Javascript help (hope it's the right place)

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Feb 26, 2003
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I want to make the links for the pages in my site this way (hope you'll understand WTF I mean :p ):
U've got this triangle (like in the address bar) when u press on it u get the names of the pages. U press a name then the go button and it brings u to the page in another frame...
Now this is the code:

<.form name="RedirectSearch" target="1".>
<.select name="url" size="1".>
<!--For each line of code, you need to do the following:-->
<!--Place your URLs within the quotation marks.-->
<!--Edit the text at the end of each line.-->
<.option value="Homepage.html">Home Page</option.>
<.option value="picf.html">Hosted Pictures</option.>
<.option value="M_S.html">Models & Sprites</option.>
<.option value="mapf.html">Maps</option.>
<.option value="soundsf.html">Sounds</option.>
<.option value="otherf.html">Others</option.>
<.option value="linkf.html">Links</option.>
<.option value="time.HTM">Press here and time will follow you...</option.>
<.option value="">Contact me<./option>
<.input type=image src="" value=GO name="SUBMIT">

Now every time I choose a page it brings me to the frame that the links come from.....
I don't know a **** in javascript so can someone help :confused:
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Apr 16, 2003
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WEll if i'm correct u should target the links , but where...

uhm lets have a looksie

well i guess you should create a nother form and name it '2' then edit this:

<.form name="RedirectSearch" target="1".>
edit the 1 into 2...

maybe that will do.. dunno though.. it's worth the try.

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