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    Forum Roleplaying - Alvarium

    Welcome to Alvarium, a huge continent located on an alternate earth, where people were just discovering technology and firearms, where power is judged on the amount of land you own and your wealth. This continent is divided into 5 areas, known by everyone in the main city of Tarant (:P). The...
  2. S

    First Roleplaying Event

    We are planning to host a roleplaying event for the new roleplaying site. But we need you to help us decide what to roleplay! Fill it out here : This should prove to be a very fun event. If you do suggest something there please fill...
  3. S

    No More Roleplaying

    Never mind, patch is being downloaded thanks to GMan. And HSU I didn't ask for your opinion.
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    So far, we have the following : A)Server (not permanent) B)Web Site I thank everyone who has made this possible, but, we need more help! I have only 3 people with me on this! SJ Prince I think. Mestivo who has helped with server... and Fliko who is thinking of making...
  5. X

    Roleplaying Server

    We should have a roleplaying server (of course with a password) where we create "rp events" and have fun. By roleplaying I dont mean *Does a kamehameha and kills the enemy then goes SSJ* I mean, an actual made up story with battles that have a point. This wont attract most of you but there...
  6. Froggo


    Aight its like this, I just registered but ive been hanging on the forums for quite some time and i just wanted to say that i personally love to Roleplay in ESF but it seems like noone ever wants... Either they cant talk english or they go like "j00 n00b, ESF is fighting n0t for roleplaying...
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    There should be some sort of Roleplaying or a forum page for it o_o just a thought, hopefully you guys make the roleplaying forum