1. S

    Second Chapter: Birth & Trouble

    Birth & Trouble Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ or Any of its characters (sept Shine ha-ha!) A thundering crackle sounded the air as rain poured down hard in the West City, kids staying in doors, dogs in there little houses. A cry broke threw the stormy night as men in white coats and tanned...
  2. Grega

    FMA chapter 94 (possible spoilers)

    I just read through it and man. Mustang is pissed about beeing placed second XD Somehow i feel bad for envy ^^; Allthough i did have a nice laugh with the tank part :p
  3. Dokutayuu

    FMA Chapter 88 (spoilers)

    I've recently read the latest chapter and I say it's getting pretty interesting. Anyone else?
  4. B

    Chapter 1 ? Animation tutorial using 3D Studio Max

    Hello guys, this is a beginner to advanced user tutorial that I created for you the community. This tutorial is meant only for helping not for selling In this chapter tutorial you will learn about the character studio...
  5. Kaination

    The DJ-Ready chronicles: A new chapter Updated journal ftw o/ Discussness.
  6. Suh Dude

    Your favorite chapter book!

    My favorite book is "Where the Red Fern Grows." ( Even though it's a bit for younger people.) It's coming out somewhere december 17 or 22 ( Of the movie). It's about a boy (Billy) who wanted coon dogs, he saves his money for years, and buys the two dogs he always wanted. The male dog is named...
  7. I

    Naruto Chapter 229 Convo (Spoilers!!)

    I just got finished reading 229 and man was it awesome! Now that Sasuke has a full grown sharingan eye, do you think he can beat naruto's nine-tails form? Even if he doesn't, remember that sasuke still has the 2nd form that those 4-sound-nin guys had. Man that was a good chapter, post...
  8. CM

    Naruto Manga Chapter 209 (SPOILERS)

    What did everyone think of it? i thought it was absolutely kickass the way lee jumped in and nailed Kimimaro with the "Konoha Senpuu"
  9. K

    Vampire Slayer Chapter 3 Released!!!!!

    Get it here its tha Bomb it RoXOrs J0o BoX0rs Get it dudees This version roxs vampire slayer is the bomb k Dont get me wrong esf is cool but if u ask me do u lie vs better then esf ill tell u ur a dumbshit cause ur compareing jap anime style to monster style i like em the same...