Do any of you people actually have a life ?


My life:

I recently moved out of home and I live with 2 friends and a schmoozy 3 legged cat. My day usually consists of working @ K-Mart and then going home straight after.

On my days off I usually go out to the pub at night with mates and drink into the early hours of the morning though every now and then, ill have a quiet one at home on the comp.

I've just stopped going to uni after finally realising that I hated my course and I've applied to do an apprenticeship to get my mechanics qualification.

I lead a busy, if average sort of life for a 20 year old guy.
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Apr 17, 2005
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Im studying for my final exams at the moment, but when Im not writing I have a life. Other than that I go clubbing quit often and go to alot of pool clubs. I gave up sport because of a few minor injuries but Im training to get back into the team. When im at home Im online or sleeping. I have more friends than I can keep up with but my gf broke up with me (she said I spent too much time with my friends and nothing with her).

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