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**Disclaimer:** This tournament is not hosted by the ESF development team. We are simply helping the community by publishing their tournament trailer and using our forums/discord to register the participants. For those who didn't know, we posted an update regarding the progress of ESF Final last month which can be viewed below this news.

Many of us had a chance to experience Earth’s Special Forces (ESF) game at least once in our lives. Nowadays, this game is known for having a fast, unique and skill-based mechanics; however, majority of the players started their ESF journey due to its association with Dragon Ball series, created by legendary Akira Toriyama, who has recently passed away. And while we cannot collect all dragon balls to call him back, we can celebrate his life and work in our own way.

This is why we are inviting you to join ESF v1.2.3 Toriyama Tribute Tournament, where you will have a chance to win variety of prizes, compete under improved ruleset, meet elite players and, most importantly, pay a tribute to the legendary artist known as Akira Toriyama! More information regarding the rules, price and rewards can be viewed at:

1. Join our official discord server by by clicking here. (and accept to its rules)
2. Once you've completed the above steps, simply join the tournament by heading over the "Join the tournament" channel and click on the "Join Tournament" Button!.. That's it!

Those who are willing to join, good luck!
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