Incrementing rapid sprint upgrade to the 1.3 running update :D

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Jun 14, 2004
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too simple!
nobody uses sprints nowadays from mine and many i know's experience

lets make it useable :p

•ur sprint starts at X speed, same as now

•the longer u run the faster it gets - but it wont be more then 1.5 faster then swooping.

•being on ground + teleporting to ground gets u to max sprint speed if decided to use sprint right after teleporting
(NOT A NECCESS?) •fast sprints takes ki a just a little less then half teleporting ki - maybe for balance? I think maybe not its a bad idea to take much more ki then in 1.2 for sprints but it was a thought

•sprints should be altered so they will be used more for dodging and stuffs
but should be balanced somehow
maybe this suggestion is not complete but.. I try :p
(omg esf forums should really fix all those red Xs instead of their smilies, this is going badd lol)

•At The Moment in 1.2 beam-jump => is the very best way to run away from a person in a battle
(from any kind of reason), its fast, not taking a lot of ki and very useful/gets the job done very easily not much of an effort needed;
fast sprint could be nice enough as a replacement or an alternative just as much!

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