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Welcome to Alvarium, a huge continent located on an alternate earth, where people were just discovering technology and firearms, where power is judged on the amount of land you own and your wealth. This continent is divided into 5 areas, known by everyone in the main city of Tarant :)P). The continent is in a round shape, with rivers all coming towards the center lake called Mirror Lake with a small island inside, housing Tarant. There are 2 bridges, one on the south side of the island, and one on the north western side of the island, both leading to the nicer of locations of the Continent, Shamless Valleys and the Endless Hills of Gold.

The Shrouded Mountains
These mountains are desolate and dark and are located on the very north of the continent. Always covered by stormy clouds and harsh winds, it is a haunting place that raises the hair of even the mightiest of heroes. Grass has grown up to the waist due to lack of care for the land. Only a hand full of people live here, they are located in the small town in the center of the ring of the mountains. The town is called Black Granite, the mountains surrounding it are called the Black Coal Mountains, they block off the sun from the small city, causing perpetual darkness.

Black Granite Town
The city has 9 buildings, 6 of which are houses. They are all around the main water source which has a magical flow of it as light is always shining from the bottom. Who knows what riches are to be found. One of the buildings is a small store, selling potions that cure health problems and can boost stamina and strength. They are expensive as supplies to make them are short in this area. Another building is a very large inn. It looks like it is made by Rotten Wood with burn marks all on the outside. The inside is another story, with 9 bedrooms, a kitchen, a diner room, and a family room, it is very homely inside to comfort any travelers. The inn costs 5 gold a night to sleep in and 30 gold for a week. On the outside there are cobble stone roads that are very worn out. This town is over 230 years old, purhaps something rose the mountains, causing the city to become less populated? The answer lies beyond the mountains and into the caves behind them.

Deserted Coal Mine
Another building leads underground to the deserted coal mine. This mine was deserted after a crazed miner found a cavern of gold. The gold was so bright and hypnotising that he caved himself in to keep everyone else out. His soul has guarded the treasure to this date, causing more cave ins whenever someone else enters. Other monstrosities live in the mine due to lack of interruptions.

The Black Coal Mountains
These mountains are very menacing in appearance, pure black and absorbing all the light before it can reach the city. Many howls and screams are heard from them. There is a dirt road leading to them, passing through a small forest before getting to the base of the massive mountains. It is very wise to stay to the path and not wonder off. The forests have a way of tricking you so that you can never find your way out if you go off path. Never wonder away from your party unless you wish for an untimely death. Once you reach the mountains you will notice several paths leading up and around the mountains. Only 1 is safe enough to pass, the others are traps that lead to a dead end, or worse, a literal deadly end.

There are no shores for this part of the Continent. Something has severely deformed the land, cursing it and killing it, causing what it is today, a shadow of what it once was. Some say there is a way to bring it back to it's former form, but it lies beyond the unpassable mountains...

The Shameless Valleys
These are the kinder and gentler side effects of the mountains to the east of this portion of the continent. On the very bottom of the section, there is a bridge leading to the middle island of Mirror Lake. This part of the continent has endless fields of grass, waist high. It is a beautiful sight, taking away the breath of anyone who lays their eyes on it. Many people live in this area due to the pure beauty of it. There are 2 cities, Blackroot and Golden View. Roads from the bridge lead to each one and are easy to follow. It always seems to be bright and sunshiny in this section with hardly any precipitation and the sun always manages to get through the clouds.

The Valleys of Gold
The Valleys of Gold are almost what they are said to be. When viewed in the morning, the sunlight causes a view of golden beauty from all the grass. The dew combined with the long grass causes this mirage and has been known to bring a tear to the eye of whomever sees it. The city of Golden View is also hidden in with the Valley of Gold.

Golden View
Golden View is the most beautiful city in all of Alvarium. It is always sunny with raise of sun piercing through the thin clouds, making it look like a fairy tale. There is a mountain to the right of the city, but is very small and is dwarfed by the Black Coal mountains located to the east. The city rests on the coast, and is a very good place to eat fish. The city itself is home to the best cook of all of Alvarium, and he's not cheap.

The city has a grand total of 49 buildings, with a very large one being built towards the west, rumoring to be the new City Hall. 42 of the buildings are houses, every one of them is built with windows facing the west so that the people can see the sun coming up over the water. There are 4 shops, potions and healing contraptions, weaponry, armory, and a new technology store, containing basic pistols and firearms, along with electric lights.

The other 3 buildings are 2 farms and a slaughter house. They both sell meat that you can cook (or meat that you can steal) if you'd rather get your own food. There are also rows of fruits and vegetables you can purchase. ALSO, if you decide to live in this city you can purchase a house and purchase a row of fruits/vegetables and have infinite food. Houses cost 1400 gold and farm rows costs 150 gold.

Blackroot Town
This town is known for what it was named after, black roots. Black roots are grown and brought from the Shrouded Mountains' forests. They are delicious and are known to insure longer life and whiter teeth. They are not very expensive, only costing 30 gold for 10 roots. It's a rather small town, consisting of only 17 buildings. 15 of them are houses, 1 is a shop and 1 is the town hall. The shop is only potions and a small bit of technology.

The Endless Lake
The Endless Lake is a very mystical lake. It is endless if you try to walk around it, you would never make it across. The only way to pass it is to either swim, which isn't very wise because of creatures in the middle, or take the boat cruise which takes 3 days. The boat is almost like a floating inn and costs 20 gold to get across. It is very squarish with torches at each end and 5 feet apart along the sides, making a very romantic view. On the other side is the cottage of dreams.

The Cottage of Dreams
The cottage of Dreams is a very strange place. It is owned by only 1 person, a very old woman named Sylvia Bloomer. She has been known to tell a person about their dreams and what they hide. She is a free service and only asks for a portion of your blood to keep a small part of your spirit. The cottage is brown in appearance with cobblestone walk ways to the shore of the ocean. There are cattle and hens inside of fenced in areas for food production. There is a well that also shines near the house with a cobblestone walkway to the door. The house looks very old but homely.

The Forest of Illusions
The Forest of Illusions is exactly what it is named after. Wondering into this forest will cause you to imagine all the worse of your fears. These imaginations can cause you to imagine the pain that they cause, the horrors that they can release onto you. The only thing that can protect you is if you keep your mind intact and understand that everything here is an illusion and you may make it to the other side. If you can't keep your mind straight you will end up hiding for the remainder of your days, fearing everything until you run out of food and water, dieing a miserable death.

The Waters of Perpetual Youth
These waters are on the other side of the Forest of Illusions. These waters promise youth forever and will constantly heal and refresh you. Infact, you never have to eat if you drink these waters as they will re-energize your soul and body. Only 4 people have made it passed, but they have kept their identities secret. It is wise to bring many empty bottles to keep your permanent youth with you.

Endless Hills of Gold
These enchanted hills are full of wavy, golden grass. It is endless to all means of travel so far as no one has been able to reach the other end of the shore. There is only 1 town here, Goldstalk Town. It is a while away from the beginning area, 5 days to be exact. Once you are there you will find a mere 9 buildings. 4 are houses, 3 are farms owned by 3 of the families in 3 houses. 1 is a lowly shop, not very successful due to lack of customers... and due to the fact that the owner is crazy, thinking that there is gold under the hills, but is shunned by everyone else.

There is an unknown section of this area. 2 days to the east of the town there will be a fork in the road. Each road after has a fork, and the road after has a fork, and on and on. If you chose the correct road, which is secretly woven into the following poem, you can find the most valuable stone in all of Alvarium. It is rarer than a diamond, but softer than gold, and causes the anyone who stares at it to lose track of time.

If you try to go off the path in the fork in the road you will end up lost in the head high grass, eventually starving to death or being eaten alive by any roaming creatures.

This is the largest city in all of Alvarium. It contains over 100 buildings, ranging from shops to taverns to houses, to farms, to almost anything you can think of. There are many wise people here, along with the Cathedral of the Old. It is the central Cathedral of all the churches in Alvarium. The town itself is relatively new.

There are 11 houses for sale, costing about 4000 for each house. You can purchase a boat for 1400, or a ship to live on for 4200. If you live out on the ocean you need supplies or you will perish.

The city has many jobs you can do, trash, mail, hitman, etc. Don't get involved with the wrong people though. There are 3 gangs; the Wolfhound gang, the River blood gang, and the Red Soul gang. You can join one, but you'll have to show your their type of person. If you're not, you will be killed, so be careful.

There are pebble roads all over the place, leading from building to building. It can get confusing as the streets are always crowded. If you get lost, just ask someone where to find "blah". In the center, like many of the towns in Alvarium, there is a large well. It's only for the people who haven't gotten the sewer attached to their lodge yet. The sewer is a new invention, taking waste from their houses and supplying them with water, but it's not cheap.

Monsters are scattered all over the world, you start off at level 1.

You must have a reasonable character made with reasonable spells or skills.

You can do almost anything you want, get married, chop down a tree, buy a house, murder someone, rob someone, etc.

You must post in decent english or I'll ask to have your post deleted.

You can find random items in many different places.

You CAN purchase pets to go along with you, aswell as mercenaries to help you on your journies.

Have fun!
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William awakes on the coast of Tarant, wondering how he got there. His mind is deluded from everything, and nothing. He is unaware of whom he is or where he is from, an empty mind. Some rotten wood lay broken on the shore, being beaten with the gentle waves of Mirror Lake.

William sits upright, looking around. His ragged clothing is ripped along the chest with a freshly-healed scar showing through the rip. His arms are weak, probably from a lot of swimming. His head is sore, another scar is on his left cheek.

William stumbles up, looking around for anyone. A small child wonders up to the shore. "Mommy!" shouts the kid, "There's a man out here!" A beautiful woman wonders from over the sandy hill to William's sunken spot in the wet sand.

The woman is startled and runs up to William's side. "Who are you?" asks William.

"That doesn't matter right now, we've got to get you into bed... you look horrible." says the Woman, sounding very worried. William gets onto his weak legs and stumbles to their home, leaning on the woman.

----The Next Day----

William wakes up the next day, feeling renewed. William warily sits up in bed, the bed moaning from his weight. He steps out and gets dressed, finding the door outside. The wreckage from whatever he was originally on is neatly placed into a crate in the front yard. William looks through it, trying to find anything about who he is.

He stumbles upon a journal:

"William Tav~~~
We'v~ ~~ached the islan~ of ~arant. I ~~~e to find ~~~er Anch~r. He holds the ~~y to wha~ I am se~rchin~ for. If ~ can f~~~ him, and ge~ ~~e key, the~ I will be able to ~~ing the Shro~~ed M~u~nt~ins back to the way ~~ey we~e. I stum~led up~n the ancient writings of ~~~~~x ~~~~~~. H~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~~"

William puts the book down, it's too watered down to read any further. Believing that he is William, he sets off again, burrowing a small blanket and a loaf of bread for his travels, he follows the cobbled road to find anyone who's last name resembles Ancher, maybe he can help him find out who he is...

[I hope this is a good example for people to start off.]
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Can we start off in a town/place?


Taran set out from his home, hoping to find a prey. And breakfast. Stepping out onto the desert dune, he jumps onto a tree. Something is rummaging behind him. Drawing his knife, while quickly turning around, he sees a bird fly off into the distance.
"Finally, a meal," said Taran. He pulled out his bow, took aim and....


A coconut, thrown by a kid, maybe 13 to 12 years hit Taran's head. He slumped from the palm tree and hit the soft, silky sand.

Taran woke up, on his head. He couldn't feel his legs. He tried to open his eyes. He was with the sun. His feet were being dragged to a house. At least he could move his arms. He suspected the kid put Paralyzing Potion on his legs.

Pulling out his knife, he throws it at the kids back. The kid falls, and dies silently.

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