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Oct 27, 2004
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The melee of ESF seems like a fragile feature. Some people don't like the way some players play or prefer to blow up people rather than use close combat. Higher Pled players also will have the generic beam/blast do the majortiy of the damage in a fight.

So, I suggest some sort of "combo system" be implemented to encourage chained-melee. So lets say the maximum hits for basic melee is 4, the character is knocked back faster for each hit after the second, but each hit gives more pl than the one before it. Now, to encourage the goal of landing four basic melee hits, a fifth attack can be made (if the player is quick enough to reach the other player), they give off a special combo and then knock the player downwards after the automated combo is done.

To encourage team mode, the number of basic melee hits is not reseted if a the 2nd party player hits the opponent. For instance, Player A is on the good team, Player B is on the evil team and Player C is on the good team as well. Player A knocks Player B back 3 times. Normally, this owuld mean PLayer C could only knock B back one more (since 4 would be the max # of hits), but since C's maximum melee hits are not dependant on how much hits B has already took from another player, meaning that over a 10 basic melee combo could be done with multiple team mates if timed right.

Also, when basic melee is blocked, so damage is done, but the defender is knocked back slightly (perhaps ki goes down a little as well)

Now, so we are not just swooping around each other trying to land a blow like we are now, I also say a new advanced melee.

PLayer A swoops at player B holding mouse 1, and oges into the new prepunch. it is an animaton of both players sending punches and kicks, except instead of auto damage, it is randomly chosen. 80% of the time will give damage ot the player who got attacked, 10% chance of the attacking player recieving damage and another 10% for a blocked attack (no damage) (maximum of hits the same as ESF has now)

During this time, the attacking player can right click to throw or mouse 1 to enter the new advanced melee.

The players will be replaced with a "teleport" sound and teleport lines and are invisible to other players until a blow is landed (so no one will wait to shoot them while they are in advanced melee. (except for spectator mode)

During the mode, WSDA control the direction the player "dashes" in. Clicking Mouse 1 make the player do a small string of weak punches/kicks. Right click controls a (chargable) knock back attack.

Beams are now a fraction of the time cost to charge but weaker, engulfing, and cost more ki.

Their is also a stamina bar, so if you throw too much hits, you will get tired. You can regain some stamina by charging ki, landing blows, or a little bit by standing still. Beams use up stamina, wether they land or not. Guarding too much attacks makes it go down as well.

OK so PLayer A comes at PLayer B by dashing and continously click mouse 1 for a weak attack which reaches maximum (Varies on character). To continue punching without a long delay, they will need to dash backards then forward to continue another string. If both players are pressing it, the punches will cancle each other out, so player may have to mix up weak attacks and knock back attacks to deal damage.

Knockback (KB) attacks are chargeable, a bar appears at the bottom of the screen that charge the attack and WASD control the direction to hit them in. Weak is just a single attack that is slightly stronger than a mouse one attack. Medium sends the player back a small amount and red sends them far. If knocked back, you can dash and hold the right click to try and knock them back again (max 2).

There is a timer for this mode, depending on how early/late the attacker was in prepunch

Teleport now costs less.

So to anyone who read all of that...Would this work?

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