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Nov 28, 2005
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hi.. im new.. and i dont know what is ESF!!! and.. i read one Thread and i see i need Half Life.... but i havent i Buy Condition Zero... what i can do and can one post pics for the mod?
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Nov 30, 2002
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ESF stands for Earth Special Forces, a Dragonballz modification for Half-Life. You can read more information about the mod here:

You need the original Half-Life version, ,Counter-Strike v1.6 or Day Of Defeat version to be able to install and to play this mod. This mod how ever does not works for the Condition Zero pack, Half-Life: Source version, Half-Life 2, or any other Source versions.

For ESF Information, you can check out this Mod Profile Link:

For pictures, you could check out the Image Gallery on the main website:

And of course, for all the ESF files. Look on the files section:
http://www.esforces.com/?p=files <-- the latest version is v1.2.3

Below is the quote from the "about" section:
A little about us.

Earth's Special Forces, also known as ESF is a half-life modification based on the hit anime series, Dragonball Z. The mod includes nine of your favorite characters who are able to duke it out using numerous beam attacks as well as close hand to hand combat. ESF mixes both elements to bring players intense fast paced with a twist of strategy. Each character is geared towards a different style of play. Some are meant to mainly use energy attacks, while others have the advantage in melee fights.
No matter what style of fighting you like to use, esf has a way to accomadate you.

ESF has been in the making for the better part of three years. The team continuely tries to push the half-life engine to it's limits in order to produce the most playably accurate Dragonball Z game around.

What do I need to play?

1. A decent computer and connection to play on (duh!)
2. A purchased copy of half-life, Counter-Strike, or DOD
3. The latest version of ESF (avaiable in the file section of the site.

This is confusing. How the hell do I play? More information is available in our manual. This will offer a complete guide to ESF.
ESF Beta 1.2.1 Manual

Where can I get help?

There are a couple common places for people to get help with ESF.

1. Register on the forum and ask about your problem in our help section. Also be sure to read the stickies to find solutions to common problems.
2. Grab a copy of mIRC, join irc.gamesurge.net, and visit our #esf-help room.
Before you start asking for how to play this game, check out these manuals:
http://esforces.com/Mastasurf/Manual/manualR1.htm <-- HTML Tutorial
http://esf-world.com/main.php?content=12xflashtut&lang=de <-- Flash Tutorial

I recommend that you look at both of them. And for more information, you can always check out some stickies in this forum, such as:

How To Install ESF <-- I suggest you read this
Frequently Asked Questions <-- For mostly all questions & Answers
Newbies Guide To The ESF Forums <-- Since you're new, recommend you check this out

If you do need any help, please do check out the Help section in this forum:

If you want any custom content, such as new models, sprites, maps, sounds. etc. Check out ESF-World, click either German Or English. And look at the right, you'll see a menu with custom files. If you want to know how to install new "models", please check out the Flash tutorial first. It will explain everything. If you still don't understand, go to your "ESF/models/Players" folder, go to any character folder, and overwrite the model in the folder. Such as if its named ssj4goku.mdl, rename it to goku.mdl and overwrite it in the "ESF/Models/Players/goku/" folder.

Further then that, have fun on the forums. And of course, please do read the forum rules before you start to post anything more.

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