Demon Hunter Loki

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Nov 24, 2001
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Here is a little story im writeing, I'll probably add one chapter a week, maybe more. Crits and all are welcome I just hope you enjoy. btw this is a Ragnarok Fanfic. If you don't like RO or Fanfics then don't read it or comment because I don't care for those people's opinions.

Demon Hunter Loki

Chapter one: The Awakening

During the blood stained times of the Ragnarok wars, hero's were born, and hero's died. During the war, many innocent people were killed and the people of Midgard had lost their pride; becoming cold and fearful people. Hope was still alive though, a propecy was fortold by the elders of the church of Prontera, that on that day the savior of Rune Midgard would be born. And so the story begins...

"Quickly now my son bring the scroll over." A young man in a long robe with a cross on it ran over with a sealed box. He placed it gently on the table, bowed and went off to find his master some sealing ink.

"Here it is, the propecy scroll that I was told to open on the day of the Celestial Alignment. Im shaking this is so exciting, a propecy and I will be the first to read it in twenty years!" He grinned barely containing himself, opening a scroll of his own that contained the opening incantation for the box. He took a small dagger, and pushed it far enough into his skin just so a little blood would emerge.

He rubbed his finger in the blood, stuck his finger on one end of the scroll and ran it down to the end. Chanting, as the box and scroll started to glow window shutters were slamming as everything around seemed to become violent; then suddenly stopped. A little click was heard as the box, dust laden slowly opened revealing a parchment. The elder priest picked up the scroll, only to find--

"Hey wait up wont you?" He screamed chasing after a young girl, who seemed to be toying with him.

"Oh Loki when will you ever learn?" She taunted and jumped over a wall gracefully landing and once again speeding off. He pulled out his sword, slicing the wooden wall in half as he ran after her. He rounded a corner as he suddenly slammed into somthing hard.

"Ow... that hurt..." He rubbed his head looking up to see what he ran into when he noticed it was Nier holding her buckler out. She couldn't hold it anymore bending over laughing insanly as Loki took advantage of the situation quickly grabbing his zeny pouch back.

"Hey no fair! You weren't supposed to get that yet." He laughed now, "Fair you say? Fair that you tied me up, stole my zeny, and made me chase you half around prontera? I think fairness is a matter of opinion, so if you don't mind I have some tracking to do now." He turned giving her the cold shoulder, he knew that would end up pissing her off.

She sleekly pulled out her damascus and went for a straight stab into the back, as Loki turned and used his thumb to flip out a portion of his sword.

"I think its about time we stop playing now Nier, go somewhere else." His sword slid back into his sheath as he walked down the road he heard a sudden scream. He quickly looked around, noticing the screams were from the church he raced over joining the already formed crowd.

"He's dead!" A woman screamed clenching her robe to her face "High Priest Forinel is dead!" Loki managed to squeeze through the crowd and into the church, passing all the other shocked Acolytes, Priests, and Monks. He stopped at the doorway closing his eyes as the Priest lay there dead clenching a scroll.

He knelt over gently taking the scroll from the Priests hand slowly opening it, only to read the word Loki.

"What... what is this?" Then as if the Priests dead body was alive the arm moved pointing towards the chest in the corner of the room. He went over and opened the chest to find a sheathed sword with peculier markings on it. He took it from the chest and when he touched it, a quick heat, and cold sensation passed through his body.

He swallowed, the unknown was scary but was also somthing he strangely thrived for. He grasped the black handle as he slowly pulled the bright silver blade out. It had strange symbols that appeared when you held the blade a certain way; he felt the blade's power, sheathing it and adding it to his belt with his katana. He walked out and headed down the street, just as the moon was full and blood red the celestial alightment was complete; the and the blade of Loki reawakened.

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