I can only connect to one server

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Apr 21, 2006
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I can only get in this server :

In any other servers I get a Disconnect with the reason : Error verifying SteamID userID(server was unable to contact the authentication server)

how come ? and how do I fix it..? It's a legal CD-Key, I use it for 1 year already so I don't get it; Please help o_o
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Dec 15, 2001
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That's a problem with Steam, not ESF.
Here's the solution to your problem, copied straight from Steampowered.com

If you have determined that the Steam network is not down and you are still receiving this error message, this issue is most likely being caused by not restarting after a Steam update has been released.

If restarting Steam does not resolve the issue, please proceed with the following steps:

1. Exit Steam
2. Delete the ClientRegistry.blob file
By default, this file may be found at C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\ (otherwise, find the Steam directory you specified when installing Steam)
3. Restart Steam

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