How to fix the big steam break.

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Dec 7, 2002
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I have figured out the problem with steam and now i have a solution.
Basically, steam is not able to read esf as complete file because in valves infinate wisdom they issused a half completed program. The problem that will be fixed are the binding key issue, the mp3 player break, and the lack of backround. So, to fix this bug you have to do one of two things depending on your scenerio.

1. If have not got halflife patch and went directly to you have to go back and patch the halflife directory. Then install ESF1.1 and run the game off of the orignal directory. Now this will only work if you can run halflife w/o steam. If you can not then go to fix number 2.

2. This is the more radical way to do it. If your halflife is completely taken over by steam then you have to get a halflife cd. Install halflife to a new directory. After installing halflife get patch and patch half life. Now install ESF1.1 and turn off steam. Now, run the game from the new directory. This should by pass steam.

Here I've spent many hours trying to get this to work and both of these have worked. My friend had a similar issuse and that where idea 2 came from. I would suggest making this sticky because this would help everyone.

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