1. S

    Second Chapter: Birth & Trouble

    Birth & Trouble Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ or Any of its characters (sept Shine ha-ha!) A thundering crackle sounded the air as rain poured down hard in the West City, kids staying in doors, dogs in there little houses. A cry broke threw the stormy night as men in white coats and tanned...
  2. sub

    Pay tribute to Spunky on his day of birth

    Do it now.
  3. Mr.Lukyas

    HAppy Birth day, Karde and Sicron ;)

    How lucky U R having ze bday on ze X-mass Enjoy and get Ureself some cool stuff ;)
  4. TigerGEO

    Happeh birth day SV

    nothing... Happeh b-day dude xD, you inspired meh to make these sexeh models:
  5. Arsenovicius

    Happy Birth day john Volkov

    Yo ! Happy b-day man. And since those who played me in 1.2.3 public servers know that i love cookies.. here is my cookie for you :laff:
  6. T

    My birth day

    Hey all its my birthday tamarrow ill be 17 :laff: