MAJOR Delay Problem but no fps problem!

Lost in space
May 8, 2003
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so this is my problem:
My ESF runs nicely and all...
I have more then 20 fps most of the time
but the thing is that it has a constant delay
I mean everything I do actually take place only after a few seconds
and its constant! I mean the delay, each time I run esf its kinda random
but once Im finished with the precach...
I every moment have the same delay

every action I do , like moving attacking... doesnt metter what
it take place after a few seconds
usually 5

but dont forget that my fps is normal and good! so its not the problem mensioned in the sticky by gr00vy!

please tell me what do I need to change in my esf configuration to make this work properly without the delay

oh and this happens both in internet games and in lan games with no internet
and I have a pure ESF 1.2 with 0 additions, I think.
(this has happened b4 in 1.1 but somehow I fixed that now I dont remmeber how I did it)

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