List of possible game types + various stuff

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May 13, 2004
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Not-Named 1

A player on good and evil are both out of KI and cannot recharge by E but they have 10x PL. Scouters are disabled. The aim of the game is to protect that person so they can help you win the game. There can be 'lives' if needed.

This game type may encourage team work.

Not-Named 2

Everyone has x10 HP but cannot respawn, basically Last Man/Team standing.

Not-Named 3

Similar to Not-named 1. Except that there a structure (Frieza Base etc) but the player is healing slowly inside. They can get out whenever they want but with low health, protecting their healing is best.

Not-Named 4

CTDB but with no scouter. Everyone has x10 HP but only one life. Each team must choose a place to keep their DB's. If a player dies, they are sent to a copy of the map or something. If all DB's are gathered only revive friend is availible and depending on server size you can revive so many people at one time.

Other thing

Maps could be given a prefix for what gametype they can be used in like in UT2K4. E.g esf_place (Deathmatch) ctdb_otherplace (Ctdb0 etc.

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