1. M

    an idea for ctdb mode

    Instead of having just the green ring to put them in to what about including a small podium there where there are slots for dragon balls to fit in to.
  2. Darth Revan

    an idea for ctdb mode

    Instead of having just the green ring to put them in to what about including a small podium there where there are slots for dragon balls to fit in to.
  3. sub

    Duel / CTDB mode hybrid

    Idea by Zeonix and Sub Two options. Team based mode or 1 v 1 mode. This can be changed through a cvar or by choosing it before starting a server Team based mode: - Round based mode - 7 rounds minimum, 13 rounds maximum - Teams start on opposite side of map, face each other until only one...
  4. VideoJinx

    CTDB mode suggestions..

    Welp ive seen some interesting ideas.. here is one of mine.. In CTDB mode teleports should be limited in some way.. maybe cost a lot of stamina ?? or something.. I mean teleporting is nice.. but in CTDB i think swooping should be the main way of getting around.. Cuz tele *grab...
  5. M

    CTDB - can't play

    I'm trying to play CTDB mode but I can't find any dragonball at any map. I now this mode is still unfinished but I remember playing CTDB on older versions. Anybody knows what can be wrong?
  6. Dokutayuu

    CTDB, game modes and other ideas!

    1) CTDB (Game Type) Rules: 7 DB's scattered across the map, two "bases".DBs are just to collect. *However, Shenron will appear when one team has collected all and gives 1) a PL boost of 500,000 or so , 2) Double points (2 instead of 1) or 3) Advantage (Winning team starts with 1 or 2 DBs)...
  7. G

    Clarification on the Dragon Balls and CTDB

    Hi, for the past few weeks now I have been trying to figure out exactly how CTDB mode works. I have tried time and time again to find at least one Dragon Ball on every single map and I have not found any. I recently browsed the forums trying to see if there were any posts with details about...
  8. john_volkov

    CTDB sugestion's

    Well i was thinking about this to make the CTDB more team work so here is my sugestion: 1. It will be only one set of Dragon Ball's and the evil team has all the dragon ball's but they don't have the password but il some minutes will have the password for the DB so the good team must get the DB...
  9. P

    CTDB help

    In what maps can I find the dragon balls?
  10. J


    in esf the mode ctdb haw do u make the wish wen u have all 7 and thay start to blink what do u do
  11. Volrath

    CTDB (Experimental).

    Hello! Well I know that CTDB is experimental and all stuff.. But I want to understand the initial system that the ESF team tried to put... I mean, why my wishes goes to 0 when the other team makes a wish? Isn't like a score or something? Can anyone explain it to us? Thank you!
  12. Grega

    CTDB mode

    Well this just poped into my head recently. CTDB mode: *FFA - When you kill a person with melee you are close enough to "steal" a DB off him - If you do it with a beam you have a limited time(say 3 seconds) to get to where his body lies so you can take the dragonball. - When you die you loose 1...
  13. M

    Wich maps support CTDB?

    Wich maps the dragon balls appear?
  14. scribex


    what maps does CTDB (Capture the dragonball) work on?
  15. J

    Why i can't play CTDB?

    I change the game mode but nothing happen, CTDB but i don't see any Drabon Ball, someone help me please :cry:
  16. G


  17. X

    Can't Get CTDB to work..

    I can't get CTDB to work, I even tried "mp_gamemode 2" then "restart" or whatever it is but it just resets to Gamemode 1. Any way to make it so I can play CTDB?
  18. C

    how to use ctdb mode

    i keep trying to use this mode and have tried all maps but i cannot find the dragonballs, is there something that i need to do to make it work?
  19. S

    CTDB bug

    CTDB works 80% on only 1 map riverside but 1 ball is in the ground you can see it with the radar but can't pick it up or even see it you can get all the ball and drop it there but nothing hapens then even if you puss the use button( b ) and if you pick them up to fast the...
  20. malrak_dossta


    Hey, ive been playing beta 1.0 for a long time now, patched of course. and before that alpha. Ive just gone and gotten 1.2.3, and its great, everything about it is wicked. However, the dragonball mode doesnt work, its in the list, but it doesnt work, did it get taken out? (i relaly should...