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Sep 13, 2008
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"state transformation"

In some threads recently, and I'm sure hundreds posted in the past, people have talked about ideas of going into another "state" that drains your stamina and allows you to power-up temporarily. It's always been confined to a generalized view however, and before the beta, it's been in regards to Ki drain. With the added stamina feature though, we now have a boatload of new possibilities to consider. So I'd like to talk about these ideas in regards to stamina, turbo, and ease of programming.

Here's the fundamental idea:
After you initiate this mode, you drain stamina from your current at a set rate. You gain a bonus to your base PL for the duration. The increase in base PL allows you to transform. Once you transform, you'll gain bonus stamina from your new trans state. The stamina drain still continues, but you have more stamina. Once your stamina is spent, the enemy has the chance to strike and possibly finish you off. Without stamina, you won't be able to block some of the damage dealt, or stand up, and you're pretty much done.

Is this idea beneficial and diverse enough that it should be considered?
To address what I see immediately coming up, this is different than Turbo. Turbo can be used infinitely, as it doesn't take very long to recharge your Ki. Once you're hit, Turbo turns off, so the drain stops. It will never prevent you from standing or fighting, just add another second onto your recharge time, which is hardly anything. It has its benefits enough that you use it regularly, but are never forced to, and the circumstances when you use it are... ALL THE TIME.

This state is different for several reasons:

First, it's more of a circumstantial thing. If the opponent is low on stamina, and you have a lot, you may want to use "state transformation" to take advantage of this and finish him. (Good players will be lower on stamina less often than bad players, I assume). If you're fighting someone MUCH stronger than you, and you're just shy of transforming, you may want to use this to equalize the fight. Added benefits of melee recovery, additional stamina damage, and stamina negation would make it very useful.

Second, it allows you to transform above your means. I know this is an idea that a lot of fans have wanted, and it adds a 'cool' factor to the game. Right now it's so cut and dry that if someone transes you know exactly how strong they are and what advantages you have over them. This mixes it up, even if it's just a little bit.

Third, it has unrealized potential. I've noticed that currently turbo reduces your stamina when transformed as well as your Ki (EDIT: negates the regeneration of stamina). This tells me that people behind the scenes are linking the power of transformation and the PL gain from turbo as being 'different' from the usual ESF turbo. Why is there that distinction now? Because stamina has come into play? Are they changing the role of turbo to somewhat mimic this old concept now? It's a great idea, and it's very possible that it would work to a certain degree. But it can't hold the same potentials of the forementioned. You turn it off whenever you want, you can't transform above your means, and it holds no considerable benefit or consequence. Turbo is a simple feature that has its usefulness, but it can never go beyond a certain extent. Consider implementing a new feature to take advantage of stamina where Turbo cannot.

Some things to consider:

For ease of programming, you need to consider that there will be the same benefits for higher Power Levels, past that which considers untrans fighting.

So should you get a % base PL increase, even with the turbo multiplier? Should your stamina drain rate NOT increase? Would the penalty of running out of stamina in a higher PL fight be greater than that of an untrans battle? Yes or no, you have to consider its use in a different scenario.

Would players use this ability to increase the power of their Ki attacks temporarily?
If you can transform, then not only would your Ki attacks be stronger, but you'd have access to ones you didn't before, like Morvin wanted with his "Full-Power Mode."

If turbo was to be used and updated to mimic this state, then how would you change it?
Personally, I'd consider bumping up the Ki drain to make it more circumstantial, at least if only for untrans fighting. The Ki bonus from transing probably keeps the same drain rate. I'd also increase and add to its benefits, like a faster recovery time. In other words, if you're hit with Turbo on, you recover faster, even though it becomes disabled. Make the base fly speed, without using turbo, a bit faster too so you don't NEED to use it. Turbo would become more of an "awareness factor" and benefit from a player's skill in using it effectively. This is only if another feature wasn't implemented.

As you can see, there's a lot to consider and even more to talk about, so please comment with any thoughts or ideas.
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