Reason to change engine!

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Apr 25, 2005
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I know you wont do it, but it's time someone tells you the facts, because this has been going on long enough!

The HL1 engine was never meant for esf. It isn't powerful enough, not at all. That is the reason for low fps even on highend comps. My comp is amd64 3000+ 1gb ddr and gf 6800. Now, u can run HL perfectly with a 500mhz pentium **** cpu. Esf gives low fps because it goes beyond the HL1 engine. And no there is nothing wrong with my comp. Esf is the game where I have the lowest fps. CS source with all details runs faster than esf.

The fact is. The mod should have been for Quake3 long time ago or unreal. But now that we have the source engine it's obvious where you should go. It IS the engine that gives the best performance with the best graphics.

And since you guys havent put your focus towards anything but eye candy, then perhaps you will jump and clap your little hands now.

Or perhaps you would say: bah! no way its too hard to make it for source... Perhaps its time for a new team then? If some persons can't do it, get new ones. There are tons of freelancers out there!

THinking of how esf 1.2 runs on computers, start to imagine 1.3... 30fps on a ****ing 64bit 4000+ with a 7800gtx, and 2gb ddr... Well almost, but the fps will never improve with HL1, and it will be worse for every eye candy version that comes for esf.

Alot of people knows this, and im sure the staff does too, but most likely they will just ignore it.
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Dec 1, 2001
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Wow, you are like totally the first person to ever put so much detail into an argument of why the HL1 engine is inferior to all the other mainstream engines out there. No, seriously, nobody else has ever tried to explain to the ESF team that there are better engines out there. All this time, they have been working on ESF on the HL1 engine, assuming it was the best possible engine they could create it on, or best there ever will be for that matter. But you're trying to tell me that there is an engine better than the HL1 engine? NO WAY! MY EYES HAVE BEEN OPENED TO THE TRUTH, QUICK SOMEONE BETTER ALERT THE INTERNET.

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