Esf 1.3

Lost in space
Apr 20, 2005
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i have a few questions bout it !

-Since esf 1.3 is coming so goddarn late will it be bugless?
-Can the team do a anti modify sistem , to make impossible to plugins to X-
-Can i beg the team when releasd to upload it to cuz meny internets have good peer with that
-Is the team going to make fingers scheletron?
-Are beams going to bee still sprites?
-Will goku have 2 transes when in ssj3 ? long one with the clouds and shord one with the multicoloured ball
-Will Trunks still have BIg Ass when transform?
-Can they include a movie at the start at the game ? (avi)
-Are they going to repair the mp3?
-AM i a pain in the butt?
-Can they include Joystick play ? :|
-CAn they include 3D stuff in the menu? like in the char select
-Ok i-am done , if some questions are to deep (Force Pit) don't answer them

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