Anime/Manga Discussion Rules: READ FIRST

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Nov 21, 2002
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The following rules hold true for the Anime and Manga forum sub-section:

* All threads which may contain spoilers MUST have this mentioned in the thread's topic title.

* All threads related to Manga of ANY nature MUST have the word "[MANGA]" in their thread's topic title. Example: [MANGA] Naruto Chapter xxx

* You may NOT link to any fansubbing/dubbing site, or any site which may have links to download anime (http/irc/bt links).

* You may NOT 'mention' or post which fansubbing/dubbing group is subbing/dubbing a particular anime in ANY of your posts.

A violation of the above rules will result in forum warnings being handed out, a cumulation of which will get you banned from these forums.

This section is no different from the others, all your posts must be in accordance with the forum Acceptable Usage Policy.

-ESF Forum Staff.

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