed it back a bit to send him self forward as fast as possible, his fist shaking as it came colliding into Gohan’s back, a snapping sound was heard as Shine was let go and Gohan flew into a stack of trees.

”Shine, Shine! Wake up brat…Wake up!!” Vegeta growled, looking down at the battered girl, he picked her up slowly and examined her wounds… and found she was just fine! “WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY ANYTHING?!” Vegeta barked and socked her on the head before putting her down, she winched and pouted, rubbing her head “I didn’t know what to say…?” her voice mocked.

Shine focused her energy now as her wounds slowly healed, she had the gift of healing and also some other traits from her blood line. Vegeta watched as her small cuts were healed and blinked slightly “your like Dende…” she smiled up at him as Gohan was starting to stand up now.

“My my, what a punch… I’m impressed Veggie head.” Gohan slithered his tongue as he spoke, walking out of the cracks and fallen over trees towards Vegeta and Shine.

Vegeta turned around with his fists clinched tightly, Shine standing there with her eyes glistened and scared as she now looked into the depths of Gohan's red tainted eyes. Vegeta got into a fighting stance ready for the battle to start again as he kept his power flaming as his aura flickered every few moments.
Shine slowly took a step forward, but Vegeta placed a hand in front of her "He has lost it... Leave this to me." After speaking with his stern toned voice. Vegeta's body erupted and he was off towards Gohan whom charged at Vegeta.

Different sections of the open flowered field was soon in a uproar of dirt and rubble as each punch and kick connected with each other. The air so thin flames were seen at each strike. Vegeta's and Gohan’s blood boiled with the battle at hand, while Shine escaped back to her mother who hugged onto her tightly.

Chi-chi and Bulma got more and more worried "Whats wrong with Gohan?" Bulma asked in a shaky voice. Trunks and Goten slowly sat up regaining strength, starting to stand up and walked over to Shine who kept her eyes on the battle.

Goten slowly took Shines hand and held it while Trunks stood there with his hand holding his wounded shoulder, their eyes shaky with fear as they watch their teacher go crazy.
As the minutes passed, Shine couldn't stand it anymore and broke her hold with Goten and clenched her fists tightly, stepping out onto the opening being followed by Goten and Trunks.
"We have to stop Gohan at all costs! We can't let him go mad..." Shine spoke to the two as Chi-chi and Bulma stayed behind, knowing they can't stop their children.

"AHHRRGHHHH" Vegeta roared as he hammered down onto Gohan's back sending him crashing into the ground. Gohan slowly raised from the rubble and grinned while blood trickled down his chin. While Gohan and Vegeta stared down each other, flicker of red sparks shined off of Gohan's body. Vegeta lowered down to the ground and landed, but was quickly bashed in the chest with a devastating blow! Vegeta skipped across the ground being thrashed into a row of trees where he skidded to a stop knocked out.

Trunks winched and shouted "FATHER!" flying up into the sky to try and get to his dad, but Gohan was in front of him before he could get a few feet off the ground and threw a punch to his gut with a combo to his jaw. Trunks flew past the women and skidded into the car denting the door, laying limped against it bleeding from the shoulder and blood trickled down his forehead. Goten looked back to see Trunks in a mess and shouted "TRUNKS!!" Before turning around to Gohan and shouting "Why!? Why Gohan!?".

Gohan raised a brow and gave a light smirk before grinning ear to ear with a tinted stare as his foot came up into Goten's jaw. Goten flew high into the air and came plummeting down near the car. Shine was frozen in fear as she stood there... 'He' strong... I can't... win!' she thought to her self as she shook in fear. Every nerve in her body screamed "RUN!" but all she could do is stand there and shake, a patch of liquid forming at the crotch of her pants and eyes watering with tears. Gohan could only laugh as he raised his hand and pulled it back slowly to his side "Kaa.....Meee....." Gohan begun to speak in a tone that showed no mercy.

Shine quickly realized what he was about to do! She quickly turned around and bursted her energy around her and took flight as fast as she could, flying as far as she could! "Haaa.... Meeeeee......." His grin never left his face as he gave Shine time to 'try' and escape... "HAAAAA!" He forced his hand forward and a blast erupted from his hand towards Shine who screamed as loud as she could.

At that moment the scream ended as the blast ignited and took the sky in a flash of lights, fire and dust. Gohan stood from his stance as Goten and Trunks slowly raised to their knees, the scream woke them up. But all they could do is shed tears as they looked to the sky at the cloud of smoke. As the smoke cleared, a figure was hovering in the center of it. Finally the smoke vanished all together, revealing Vegeta! His arms badly burned and his torso damaged, his left eye having a big scratch over it. Shine slowly came out from behind him and looked up at him in shock "Ve....Vegeta...." as all she can muster out before Vegeta fell to the ground.

Shine stared down at Vegeta, her body pulsating with her heartbeat and the anger that boiled her blood. Lighting flickered around her body and the sky begun to darken with black clouds. "GOHAN!!! YOU WILL PAY!" She screamed as she screamed into the tainted sky. A strike of lighting blinded everybody, moments later the sky finally cleared. The wind picked up in a furious twister as rubble begun to pick up gathering everybody’s attention once again. The strong winds soon broke apart in a fluster of energy as a young girl, hovered in the center of a new born flame. Golden hair spiked up with spiky bangs and angelic soft teal eyes, glistened skin that shined with her new found power. "I will make you pay Gohan... By the judgment I shall bestow upon you!" Shine spoke with heart as she raised her fist up and clenched it, lighting crackling around her fist.

Trunks begun to blush and stare up at Shine with a new found liking as Goten was confused now and sitting there rubbing his head. Chi-chi and Bulma both blinked and was amazed at the kids 'spunk' after almost getting killed. Vegeta slowly raised to a kneel and looked up at Shine "Super Sayian 2 eh... Not bad brat..." He coughed up a little blood before standing up and falling back down to a kneel. "Ugh! That blast did more damage then I thought...." Shine lowered down to the ground and with out warning Gohan was already on the charge towards Shine. Shine swiped back and dodged a oncoming punch and came up from under him with a furious uppercut to the stomach riding it up to his jaw with forced energy.

Gohan was sent back into the air and Shine teleported as fast as she could and hammered down with both fists together on Gohan's head, sending him plummeting into the ground where she laid waste with a spray of ki blasts. As the ground caved in and her breath depleted, she raised up and took a deep breath and tried to sense to see if he was still there... He wasn't!
Shine quickly looked around "CRAP!" was all she could get out as a fist was torn threw her stomach. Everybody went silent as a squeaking muffled scream was all that could be heard as blood sprayed the air.

"G....Go...han....wh...why!?" Shine coughed up a big portion of blood before falling to the ground transforming back to her normal self, a big gaping hole in her stomach. Gohan's eyes twitched as he slowly brought his hand up to his face to stare at the blood dripping down off his clenched fist. "Wh...what...what have I... done...?" Gohan's eyes slowly started to water as he roared into the air and clenched his head "AHHHHHH!!!!!" he thrashed about and screamed as if being tortured. Energy formed around his body creating a orb of electrical force... All that could be heard was Gohan screaming louder and louder. The air got so thin fire swirled around the orb, the force of energy raising off of the orb caused the sky to become cloudy and rain hard.

Goten and Trunks was already by Shine, pulling her back and away from Gohan towards Chi-chi and Bulma who were aiding Vegeta. "Whats going on Vegeta!?" Chi-chi screamed. Bulma and the kids tried to see if there was anything they could do for Shine while Vegeta stared up at Gohan... "He's.... Changing..." as his eyes shake with fear.

-Meanwhile all across the world, destruction was soon starting to happen, buildings crumbled and shook till they broke apart from the earthquakes Gohan was making. Bridges and roads caved in and havoc was caused all across the land.-

~Other World~ King Kai: GOKU!!! Gohan has lost control!
Goku: What do you mean King Kai?
King Kai: Just look, something is happening... This is not good.

As Goku placed his hand on King Kai's shoulder, he raised a brow and then was shocked beyond belief. "Shine... Vegeta... Trunks.. Goten.. Chi-chi... Bulma..." he spoke softly "What is going on...". As Goku watched his oldest son transforming into what seems like a monster with unbelievable power and evil.

~Back on Earth~

Gohan's energy was so strong the air around the orb was now a blazing twister of dust, rubble and fire. Minutes later, the winds died and the air went calm. The dust slowly begun to disappear and the rubble came crashing down to the ground once again. Everybody went silent and stared up at the orb that has yet to disappear... When all of the sudden, a flash of dark light blinded the skies and a eruption of power went out in all directions, pushing down trees and destroying nearby mountains with the pressure of the energy alone. Everybody fought to keep Shine still and on the ground as Vegeta put up a barrier with his energy.

Moments later, down ascending a new being of power. A tail whipped around slashing away the dust that surrounded the figure who landed on the tips of his shoes before landing fully. Dark red furred tail coiling around a dark red furred stomach, arms bulged with fur covering it and eyes red and dark. Hair jet black and spiky as if he was normal, but had a shine to it. His body slightly bigger and his aura a hazed dark color that swirled around his body while he kept his arms crossed below his chest with a big smirk.

Vegeta's eyes grew wide, Everybody else went in awe as Gohan stood in his new found transformation state. "Super... Sayian...4..." Vegeta slowly slurred the words from his mouth as he snarled and growled "EVEN KAKAROTS BRAT SURPASSES ME!" he screamed into the air.

~Other World~ King Kai: Oh my... This is not good, this is not good!
Goku: No... No it's not... I have to help!

King Kai: But you already spent your day on earth... It's against the rules.
Goku: If we want to save the earth, we have to do something!

Goku and King Kai watched Gohan's new evil tint radiate like a forest fire that does not wish to die.

~Back on Earth~
"I am a GOD!" Gohan roared, his energy seeping out and concentrating as he demonstrated his new found powers by taking up half the area in a erupting explosion. Vegeta then felt it! "BROLY!" He shouted as he shielded the kids and women with his body... "BUT HOW!?!". Gohan blinked and grinned big "Ooh... You've gotten smarter Vegeta... Or is that a lucky guess?" Gohan started chuckling in a intent to piss Vegeta off. "I escaped from that wretched hell and forced my wandering soul into the strongest vessel I could find on this puny planet." Vegeta growled and clenched his fists tightly "Are you calling me WEAK?! The Prince of all Sayians?!" Vegeta snapped at Gohan with distaste.

To Be Continued!

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