Legacy Of Goku 3?

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Sep 12, 2003
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Hey the Atari company did an nice job with legacy of Goku 2 and as for 1 well... but the real issue here is that "2" was a good game in my opinion the only thing is that it only went up through the cell saga just as Budokai did. Im not saying there is anything wrong with that, its just that the Atari company then came out with Budokai2 and went through with the end of the buu saga. {even though there was no story mode} My question is why not just finish wat u started and come out with "Legacy of Goku 3".... and dont tell my that Taiketsu was "3", cuss i bought that game and returned it the same week, it was such a disgrace to DBZ fans everywhere...well if any of you out there has a word or two or just an opinion about "Legacy of Goku 3" then speak your mind, cuss the only way its comeing out is if there is a voice heard over the matter.

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