1. Skyrider

    ESF 1.2.3 Legacy Tournament - Are you the best?

    Do you think you are the best ESF 1.2.3 player out there? This is your chance to prove it! Join the Legacy Tournament today and win awesome prizes! UPDATE - applications are now closed. More info soon. Get the chance to have your very own statue in the City map of ESF Final! Get the game you...
  2. Mr. Satan

    Frontpage Yes.. We are still alive!

    Greetings! As of a little while ago, the forums have been upgraded to a newer forum software. If you by any chance have the time to check it out to see if your account is still in working order, that would be great! Though, a kind reminder that all steam logins have been erased, so you will...
  3. Skyrider

    Frontpage Earth's Special Forces trailer- Saiyan Trio

    Welcome back Earth's Special Forces fans, and sorry for the long wait ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Although we have been away from the spotlight for quite sometime, we can assure you that we have been working harder than ever. Over the past few months we have been able to complete much of our gameplay content...
  4. T

    1.2 patch frontpage

    Just done reading front page i hope the patch fixes power struggles for the pumping kia trick dont no if you can already do that i tried tho .Just glad the esf team is going to fix the and not wait till 1.3 to do it ty esf team.
  5. R

    Frontpage Somehelp? - offer

    K, I'm the leader of the clan -|DS|- Dark Saiyen. Some of you may no me some of you may not. I need some help with frontpage. I don't know how to use it really, I know the basics - that's it. I was wondering, if anyone would like to assist me and completing my new clan website. Also helping me...
  6. dudeman


    see: like it?