New Idea for a DBZ Video Game

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Dec 21, 2004
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Now here are some basic concepts i want you to think of.
Fast pacedness of marvel vs capcom 2.
multiple characters of marvel vs capcom 2.
ability to call in aid of your additional characters like in mvc2...

Now think budokai...

block struggles, burst struggles, beam struggles...

Now try mixing dbz budokai with the mvc2 gameplay...

wouldnt that be rather neat? like 2 of you doing your specials at the same time, having like vegeta goku gohan krillin and piccolo all shooting big beams at frieza cell cooler radits and nappa? wouldnt that just be an insane button mashing PS of bliss.

having like 3-5 characters for each player. it would just be crazy!

no mass teleporting because that was lame, and perhaps a stamina bar like in snk vs capcom or whatever, where you can only block/dodge for so long, dodging costing more than blocking...

i dont know, its just so hard to find a good game like marve vs capcom2, dbz nonethe less

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