1. Grega

    Hunter X Hunter 2011

    They are remaking the series it would seem. Ep 1 is out already and its flying though the story. So it kinda smells like FMA Brotherhood. And im loving it XD And best of all, they are not pulloing a DB:Kai with cuts, instead they are actually remaking the series :p
  2. Kaination

    New Diablo 3 character: Demon Hunter OH ****
  3. Spunky

    Hunter Gets *****slapped

    I had a random idea while grinding mobs out in Tarren Mill. I thought about unequipping my daggers, going out and finding a hunter, and simply *****slapping them. Well, I did it. It was quite satisfying. That's the last time a dwarf hoe holds out on me.
  4. Kurt`

    Croc hunter croaked o_o
  5. M

    Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific Q&A

    Source: I'm not a big fan of the series, though I did like Silent Hunter 3. I don't know about the rest of you, but oh well. Discuss!
  6. M

    Monster hunter 2

    I thought the game was dead because i heard nothing on it, but i guess it just isn't comming to the states this time, a bummer =(, looks good non the less.
  7. FreeDoM

    Monster Hunter: Freedom PSP

    I only played it for 30 minutes, but it's pure l33tness. Hopefully it'll pass time with my upcoming 10 hour plane ride. Anyone have it? Any tips on how to not get owned with my slow-ass greatsword?
  8. Ness

    World Of Warcraft: A Hunter's Story enjoy folks :)
  9. TeKNiK

    Enix's Hunter

    :O Getting around to texturing Enix's Hunter model... Still very wip i'm gonna add more color to it a bit later on when i got more of it done :O
  10. Enix

    Hunter [RE1]

    This is a model I have been working on latley for RE:CB. It is a bit over 1800 polys and is fully animatable [mouth, eyes, etc..]. I just started the texture today, so it's not polished yet, but I will get around to that once I get everything layed out. here is the base mesh: and what...
  11. owa

    So long Hunter S. Thompson.

    As you may or may not have heard, the great Hunter S. was found dead at the age of 67. He killed himself, due to depression out of his repeated need of surgery due to his age. He was the founder of the Gonzo journalism style, and has written MANY great tales of drugs and journalism. Fear and...
  12. Nuttzy

    wow, monster hunter

    im not 100% sure how long the game has been out, but its new to me i saw the trailer on a playstation 2 demo disc and i had to get it, it looked so ,... perfect the game itself has no story, literally, but thats not the point, its an realtime rpg/startegy/action game, and it is VERY VERY...
  13. D

    HK Aerial Hunter Killer

    also posted on sos: Decided to model a Skynet Hk fighter plane , (Terminator judgment day) came up nicely Modeled in 3Dsmax rendered in brasil rendering system
  14. Loki

    Demon Hunter Loki

    Here is a little story im writeing, I'll probably add one chapter a week, maybe more. Crits and all are welcome I just hope you enjoy. btw this is a Ragnarok Fanfic. If you don't like RO or Fanfics then don't read it or comment because I don't care for those people's opinions...
  15. A

    MY Goku before cell games..

    CREDITS: ESF Team, Irregular Hunter, SMO Thanks to Pr0 for the render :) *caugh* my idea was copied *caugh*:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  16. E

    WallPapers Random

    Hey everybody, I have been gone for a while, but im back now. Here are some wierd wallpapers and gfx I found in my stash. Some of them were just quick gfx I made, but I just felt like sharing em with yall. Good to be back. C ya.
  17. Majin_You

    Vampire Hunter D

    I was just curious as to whether or not anyone has seen this anime movie. I saw it recently for the first time, and I thought it was awesome, kinda reminded me of something out of Castlevania: SOTN. Anyways, if you haven't seen it, I would suggest it. Please post opinions below.
  18. Fate

    Vampire Hunter D

    Noticed Chimpbot has a sig of the famous Dunpeal hunter. I dunno about you guys.... but im pretty sure D, the Marcus brothers, or Meier Link could take most of these DBZ guys. You with me on that, chimp?