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Nov 21, 2003
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Well this just poped into my head recently.

CTDB mode:
- When you kill a person with melee you are close enough to "steal" a DB off him
- If you do it with a beam you have a limited time(say 3 seconds) to get to where his body lies so you can take the dragonball.
- When you die you loose 1 DB
- When you get to 7 DBs you get a wish menu (press a button to bring it up):
+ health (gives you full health)
+ speed (+10 speed for a limited amount of time)
+ strengh(gives you 500k PL [should be tested out])
+ Dragon Balls(when you die you dont loose a Dragonball)
- If you have 7 DBs and you kill someone you dont get another one

- Boath teams start with 3 DBs
- The DBs are spread betwean random players of that team
- The team that looses 3 DBS first gets anotherone (so we have 7)
- Evrything works like for FFA stile (exept the Dragon Balls wish)
- If the DB is not recopvered (a person didnt get to the dead guy in time) the DB goes to a random member of the team where the person who died was.
- Wishes efect teh whole team and are voted.
- When vote is over the wish taht got moast votes is applyed to the whole team.
- After the wining team wished the DBs are spread again 3 per team and anaother round starts.
- During that time people play freely (roundstarts and roundends do not affect the gameplay)
- Players of the same team can give DBs to a teammate
(posibility for harder collecting)The wish can only be done if 1 person holds all 7 DBs (should be discussed)

Short version.

In FFA mode each person gets 1 DB per kill and looses 1 DB per death. They cant go over 7. More than 1 player can have 7 DBs. They Press abutton to get the wish menu. During that time they can be killed If done so they loose the wish and 1 DB. So they are left with 6 DBs. and have to find anotherone.

In FFA mode the DBs spread throo the team. And if the round ends with lots of hurt people. And the vote says strengh. Than the team may loose teh DBs fast cause they still have the same health. So in teamplay it would be wiser to vote for health than PL. the teamplay mode also makes people cooperate. If they loose the DBs the team looses the advantage. So teamplay should be better.

Anyhow if i missed something or there is just something bugging you. Dont be afraid to ask.

But C&C about the idea are also wellcome :p

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