1. RoshkoMasta

    Incrementing rapid sprint upgrade to the 1.3 running update :D

    too simple! { nobody uses sprints nowadays from mine and many i know's experience lets make it useable :P } •ur sprint starts at X speed, same as now •the longer u run the faster it gets - but it wont be more then 1.5 faster then swooping. •being on ground + teleporting to...
  2. ZeroNightmare

    Rapid Disc Fire.

    Yea... discs suck, period, Ok, i know that in 1.3 the discs will be faster, that may make them alot better, but still. I think that you should be able to throw alot of little dics really fast like krillin did when he was fighting frieza.
  3. OubliezJe

    Rapid Core Promotion

    There is a story im going to be creating, i have the intro already. I plan big things for this story. I plan on getting a crew of good animators and creating a flash movie of it. The Story is called Rapid Core. So to start things in motion Here is a Image of what it could look like. Sorry it...
  4. U


    I suggest rapit fighting like they go at it with punches and kicks super fast for a long period of time ex BUTOKAI 2 or 1 RAPID FIGHTING well
  5. K

    vegitta's rapid blast is useless

    The attack isnt really worth waiting for it to charge. I think if they were to make it instant fireing like the quick ki blast most of the other characters have, it would be better. Only you would hold the button down or something to keep shooting them out quickly while using ki. What do you...
  6. I

    Rapid fire thingy

    you know that attack that vegeta has the rapid fire thing dunno what its called . i think every char should have that attack. cause vegeta isnt the only 1 who ever did that its not his just like the generic beam they can all do that. ;(
  7. X

    rapid firing with vegeta

    hey how do you use rapid fire with vegeta???
  8. Skyrider

    about the Vegeta’s new Renzoku (Rapid Ki Blast)

    :\ just a small question. how come his powerlevel whas 100.000? if you start you mostly begin whit 600.000+ so above 600.000
  9. Colgetto

    Saiyan rapid fire

    Remember when trunks is fighting Cell, he jumps in the air and holds 2 hands at each other and screams `Saiyan rapid fire!´ thats one cool attack! it´s like renzoku but a bit stronger... and when vegeta is fighting buu, he hold his wrest(at his hand) and points at buu, he shoots big ki...
  10. M

    models and patches

    with these new models, what would happen when a charecter gets a new attack? Like the longhaired trunks model I have, it has no sword. So in this next patch we might have a sword and it wont work. So everytime a charecter gets a new attack, will the models people make have to be updated?
  11. fatmanterror

    rapid finger laser

    well theres only 1 problem with the beta, friezas rapid fire lazer!! is there any way to counter it besides running away? cause this guy on my server today just kept using it over and over and over and i didnt have time to do anything to him, all i could do was run!
  12. A

    Piccolo Rapid Fire

    Piccolo needs two things. 1) Regenerate 1hp per second. 2) Rapid Fire where you charge as long as Final Flash both hands glow than fires mid size blast that are heat seeking. That would be very piccolo sense he can do guided shots in the show.