And now . . . the forum staff brings you the Fight Club ROYAL RUMMMMBLE!


Making his way to the ring at 6 feet, and weight unknown, MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGG!


Kyo Kusanagi is currently eliminated, please continue to use him seriously in your fights untill the begining of next round.
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Feb 7, 2002
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Lightning thundered, the earth trembled and Madd Dogs into music started to play. Aqua - Barbie girl.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU F$#%ING DOING" Madd screamed back stage.
"I’m sss...sorry sir but..." and with these last words from the sound manager Madd dog threw him from the entrance into the ring itself.

As Madd approached the ring, Barbie girl fading in the background, Hwo, Pride and even the weary Kyo doubled over in laughter from this event.

"I would take you on right now Madd but ken might throw a hissy fit... HAHAHAHAA" Kyo falls backwards laughing uncontrollably.

Rage filled Madd dogs eyes as he bent down to pick up the unconscious sound manager from the waist and chest, lifts him above his head and hurls him at Kyo to try cut his laughter. Kyo who’s eyes were tear filled didn’t even see him coming, CRACK!! Both heads meet with such force that Kyo went tumbling back dazed and confused, murmuring something along the line of "mummy but i don’t want to go to school today...."

"Yes!" Madd says to himself, "if it keep up like this the match will be over in no time"

"Oh and it looks like this may be the end of Kyo, he showed promise at the beginning but now it seams that it's all over for him, with his defenses down any contestant can eliminate him at their leisure from this match" Cucumba commented to the crowd.

Hwo laughter stops and he turns up Madd, "Ok you have a pretty mean throw but if that’s all you can do then you might as well leave now", Hwo taunted, while raising his aura.

"While i don’t have an aura of my own I make up for it in my pure fighting skills and ability to learn others abilities mid-battle", Madd then went into his fighting pose, neither offensive or defensive, but a balanced pose that was aimed right towards Hwo. Short bolts of blue white electricity dissolved around his fists, arms chest and legs.

Hwo charged, moving so fast that his feat didn't seam to touch the ground, and launched into a high flying kick, Madd who expected this easily sidestepped the kick, Hwo landed and before he could turn around, Madd grabbed him with one hand from his clothing on his back and lifted him to head height parallel from the arena floor, electricity sparked again from Madds’ hand where he held Hwo for a split second before thrusting him straight down sending shockwaves across the arena floor during impact.

"What a turnaround for Madd Dog" Cucumba yelled from the ref box, "What a turnaround from his last fight in fight club, he may be more of a challenge to these contestants as we first thought after his bizarre entrance"

Madd raised both arms in the air and put one foot on top of the dazed Hwo to appeal to the crowd, they cheered like none he had heard before, but not because of Madds’ quick maneuver around Hwo but because Pride had taken a running charge at Madd from behind.

Pride tackled Madd at shoulder height, flooring him quickly face down, instantly pulling himself up slightly Pride began to lay punches into the back of Madd Dogs head, while Madd tried desperately to soften the blow with his hands over his head, he could do nothing against the superior strength of Pride.

"It seams that Madd Dogs upper hand has left him as quick as it arrived" Cuc continued onto the crowd, "Pride is on him like Oprah on a baked ham"

Hwo pulled himself off the ground shaking the impact away from him, he had a choice, eliminate Kyo from the match once and for all before he regains his strength, or crash the party between Pride and Madd Dog. Making up his mind he raised his aura and charged towards his target.
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Dec 1, 2001
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"Looking at the last few moments, I can't help but notice that we are creating history, right here, in Forumscant, TONIGHT," shouted Cucumba, "This is the grand spectacular, the biggest fight club match ever conceived. We have had a few eliminations folks, but not one competitor has gone down without making his mark."

"And there are a few tough one left to go, Cummer," said Hibiki. "We have yet to see the two who put the biggest dents in your fight plan thus far . . . Engar and SA_Gohan."

"I couldn't agree more Hibiki," said Optimus, "the competitors know that this is their one shot at bragging rights, their one shot at being better than the man . . . "

"Yeah, Cummer, the one shot of being the champion OVER you."

" . . . now hold on just a second, they have to beat me to beat me . . . not win a tourney," quipped the green devil.

"Still," said Optimus, "there is no doubt that victory here is a victory that everyone will remember. And speaking of opportunities . . . it looks like Kyo's window of opportunity has just slammed shut."

"Remember folks, this fine event is brought to you by ESF, the number one Half Life based DragonBall Z mod," said Cucumba.

"And by Oktagone, the hosting service for you," said Optimus.


Madd Dogg is the weakest link in this round, though he's doing better than Kyo, who was eliminated. Madd Dogg gains his first loss token, Kyo gains his second and final. Since Madd has forfieted, he too is eliminated next round.

The posting order is SaiyanPrideXIX, Hwoarang, and then the new entrant (who has been notified).
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Dec 3, 2002
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Pride got off of Madd and backed up for a second. On basis of pure strength alone, he was the strongest in the ring. Hwoarang was the only one who still posed a threat, and Pride liked him for that. He'd been in the ring since the very beginning, and though he was bloody and exhausted, Pride didn't think that he'd even seen all of what Hwoarang could do just yet.

Kyo stumbled out of the corner, dazed and wounded. He had never even gotten a chance to unleash his full strength, and it had done him in, totally. In his wobbly stumbling, Kyo backed into Madd Dogg, who was also looking like he was in a drunken haze. They turned immediately to face each other, but both were so dazed that they did little but back away a couple of feet. Madd was seeing triple, and Kyo's vision was blurred totally. In fact, he had barely even been aware of Madd Dogg's entrance.

Hwo and Pride, two fighters who had come to deeply respect one another, took a sneaky glance toward each other. The opportunity was too great to be denied; they both were on the same page. Pride grinned.

"You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?"

Hwoarang nodded and grinned.

As the two dazed fighters attempted to face one another in the center of the ring, Hwo and Pride had blown in behind them at high speed. Before either fighter could turn around, Hwo and Pride acted. Hwoarang threw stiffest martial arts kick yet, squarely cracking Madd in the back of his neck and head; Pride simultaneous through his huge boot into the back of Kyo's head. The two perfectly timed kicks were executed with enough furious strength that the two dazed fighters were slammed into each other, their opponents' respective boots crushing their faces violently into one another's features.

Pride's aura made the twin attack that much more spectacular, because as the two wounded fighters impacted, it delivered another horrendous shockwave, and a sound like a depth charge going off deep under the depths of the ocean. All very much to the crowd's elation.

The two faces pulled apart from each other, shattered and bloody and sore, and then Hwo and Pride finished the job.

Hwoarang grabbed Madd by the back of the neck and rolled backward, putting his own foot up and using it to forcibly fling Madd upwards--sending him flying towards the edge of the ring chains. At the same time, Pride grabbed Kyo by the sides of the head, and from behind, he used his superior strength to spin Kyo by his head several times, faster and faster, until he was generating a wind sheer. Finally, Pride let go, and as he did his aura dramatically slowed down the speed of time--

--making the simultaneous eliminations of Kyo and Madd Dogg look marvelously dramatic as they both slammed into pillars outside of the ring, and fell straight down to the floor, each making his own respective thud.

The crowd went wild over the combo, but there were still two men left. Turning, Pride looked at Hwo. Despite his obvious fatigue, he looked to be ready to go another round, hopping about like Bruce Lee, with that maddening dance that he usually did just prior to kicking an entire nation's ass. But there was a respect between the two of them, one bordering on friendship, even.

"I've leveled you, driven you into the ground, and bludgeoned you from the skies," Hwoarang said. "And still, you stand."

"Ain't nothing compared to what you've been through, son. I tell you this much--you've got my respect." And Pride extended his hand.

Hwoarang calmed down and stepped up to the big man. "As have you," he said, and then took Pride's hand and shook it.

"But unfortunately," Hwoarang added, "this is too much of an opening you've given me. And I doubt I can resist the temptation."

"Do your worst, smallfry." Pride grinned. The fight was now friendly and sporting, and the newfound camaraderie radiated off of the two competitors so brightly that the audience could sense it, and they cheered for the sporting fighters enthusiastically.

Then, Hwo grinned, and used Pride's clenched hand to pull the big man forward, kneeing him hard in the midsection and following it up with a good, swift axe kick to the face, knocking Pride down.

Pride looked up, rubbing his jaw. "You little son of a *****." He smiled. It was the kind of insult you'd hear between friends.

Hwo smirked and took a graceful bow. "Hey, a man has to take opportunity when he's given them, no?"

"Yeah I guess," Pride agreed. He got back up to his feet. "Unfortunately, smallfry, you just earned yourself the opportunity for a trip to the hospital!"

Pride's aura finally flared, sending a briefly visible shockwave through the air. During its momentous visibility, the aura was decorated with static bolts of electricity, which faded in opacity as they were struck into existence (rather than spiderwebbing, like most aural static energies might." He bolted forward, and he and Hwoarang erupted into a warp speed brawl, the minor shockwave from each blow rippling the air around them faster and faster.

Hwo was defending but he quickly gained the upper hand with a flipping dodge over Pride's head. Pride immediately responded with a back elbow, which caught Hwo in the upper chest, sending him stumbling backward. Within a second, Pride was on him, punching away, each blow blocked frantically. Hwo finally ducked a punch and dropped into a brutal sweep, kicking Pride across the back of his knees and sending him down hard. In one smooth motion, Hwo followed up and flipped, effortlessly and quickly, in 360 degrees, attempting to mash his own foot through Pride's face. Pride's hand shot up and caught the heel meant for the back of his tonsils and stopped it cold with his raw power. Hwo tried to use his other foot the same way but that one was also caught, and Pride yanked hard, sending Hwoarang backward. He quickly recovered into a series of back somersaults, and charged at Pride once more, landing a HUGE running frontal jump kick in his face.

The aura kicked in there, and slowed down--and softened--the impact. Hwo floated for a second as Pride fell backward, head snapped so far back he looked like he was stargazing. Then his face came up again iun the dramatic "Pride Time" slo-mo, and he was grinning. That grin said simply, "My turn."

Pride bolted forward, time suddenly normal again. He snatched Hwo's extended foot before he had even landed, and began to swing it around violently with one hand. His aura sparked, sending wind sheer-like waves throughout the arena as he swung the smaller Hwo, who was helplessly locked in the Phenom's grip.

Letting go, Pride sent Hwoarang flying upwards and out of the ring. It seemed as if he was done for, but Pride knew better. He watched intently with his smirk of satisfaction on, as Hwoarang righted himself in midair and kicked off of a pillar he should have flown through. He was now soaring back at Pride, screaming at the top of his lungs and letting his duotone aura run wild.

The crowd was eating it up, and Pride had a moment to appreciate it as Hwo barreled toward him. He sparked up his own aura, and charged up for the mother of all melees.

And somehow, you knew that it was still all in the interest of sheer sportsmanship and competition, despite the battle's face value.

And when Hwoarang impacted with Pride, they went into the zone; they were flash fighting now, and much too fast to see the slow reality around them. The audience saw blurs and circles of energy where they impacted and blocked, and everyone once in a while the scene would be punctuated but a clubbing blow that knocked one or the other back slightly and out of warp speed. It continued like that for a long while, most of the blows blocked and few major impacts to note. The crowd went ape**** over the display.

And then Pride returned his upperhand. Not by blocking, but simply by sidestepping a running jaw-to-knee combo that Hwo attempted. Not expecting such an agile counter, Hwoarang stumbled, and Pride capitalized, slinging heavy fist after heavy fist into Hwoarang's head and body mercilessly. Pride finished the brutal combo with a huge knee to Hwo's gut, and finally satisfied with the beatdown he'd laid, flung Hwoarang towards the edge of the ring. He sailed into the chain ropes, where he became tangled by his neck, hanging helplessly over the apron. He made gagging sounds; the crowd gasped.

Pride stolled over to the choking opponent and thought that he pretty much had this one in the bag. "Well, Smallfry, I gotta say--you're a damn good fighter, and there's no shame in going out like a man. You've been in here through five or six fighters, after all. So far you've got the record for longest entrant in Fight Club Royal Rumble in history. And letting go of that chain and falling out now ain't gonna change an--"

Pride was suddenly greeted with two boot heels in his face, sending him stumbling backward. Hwoarang had used the leverage from his own neck to propel himself upward into a modified Vegetto dropkick.

Pride felt a numb kind of pain in his jaw, and the gasping Hwoarang looked up at him.

They both smiled, and resumed their flash fight. And the audience screamed and screamed for more.
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May 29, 2002
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The crowd's eyes continued to dance around around the ring. Desperately trying to focus on the speed that SaiyanPride and Hwoarang had achieved.

Cucumba turned to Optimus Prime. "It seems we continue to witness history tonight. It has turn into a lion pit. Do we dare throw another fighter into the ring with these two incredible individuals?"

Optimus Prime adjust his seat and cleared his throat. "It has been confirmed that Kyo and Madd Dogg are recieving medical attention. Let's hope they are okay."

Hibiki had already pleasently asked the bouncers to escort the GBA assaulter. Climbing back over the wall, he laughed. "Back to two, I see."

The crowd continued with their usual youthful exuberance. The energy they brought to the event, constantly amplified around Hwoarang. His eyes were filled with surprise, staring at the kinetic aura that sparked randomly off SaiyanPride. Hwoarang had been forced into retreat mode, teleporting and strafing constant melee attempts. SaiyanPride blurred forward, barely missing the disappearing Hwoarang, with a stiff and powerful right jab. Hwoarang appeared slightly above the phenomenon, rotating to his side as he violently launched his left foot towards SaiyanPride's face. SaiyanPride threw both his forearms up in a defensive manner, lightning ricocheting from the epicenter of the contact.

Hwoarang quickly mobilized, rotating to his left. His battle cry echoed through the arena, only to be out spoken by the eruption of colliding energy pulses. He gritted his teeth as he rotated back, swifty planting on the ground. The Tae Kwon Do artist sprung with blinding speed, spinning to his left side. He launched another swift right kick, knocking SaiyanPride back as he barely perfomed the reflex to block it. Hwoarang followed him up by landing on his right foot, spinning as he extended his left foot into his chest. SaiyanPride rocketed into the chains, bouncing off them as he fell to his knees.

SaiyanPride wiped sweat from his forehead, his expression of anger growing. He looked up, only to watch as his opponent rolled forward. Hwoarang maximized the amount of ki in his right hand. The red glow again shimmered and reflected off the many eyes that filled the entire arena.

The Tae Kwon Do prodigy even screamed over the cheers that had begun to errupt. "Jinsokuuuuuuuu...... IRON FIST!!!!"

The ground shook violenty as Hwoarang perfomed a rising uppercut, propeling SaiyanPride skyward. Hwoarang quickly gathered more energy, his static aura visibly proving the current overload. The crowd moaned, uncomfortable from the force that continued to slightly pull them towards the ring. Hwoarang erupted from the ground, chasing the quickly rising SaiyanPride. His left fist glowed, as a another perpetually amazing uppercut contacted. Finding his momentum improving, SaiyanPride's painstaking face filled with fear. He gasped, sensing Hwoarang dissappear.

Hwoarang appeared above his opponent, echoing directly at SaiyanPride. "Is this scratching the surface!?!!"

Throwing his arms up, he brought down both his charged and cupped fists. The currently stunned SaiyanPride screamed, regretting his earlier arrogant cohesiveness. The arena was suddenly blind, their ears tingling from the obvious and sudden ambience of contact that ensued. Vision returned, only to witness the impact of SaiyanPride. The octagon creaked, asborbing most of the visually challenging contact. The crowd grew silent, as random outbursts ensued. SaiyanPride was still, random sparks of energy began to slowly spread all over him.

Hwoarang suddenly appeared next to him, scratching the back of his head as he rolled his eyes. "Get up... we got a fight to continue."

SaiyanPride rolled over, launching off his back onto his feet. "Oh yeah."

Cucumba suddenly broke his silence. "Amazing! Hwoarang has undoubtedly gave SaiyanPride a beating to remember, yet... the phenomenon is only slightly harmed."

Optimus Prime shook his head, signaling an extensive emotion of disbelief. "If this only the beginning... I wonder what else awaits our gaze."

Hibiki leaned over the table, turning to Optimus Prime. " Indeed, the locker room is currently filled with similar powers that haven't even been awakened."

The crowd's cheer was developing and evolving airhorns and chants of their own adjacency. Hwoarang sensed their energy suspend, easily realizing their anticipation was in his next move. He watched the effortless SaiyanPride drop into his stance. Hwoarang reached deep within, his arms gracefully gathering energy as he dropped into his own.

Cucumba erupted amongst the random and highly ambient echoes of the arena. "What else does Hwoarang carry in his arsenal... to even challenge the phenomenon?"

The Tae Kwon Do prodigy erupted with aura, stretching his arms out as he jumped into the air. "It's time for you and me to bring our all... for denial in yourself will lead to failure!"

SaiyanPride began to shift around the ring, cycling all physical possibilities through his mind. "You will find I always bring it!"

Hwoarang smiled and blurred forward, a thunderous sonic boom filling the arena. He threw his right arm back, swinging violently for SaiyanPride as he closed in on him. SaiyanPride quickly spun out of the way, catching the back of Hwoarang's head with a viscious roundhouse. The contact of his right heel, threw the Tae Kwon Do prodigy to the ground. Landing on his shoulder, he slid across the ring. Quickly rising to his feet, Hwoarang heard the quick and rumbling approach of SaiyanPride. He disappearead, the crowd witnessing as SaiyanPride kicked right through Hwoarang's slowly fading afterimage. Hwoarang appeared slight above and behind SaiyanPride, only to watch his opponent quickly turned around. Recieving a lightning quick right jab to the stomach, Hwoarang curled up, gasping as he landing with a thud and slid back across the ring.

Slowly getting to his feet, he yet again heard the furious train that was SaiyanPride. He quickly reached to the Earth, ambitous that she would continue to be kind to him. The phenomenon threw his right arm back, launching it as he approached the energy gathering Hwoarang. Hwoarang vanished, reappearing as his right arm was already heading for SaiyanPride's face. The phenomonon easily blocked it with two open palms, swinging his arms back for momentum as he launched a quickly rising left boot. Hwoarang mockingly used it to his own advantage, pushing it back down as flipped back to other side of the arena.

They entire octagon rested under and between them, each gathering energy for their mentally depicted and awe-inspiring onslaught. They both blurred forward at the same time, locking arms in a violent eruption of energy.

The crowd and Cucumba jumped to their feet. "What we've been waiting for! They test each other's strength as well as their resilience!"

A section of crowd began to chant. "IRON FIST! IRON FIST! IRON FIST!"

Challenging the arena for their own respective resonance, another section of the crow began to chant as well. "PHENOMENON! PHENOMENON! PHENOMENON!"

Hwoarang and SaiyanPride shook the arena, their energy sending waves through the very infrastructure itself. Each moment they spent trying to over power the other, intensified the level of seismic, energy potent, and indescribable kinetic activity. SaiyanPride screamed, pushing Hwoarang toward his side of the arena. Hwoarang engulfed even more in energy, his right leg shaking as he slowly pushed SaiyanPride back to the ring. SaiyanPride's face filled with fear, watching his opponent slightly struggle to regain forefront on his own personal side of the octagon. Each of their arms shaking, static energy randomly danced off both SaiyanPride and Hwoarang. The Tae Kwon Do prodigy violently intensified a dramatic level in his visible aura, gritting his teeth as he forced SaiyanPride to refortify his balance. His right leg dropped back, shaking as he perched on his toes.

He screamed has his aura continued to challenge Hwoarang's. He through his arms up, launching Hwoarang's as well. "You won't get the best of me!"

SaiyanPride quickly took advantage, rocketing a violent right hook to the side of Hwoarang's face. The Tae Kwon Do prodigy stumbled to his side, turning his face only to watch as SaiyanPride sprung to his right. An unbelievable left hook cracked with energy, sending Hwoarang stumbling across the ring. Surprisingly, he quickly gained his composure. He began to dance around the ring, faking and changing pivot foot, teasing the steel vigor and patience of SaiyanPride.


Now making his way to the arena, at six feet and one hundred and thirty two pounds . . . Deeeeeeveeeeeeeeeerz!
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A loud bang went off just as all the light in the arena turned off just as Deverz had wanted. Two lines of fire went from the entry door to ring side. Hwoarang and SaiyanPride look towards to door to see who the next one in was. Deverz strode through the door illuminated by the fire. Hwoarang and SaiyanPride were worried, neither had fought the mighty admin but both have heard of his power. Deverz stopped next to the ring, clapped his hands twice. It was obvious it was a signal for the lights to come back on because just as he clapped they did so. Deverz raised his hood and climbed under the chains into the ring and looked at the two fighters in the middle.

Hwoarang made the first move sending a powerful kick at Deverz temple; Deverz ducked with great speed but was hit in the side of the head as Hwoarang spun around with a following kick. SaiyanPride saw his chance to attack Deverz and charged at him, his aura flowing gracefully as he ran towards Deverz. As Deverz regained his footing he was immediately driven into the chains by SaiyanPride who began pummelling his lower body with a series of heavy punches, Deverz took all the blows only wincing slightly as each powerful blow landed. Hwoarang stood by glad that he didn’t have to work up a sweat for once and took the change to regain some energy.

Deverz had enough and pushed SaiyanPride off him and into the middle of the ring. SaiyanPride landed on his feet and Deverz charged out and kneed him in the stomach then as SaiyanPride hunched over winded Deverz landed an elbow onto his back. SaiyanPride was floored by the last blow and was starting to get up as Deverz grabbed him by the legs and swung him around and threw him at Hwoarang who only just dodged. SaiyanPride went flying into one of the steel turnbuckles putting a large dent in it. Hwoarang looked over at SaiyanPride then at Deverz. Hwoarang dived at Deverz only to receive a powerful kick to the side. Hwoarang quickly got and tripped Deverz over with a sweeping kick and then just as Deverz landed several punches to the chest each blow getting harder and more powerful then the last. SaiyanPride slowly got up from his position at the turnbuckle surprised that Deverz had that much power, he was sure that there was more power within the admin as well. SaiyanPride knew he would have to get Deverz out of the ring before he could tap his power if he was going to survive this fight for much longer.

Deverz pushed Hwoarang off and began pounding his body with a series of punches. SaiyanPride rushed in hoping to catch Deverz by surprise, but Deverz saw SaiyanPride coming in the corner of his eye and just as he got close enough landed a punch on his kneecap, stomach and ribs then quickly got out the way as SaiyanPride collapsed on top of Hwoarang due to his leg giving out.
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"Well, this is certainly in full swing . . . I can't beleive how many fighters have already fallen to the iron fist, Hwoarang and the Phenom, SaiyanPrideXIX. They are absolutely dominating the competition left and right . . ," said the Green Devil.

"With authority . . ," echoed Prime.

Hibiki busied himself with a prototype PSP.


beep beep boop

Cucumba sighed and looked back at the ring.


Deverz recieves a loss token, you need to pull up your socks if you want to be the champ.

The current order is SPXIX, Hwo, and Dev. The new entrant has been selected and will post at the end of the current round.
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The amount that the fight's pace had quickened astonished the onlookers. Deverz had enough power and swiftness that he managed to quickly take out Hwo and Pride, causing them both some pretty significant lost ground. But​
almost immediately, both were back on their feet and charging, auras flaring
wildly. Hwo dove forward with a signature stiff martial arts jump kick;
Deverz ducked and landed a back kick of his own, sending Hwo down. Pride
dove into the fray a moment later and began unloading on Deverz, who threw
his arms up in defensive posture. Suddenly, Pride and Deverz fell to the
floor, their legs swept out from under them by Hwo. Deverz kicked back up to
his feet, but Pride found himself face to face with Hwo's signature axe
kick, the heel of his foot bearing down on the phenom's throat at breakneck

Quickly, Pride countered, using one powerful hand to clamp Hwo's heel before
it crushed his larynx; with a thrust, he sent Hwoarang's boot up and away
from him--smashing squarely into the side of Deverz' head. He stumbled back
and responded with a flashing barrage of his own, repeatedly laying into the
Tae Kwon Do prodigy with rights, lefts, and knees.

He has no steady fighting style, Hwo noted. Difficult to counter.

Pride wasn't as concerned with the point of style, and when his big hand
clamped around Deverz' head and flung him violently up and over, it was a
technique of necessity. Ending Deverz' barrage, Pride turned to him, but
almost immediately he found a kick landing in his jaw from Hwo. With the big
man caught off guard, Hwo started flash fighting, repeatedly slamming his
limbs through the air and into Pride's ribs and head; the air thwipped as
the speeding blows cut through it viciously.

Pride caught Hwo's foot and again used his power to fling the martial arts
master away, a technique intended to buy him some breathing time. Hwo landed
in a slide and kicked back off the ground in a jumping kick right at Pride's
face. Pride ducked, and Hwo ended up hitting Deverz, who again stumbled but
did not fall. Pride swung at Hwo as he turned back around, and his huge
right hand missed the quick warrior and instead leveled Deverz as well. Hwo
countered with a spinning kick, but Pride himself ducked, and the 360-degree
swinging boot landed in the side of the dazed new entrant's head instead.

In a fit, Deverz took a swing at Hwo, who vanished with astonishing
quickness--the blow hit Pride instead, sending him railing. Not one to worry
who he was fighting, Deverz followed up on the accidental hit with a
blurring flurry of punches. Pride began to flash defend, blocking only about
80% of the hits in the end. The reason for that was because, in a blistering
flurry of speed, Hwoarang was also attacking the phenom.

The dual assault was slowly taking its toll on Pride, who was beginning to
feel the bruised and battered flesh on his torso starting to buckle. If he
didn't do something that could put both of these guys down, and fast, he was
as good as done on fatigue alone.

His aura flared, and he let out a scream that was just loud enough for the
audience to scream back with excitement. One hand caught Hwo's foot by the
ankle; the other had grasped Deverz leg in mid-kick as well.

Pride yanked them both forward, and laid in a damnably high impact double
clothesline in agonizingly slow motion. They both flipped 180 degrees as the
deep, bassy sound of the impact rumbled through the arena; in the moment
they floated upside down, Pride countered with a double back elbow to the
exposed ribs. Time sped back up around them at the impact, but they had been
entirely unprotected and were both sent helplessly flying. Hwoarang
masterfully landed in another one-knee slide, facing Pride after a quick
somersault. Deverz had been entangled in the chain ropes for the moment,
buying Pride the few precious seconds of breathing time that he needed.

"Nice...move..." Hwoarang commented, gasping for the wind that had been
knocked out of him.

"Yeah!" Deverz shouted from the chains. Slowly, he was getting free; the
fact that he was upside down was making it more time consuming.

"Nice double team," Pride shot back, smirking. His own breathing was ragged
and hard as well. The crowd was screaming in the background; Pride was
enjoying the challenge.

"Hey...what can I say?" Hwoarang said, catching his breath again.
"Opportunity knocks once." He grinned.

"I'm more worried about him," Pride said, gesturing at Deverz. "Every
fighter's got a trick to 'em. He ain't showed us any of his, yet."

Pride had noticed his powerful blows were not quite as devastating to this
new competitor. Physically, he was strong enough to go blow for blow with
Pride...but mentally, he was unpredictable. Pride knew that they could not
risk underestimating Deverz--there was certain to be more lurking beneath
their first round of combat.

Pride's ribs hurt, and his breath was burning. He leaned against the far
corner to catch his breath. He was happy, though--

--cause, if nothing else, these small fry were giving him a serious workout.​
[EDIT--Sorry all about the lame margins. Was written at work, can't seem to ditch them. Won't happen again]
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Hwoarang was laughing within the depths of his soul. But, no one could even tell. His face was filled with pain, his virbrant and random aura flashes, still progressively drove him to gritting his teeth. He watched SaiyanPride collect himself, noticing the phenomenon was not focused on him, but the newly arrived opponent that was the current mystery known as Deverz. He turned to Deverz, noticing a rapidly growing and thin blue mist that enveloped him.

Hwoarang rose to his feet, as he began to question the obvious patience of Deverz. "I sense a veteran yet unmistakingly great power within you... yet you hold back?"

Deverz began to grin, admiring the perseverance SaiyanPride and Hwoarang had proven. "You know nothing of power.... you are but pawns in a rat race... and I say.... the more the merrier."

Devers erupted with aura, shaking the arena like Hwoarang and SaiyanPride had never before. Hwoarang sensed something was about to go terribly wrong, but he couldn't quite understand what he had suddenly felt. SaiyanPride dropped into his stance, quickly looking to Hwoarang.

He kept one eye on Deverz, watching his blue aura spread like morning fog. "Hwoarang, I know you feel it too.... this is going to get nasty."

The crowd began to grow insane, as riots and brawls began to ensue. Deverz laughed uncontrollably, still smiling as a less visible extension of his aura began to envelop the entire octagon. "You are already dead!"

Hwoarang and SaiyanPride laughed, each engulfing themselves in their own respective auras. Deverz blurred forward, extending his right and open palm. Stopping a good distance infront of them both, he swung it towards SaiyanPride, tensing Hwoarang's vision as he watched SaiyanPride fly into the chains.

Cucumba erupted with his usual ambience. "Amazing! Deverz has single-handedly sent the Phenomenon into the chains... and he didn't even touch him!"

Optimus Prime gasped, watching SaiyanPride fall and quickly collect himself. "This is going to be interesting."

Hibiki continued to jam the buttons on his PSP, quickly looking to the left and right for anyone with sticky fingers.

Hwoarang began to dance around the arena, looking back to see SaiyanPride still dazed and confused. "I'd like to see you try that on me!"

Deverz smiled, blurring towards Hwoarang with amazing speed. He extended his right open palm again, only to watch Hwoarang flip right over him. Hwoarang landed, barely shaking the arena. He turned, gasping as Deverz deadly fist was inches from his face. Hwoarang ducked, suddenly feeling the force that slowly grew to mental dizzyness. Deverz continued to laugh, launching a violently extended right kick into Hwoarang's chest. The Tae Kwon Do Prodigy slid across the octagon, looking next to unconscious. Deverz suddenly heard rapid and extremely heavy foot steps behind him, he turned, his eyes growing wide as SaiyanPride launched a powerful right hook that slammed into his face. Deverz stumbled back, powerless and stunned as SaiyanPride chased him down. The phenomenon launched an even more powerful left uppercut, turning to side with arrogance as he watched Deverz land on his back, through the corner of his eye.

SaiyanPride turned to Hwoarang, noticing him slowly getting to his feet. The blue mist that visibly echoed from Deverz immediate aura, began to grow thicker. SaiyanPride began to get paranoid and quickly turned to Deverz, gasping as he saw nothing but open arena. He suddenly sensed a rush of aura. Finding the intuition to look up, he barely dodged a viscious looking drop kick from Deverz. Deverz landed infront of SaiyanPride, engaging a fury of mind blowing jabs and reflex challenging hooks. SaiyanPride countered them the best he could, strafing to his right as he spun his left heel towards Deverz's face. Deverz easily blocked it, quickly extending his right hand out in a choking formation. SaiyanPride was suddenly frozen in his place, his eyes filled with fear as he rose from the ground. Deverz evily grinned, tensing his right hand and somehow suffocating SaiyanPride.

SaiyanPride tried to swing for Deverz with his left, his right hand holding his throat within a mental state of confusion. He barely choked his words. "I hope your enjoying this... it's... it's.. about to end."

Deverz laughed, suddenly feeling a gust of wind. His senses tingled, amazed at the sudden eruption of aura that he felt. He turned, only to watch the Tae Kwon Do prodigy blurring straight for him.

Hwoarang maximized his current amount of energy into his right fist, it predictably glowing red, as he intensyfied his speed towards Deverz. "Jinsokuuuuuuu...... IRON FIST!"

Deverz had forgotten about his other opponent and put himself in a open-for-attack position. He dropped SaiyanPride, who landed on his knees as he let out a gasp of relief. Hwoarang still connected with full power, sending Deverz flying out of the arena. Hwoarang dissappeared, reappearing next to the rocketing Deverz. He threw his infamous cupped fists up again, shaking the arena with pure energy as launched Deverz into another direction. Hwoarang dissappeared again, reappearing next to Deverz as he quickly gained some distance from his previous position. The Tae Kwon Do prodigy spun a violent right axe kick, shaking the arena again as sent Deverz into an even another directon.

Cucumba dodged a diving fan, quickly sending an approaching mob of mentally deluted and confused fans back into their seats, with just a quick wave of his hand. "The arena has grown into a state of madness!"

Cucumba knew who was to blame, as he watched him, helpless to the fury of the Iron Fist.

Optimus Prime stood next to Cucumba, using the powerful announcer as a literal human shield. "We only hope to survive this chaos. If your wondering about the "planned" fight, you can only look to sky and hope you can keep up."

Hibiki launched a violently aspiring PSP fan into the crowd with an almost perfected Jeet Kun Do right kick, sending a shockwave through the crowd and dispelling the immediate area of mental delusion. "We have to stop this!"

Hwoarang reappeared next to the stunned and rapidly traveling Deverz, smiling as his fist glowed even more red. He sent Deverz straight for the center of the arena, laughing as he watched SaiyanPride prepare for Deverz's arrival. Deverz was about the slam into the arena, when SaiyanPride violently swung his right foot into Deverz's stomach. Dever's again plummeted skyward, as his powers began to grow weak.

The crowd slowly began to calm down, each shaking and rubbing their head with confusion. Some quickly jumped with surprise, momentarily unfocused on the fight. Looking up, they watched as Deverz was sent towards the arena again. Hwoarang engulfed himself in aura as he chased Deverz to the arena.
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Deverz stopped his ascent by himself not waiting for another attack from Hwoarang to land him. But where was Hwoarang he wondered. Looking around during his slow decent he saw him trading blows with SaiyanPride. Both fighters didn’t notice the blue mist disappearing. Deverz was drawing it back within himself for more power rather then show. The mist now showed it’s self as a blue glow from Deverz eyes. An aura flashed every now and then but Deverz kept it mostly hidden. Hwoarang had now floored SaiyanPride and was about to throw him into the air just as the arena shook more violently then it had before. Hwoarang and SaiyanPride both looked up and saw Deverz was now holding a weapon. They hadn’t noticed the katana on his back earlier.

SaiyanPride landed a heavy kick on Hwoarang’s chin just as Deverz landed sending him into a turnbuckle. Deverz laughed and twirled his katana around. “You two are really in for it now. Although the sword will not cut until I wish it too, it will hurt a lot more.” SaiyanPride and Hwoarang quickly stood up and began to move on Deverz, Hwoarang got there first and was quickly met with a flurry of blows, each one hitting another part of the body, Hwoarang felt like he had been cut into a million pieces and over coming the pain retreated to work out another plan of attack. SaiyanPride rushed in hoping to get inside of Deverz swing but was met with a sword to the neck. SaiyanPride instantly fell over screaming, thinking his head was cut off. “You idiot, your head hasn’t been cut off, you would be dead if it was, now attack god damn it.” Hwoarang yelled out. SaiyanPride quickly realised Hwoarang was right and swiftly tripped Deverz over and Hwoarang ran over and stepped on his arm and pinned his sword down. Deverz dropped the sword and calmly said “Oh well, I’ll just have to use this.” And started to reach for his saber. SaiyanPride realised what was going on and pinned Deverz arm to his chest and reached for the saber. As SaiyanPride was about to grab it the saber flew from Deverz hip and into Cucumba’s hand. “Damn I was hoping my saber would kill you it’s self.” Deverz chuckled.

SaiyanPride got off Deverz and kicked his sword out the ring and then turned his attention to Hwoarang only to have his knee’s buckle as Deverz kicked him in the back of the knees. Hwoarang barraged SaiyanPride’s head with a flurry of knees and punches all the time making sure Deverz arm was pinned. The arena shook again throwing Hwoarang off balance and freeing Deverz. Deverz quickly stood up and quickly knelt over again as SaiyanPride landed a powerful on Deverz genitalia. “Ooo, I don’t think Deverz will be having kids anymore.” Commented Cucumba. Hwoarang then kicked Deverz in the face entangling in the chains again.

“God damn it I hate this.” Deverz said and began freeing himself, which was rather hard since both arms are legs were tangled.

SaiyanPride and Hwoarang both took breathers. Hwoarang looked at SaiyanPride and said “I wasn’t expecting him to do anything like that were you?”

“Hell no, I didn’t think that much power could come out of one person.”

Deverz flashed a couple of time but was still fully tangled. “Lets hope the next fighter can help us take him down.” Finished SayianPride

Woot didn't take me weeks this time and yes Cucumba I DID TRY ffs


Now making his way to the ring from parts unknown, at six foot one . . . EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR!
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The echoes of the name ‘Engar’ reverberated along the long dark corridor. They bounced off the walls and up from the floor, entering every room. There, in the shadows, a cloaked figure’s grin was a flash of white.



“It’s certainly been a Rumble to remember so far,” noted Cucumba, leaning back in his chair, “we’ve already had a few surprises along the way and that’s a trend I doubt is about to change..”

“Got that right, Cucumba,” Optimus sipped on a cup of coffee, “Each rounds been a drama, I mean we’ve seen some incredible things. And now Engar, a formidable fighter and member of the old Forum Fan-Fic team, is entering the stage. Have any thoughts, Hibiki?”

“Metroid Zero would rule on the PSP?”

*Strained silence*



The table shuddered under the vibrations that coursed through the arena, as one man the trio sat up and searched the crowds for the source.


“What the hell?”


Optimus’ cup hopped, swivelled on the edge then pirouetted it’s way off the side of the table – only to be caught by Cucumba at the last second. Ignoring the burning sensation as some of the coffee spilled onto his hand, the ancient horror stood and watched the crowd move.


Stamping and clapping, they were acting as a unit to create a beat that practically belonged to battle. It may have started as a recording but every member of the audience was moving now. The fighting platform itself shook and swayed from its iron chains, the fighters momentarily stunned.


It continued on and on, stronger each time, with the audience on their feet now – stamping and clapping in a wave of sound that was almost beyond hearing. It echoed around and deep into the hallway.


Growing louder with each passing moment.


Climbing and climbing, the audience’s cheers reaching a crescendo.


Then Freddy Mercury started to sing..


Striding along the hallway, unrushed but not slow either, he advanced. He wasn’t just listening to the beat; he felt it jarring up through his feet and into his very bones. The whole beat, the back beat – the adrenaline pumping repercussions that drove him to fight. This was his time and he’d start with his song.

He had just stepped into the bright lights when the singing began..

Buddy you're a boy, make a big noise,
Playin' in the street, gonna be a big man some day!

His footsteps hit with the beat, hammering down on the ground as he leapt up to the platform, kicked off that into a somersault and landed on the edge of the arena. Rising from a crouch, the cloaked figure looked up and drew back the cowl.

You got mud on yo' face,
You big disgrace!

Engar grinned at his opponents, cloak swishing back and forth around him as the arena swung on its chains. Speaking of which, Deverz was glowing with barely contained anger and with a crackle of energy tore himself from them. Oblivious of Deverz, Engar turned; surveying the crowd that surrounded him, bathing in the sound that enveloped him. And still the beat went on, shaking through the walls of the arena and up to the heights where the chains were connected, down along them to the warriors themselves.

Kicking your can all over the place,

There were no words. There was no friendly banter. This wasn’t like the Engar of before. This was someone different; someone concentrated in a new, perhaps even frightening way. At this moment Engar looked strong and confident, powered by a flame that burned brightly on the inside.


He raised one hand to the crowd, tightened into a fist. And the whole audience rose to answer.


Engar caught movement out of the corner of his eye; Deverz, fed up of showboating, was charging forwards with his Ban Sabre a fiery streak held in check by his will power alone. As he approached, feet pounding on the shaking arena, he brought his sword arm around in a sweeping arc that bore down on Engar’s neck with the fierce determination of an angered god.

He didn’t notice Engar reaching to his side..


In a flash of purple light Deverz found himself eye to eye with Engar, pressing down with his sabre with all his might but finding himself unable to complete the blow. Between the two, glowing brightly, a purple beam shot out from Engar’s hands and held the Ban Sabre at bay. Deverz stared at it with a mixture of shock and horror etched into his features.

“But how?! Only the Development Council can present that..”

Twisting his hands, Engar knocked both the Ban Sabre and Deverz away. Unhurt but stunned to the extreme, Deverz stumbled backwards as Engar twirled his very own sabre between his fingers.

It was longer than the standard design, almost twice the length made of a cool grey metal with inlayed black buttons to adjust its settings. Midway along the shaft was a black grip and, unlike any Saber before it, it opened at both ends instead of the normal one. Engar held it up, handle level with his chin and gripped between both hands, and closed his eyes.

“I think you’ll find much has changed..” his voice was quiet but it echoed through the arena in the sudden hush. There was no clapping; there was no thud of the beat. Only a stunned audience and equally stunned commentator box.

“This is the Rouge Ban Saber, formed by my own hand and of my own energy. And you, among all other who stands against us, will learn to respect it.”

“Us? There are more of you?!”

Engar merely grinned, turning slightly to glance towards the commentator’s box where the jade behemoth was beginning to stand. Clearing his throat, a smile on his face, Cucumba began to speak in his strong, booming voice.

“At this time I am honoured to announce the formation of my own Faction.” The ancient horror paused, letting the repercussions, both in sound and thought, die down before continuing. “It is Engar, a long time comrade, whom I have chosen to aid me in this. As a special enforcer and, more importantly, Co-Leader.” This time the talk would not stop; babble rose up and filled the arena.

Cucumba allowed this to continue for a few moments, then raised his hands for silence.

“I would remind you that these outside matters should not concern you. This is not about Factions and changes. This is about only one thing - the Royal Rumble. Continue.”

And, without a pause, they did.


Deverz, enraged at being insulted in such away, was once again the first to make a move.


Leaping forwards and relying on his combination of strength and skill, Dervez swept his own Ban Sabre down in a brilliant arc that Engar neatly sidestepped away from. Turning on his landing, Deverz adjusted his footing and brought the Saber around again – this time in an upward curve.

Buddy you’re a young man, hard man,
Shoutin’ in the street, gonna take on the world some day!

Bobbing backward, Engar knocked the blade away with his own and twirled elegantly, his Rouge Sabre burning through the air as Deverz ducked under the blow. His cloak billowing around him, Engar set his feet and swept his arms around into an attack that brought the blade upwards at Deverz head only to have the Admin duck out of its path.

You got blood on yo’ face,
You big disgrace!

“You’re quick, Engar,” Deverz allowed, “But I’ve got years of experience behind me. Anything you can do, I can do better!”

The two lunged at each other, Ban Sabres crackling as they met, and faced each other’s glare. Then Engar grinned.

Wavin’ your banner all over the place,

“As I said before,” he knocked Deverz back once again and held his blade horizontally, fingers flowing along the buttons. Then, to the amazement of the audience, a second purple blade shot out of the other side of the Rouge Sabre. Twirling it twice, Engar brought it back behind his head and extended his free hand, motioning for Deverz to attack.

“Times have changed.”


Both warriors moved as a blur in the mix of dark and light, blades slicing through the air in a deadly ballet of twists and twirls. It continued, clashing of beams resounding through the thump of the crowd, until an opening appeared. Deverz, his Ban Sabre brought low to block one blade of Engar’s Rogue Sabre, looked up to see Engar twisting and bringing the other blade down upon him. Leaping backwards, he avoided being seriously hurt, but a diagonal burn slice right across his chest – causing him to scream out in a mixture of pain and rage.


Turning away, Sabre twirling between his fingers, Engar acknowledged his two other opponents for the first time in the whole fight. The Sabre died in his hands and he reattached it to his belt with a practiced move, his eyes never leaving his two opponents.


The two had been observing the duel with a professional interest; they could have clearly stepped in at any time but had chosen not to for their own reasons. Smart move, or so Engar believed, as it gave them an idea of how capable he was with the Rogue Sabre and gave them both the opportunity to regain some of the energy they had lost. Pride was the first to speak, breaking into an easy grin as he did so.

“Nice display, friend, but don’t you think you’ll be needing that little toy again?”

“We’ll see,” Engar smiled back at him, that hard resolve was still there but had given way for the moment to his calmer self, in part due to Pride’s own nonchalant attitude, “There’s more honour in fighting unarmed men with your own two hands and besides,” the smile gave way to a full-fledged grin, “I’m just as likely to hurt myself with that Sabre as I am to hurt you guys, still in training when it comes to that.”


An enraged screaming broke through the sound; Engar turned in time to see the Sabre bearing down on him and just managed to duck under it. He didn’t blame Deverz for being angry, he had implied that he had lost a point to someone on the level of a mere Modiwan. It didn’t matter that he had been trained under Cucumba and had been devoting most of his waking hours to mastering the blade he had crafted with his own hands, it still stung Deverz and now all that he had been holding back in contempt was revealed.

Buddy you’re an old man, poor man,
Pleadin’ with your eyes, gonna make you some peace some day!

Engar had seen a little of Cucumba’s true potential and saw now in Deverz someone who had fought along side the Scourge of Spam for a lot longer than he had. The elegant techniques for defusing situations, the graceful motions to dissipate flamers - as Admin Deverz moved in all corners of the forum and knew much more of the styles of Forum Combat than Engar, someone who kept to the Off Topic areas, could hope to comprehend.

You got mud on your face,
You big disgrace!

He ducked and weaved, the Sabre a blur of motion around his head, his cloak billowing out in front of him as he snaked between the blows. His only chance lay in Deverz’s rage; it held him back just enough for Engar to survive. And yet, too late, Engar realised that he wasn’t just dealing with one person.

Somebody better put you back in your place!

Catching Deverz by his hands as he attempted to bring his Ban Sabre down again, Engar paled with the feeling of some kindling of energy behind him. He turned to follow it only to find himself captured in a wave of slow time that rippled ahead of Pride’s fist like the calm that precedes the storm-head. It caught him in the side of the cheek as he turned, his whole body changing its motion in one slow explosion of force; as Pride floated towards the ground Engar lifted up into the air, twirling around and around as though gravity had lost it’s grip.


The spell broke as SaiyanPride touched down, his boots clicking off the stone arena, and Engar plummeted out of control towards the ground. Only to be caught as he fell, Hwoarang sidestepping forwards with his right foot hooking and catching him in the stomach, blue and red sparks crawling around the limb and grounding in Engar as he hovered for a moment, then Hwoarang was rising up with a spinning kick that caught Engar twice in the mid-section with both revolutions – the concussive force sending Engar flying off back the way he had came.

Sing it!

This time Deverz rose up, lifting up off the ground and grabbing Engar by the his right arm, twisting around and around before bringing Engar down hard onto the ground with a sickening crack. Then, as the warrior cried out, Deverz picked him up again and hurled him away.. towards the edge.


If any of them could have seen his bloodied face, they would have felt a momentary chill.


It was as if Pride Time had started all over again, the warriors were aware of Engar slowly righting himself in mid-air, his legs extended backwards, his arms outstretched from his sides.


Still in slow motion, Engar somehow landed on one of the great chains that held the arena up. Slowly, time still moving like treacle, ripples of the impact rippled both up and down along the chains.

Freddy Mercury groaned to the crowd.

Engar looked up and grinned through the blood that was dripping down along his face.


And on ‘Rock’ the guitar did what it had been straining to do through the whole song. As the crowd thumped along, the phantom guitar screamed out into the night in a searing solo. And, moving with that burning in his spirit, Engar let his aura erupt!

All right!

Suddenly he wasn’t on the chains in the more, in a blur of motion he was standing right in front of the stunned Admin, fist tearing up in an explosive uppercut that knocked him off his feet. Gone again, guitar singing in his ears, he appeared behind Hwoarang with a roundhouse that caught him in the back of the head and sent him skidding along the arena floor. And then he appeared before Pride and really got going.

Ready for him, unlike the others, Pride dodged the first punch and spun past the next, his own fist crackling with energy as it came close to Engar’s chest. The two found themselves staring at each other, 'Pride Time' flaring up as they grinned in that one moment. Reality snapped back and Engar brought his elbow back into the centre of Pride's face, the repurcusions still shaking through his opponent as he snatched Pride’s outstretched hand, twisted, bent and threw the heavy warrior over his own back and onto the hard ground with a crack.

And then, as the guitar faded away, Engar stumbled backwards and took a deep breath to steady himself. The three were back on their feet and it was doubtful that he would catch them off guard again. That didn’t matter to him though, he was still in the Rumble and he intended to stay there.

He’d rock this crowd; he’d rock this Rumble to the ground if he had to.
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"Good god, this has elevated into new territory. The fighters are putting out their all," shouted Cucumba. "I don't want anyone to lose, they are all giving 110%."

"But you know," said Hibiki, "someone has to lose, and that someone looks like Deverz."

"He really tried," said Optimus, "Poured his heart into it . . . sadly heart and guts just arent enough if you don't have the tools. I can't help but ask chief, what's this buisness about a faction . . . and this faction member gaining use of a Ban Saber."

Cucumba smiled at optimus and eyed him carefully, knowing full well that he was allied with VVU. "What can you say? I play to win, and Engar is a winner," said Cucumba in a cool tone. "I have my special enforcer and co-leader, and their are other members that remain unrevealed untill the time is right. That time will come shortly, don't you worry. When the Nation of Administration arrives, you will know."

"While you have alot of power, you only have two visable members, I hope you know that VVU and F:C will squeeze you out, and VVU will walk home with the gold," stated Optimus in an even tone. "No matter how well he does, he will not survive Magus. You can't have the mango, nor can F:C!"

"Guys, guys, this isn't the place for factions . . . factions are ghey, like clans. Stupid mofo clans don't belong here," Snapped Hibiki as Death Jr. plummeted to his death. "Besides, I think that this rumble is far from in the bag, anything can happen."


Dev, it was a hard decision, and we really wanted to pass a loss token to someone else. Sadly, you are eliminated, crushed between the three of these behemoths. Deverz will be joining the announce booth after he is eliminated.

posting order:

Engar, SaiyanPrideXIX, Hwoarang, newcomer.


Fair warning, the next person who posts in this thread and has no legitimate business doing so (is not the announcer, commentator, or a contestant) will be banned. So stop posting here, or in any other fight club match, or you will be dealt with.
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For a moment silence reigned over the arena. The dull scraping sound of one warrior edging backwards echoed through the darkness; as the crowd drew breath in preparation for the next climactic event, Engar was captured by the familiarness of the scene. In his minds eye he could still see the alley shrouded in shadows, his memory held the sound of refuse dripping from a fire escape, even the dank smell of death and decay that had filled his nostrils so completely that first time.

When I learned to fight..


"Maybe we spoke too soon about Deverz," murmured Optimus, almost to himself, "the three warriors look like their concentrating their efforts on Engar while the man himself seems to be in a bit of a daze."

He glanced pointedly at Cucumba.

"Maybe this new faction is over before it has even begun."

But Cucumba just smiled, watching his co-leaders movements with interest.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------

First rule of back alley fighting; never underestimate your opponent.

Sidestepping to the right, Engar recoiled from the ripple of energy that coursed through the air - Deverz's fist cracking down on the hard stone of the floor he had been standing upon with horrifying accuracy. Still held by the memory of the cold, misty darkness as he turned, he only narrowly managed to avoid the freeze-frame effect of SaiyanPride's swinging fist and was forced into an awkward backwards leap as Hwoarang's foot snaked through the air with unbelievable speed and grace.

--- The first fight had been the richest of them all, even with the heightened senses that terror had given him he still hadn't heard their approach. The first thing he had heard was the laugh, guttural and full of desperation. And the first thing he had felt had been a fist in his stomach. There was something so spectacular about being beaten within an inch of your life.. ---

Landing with grace he hadn't shown before, skidding backwards in a crouched stance, Engar gathered his strength and kicked off the ground like an Olympic runner, his arms and legs pumping like pistons as he approached the trio. The combined aura of the three of them, united for the moment, pushed and pulled on him but he ignored it; the mixture of red, blue and white crackling through the air went unnoticed as he leapt.

Second rule of back alley fighting; one man fights, two men cooperate but three argue.

The three leapt up into the air as Engar rose, and it was here that the problems started. Deverz, used to fighting alone, didn't count on others interfering and collided ungainly with Pride, both of them losing their momentum and plummeting backwards towards the arena. Hwoarang alone avoided this, nimbly kicking off Pride's shoulder and shooting towards Engar faster than ever in a flash of red and blue.

Both warriors twisted in mid-air; Hwoarang swivelling to bring his right foot hooking around in a kick at Engar's solar plexus and Engar curving sideways to avoid the blow. Snatching at Hwoarang's outstretched foot as it sped by, Engar's added weight bore the two of them downwards as Hwoarang struggled to get himself free and Engar tried to stay on top.

--- Engar had always been quick and that had helped him in the start, his second fight had been against a mob enforcer who had had the skill to beat him into a pulp. That fight had taught him a lot but the major thing was this.. ---

Third rule of back alley fighting, all the skill and power of the world doesn't make a difference if you cant hit your opponent.

The two finally broke their struggle, landing separately, but Engar knew enough to move the second he touched down. The bright line of Deverz's Ban Sabre arced downwards on the arena floor, the hairs on the back of Engar's hands sizzling away even as they drew away from the lethal line. Deverz turned, screaming as the wound that sliced across his chest protested against his movements, and brought his Sabre down on Engar's exposed neck.


"My god!"

For once Hibiki actually did look up, the dead silence that suddenly fell upon the audience more disturbing than the screaming. Optimus, after his first outburst, just stared.

Then Engar dissolved.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

Deverz only had a second to stare at the space where Engar had been crouching, vaguely aware of Hwoarang and Pride running towards him, then the aforementioned warrior's fist crashed into Deverz's cheek and sent him spinning away. Engar turned and looked straight into SaiyanPride's fist, his aura flaring up then dying as the fist slid easily through his jaw and out the other side. His after-image had only just begun to crumble when Engar reappeared in almost the same place, ducking under the outstretched fist and bringing his elbow around and up under Pride's ribs with painful results.

As Pride stumbled backwards, clasping his stomach, Hwoarang kicked off the ground without hesitation - unperturbed even as his heel sliced right through Engar's image and out the other side. Spinning around the moment he landed, his left foot hooking right through Engar's chest, then turning to chop his right hand through Engar's head.

Hwoarang grinned and hopped from one foot to the other, an idle spark snaking its way down one arm and along his body, grounding itself in his foot. His eyes were the only part that appeared serious; darting from side to side as they scanned for his opponent.

"Old trick Engar, but then I remember all all your old tricks!"

Fourth rule of back alley fighting, never fight an old friend.

--- As his strength and abilities grew, a talent for fighting he had never even suspected unfolding like a flower catching the light of a new day, the resident gangs had to discover new ways to tackle him. When Engar discovered he would be teamed up with another man he wasn't surprised, the dangers the job entailed meant that it was well paid. That was how he supported his parents and siblings after all.

He had never expected a betrayal.. ---

Engar appeared from nowhere, his aura bursting into life around him as he plummeted down onto Hwoarang and buried both feet into and through Hwoarang's skull. Engar went right through the arena floor, his own image dissolving instantly, then the fight resumed.

Hwoarang appeared on one side of the arena, Engar at the other and the two charged each other. Engar leapt forwards, his arms outstretched to catch Hwoarang, Hwoarang leapt up and swept his right foot up in a devastating kick. Both images disappeared instantly. They met again and again, SaiyanPride and Deverz meeting each other at the centre of the arena while the two flew at and through each other around them.

Pride swivelled his head from left to right, his neck cracking with a savage kind of pleasure. When he was finished he looked back at Deverz and raised his hands, smirking.

Deverz dropped his hand to his belt and, with exaggerated care, removed his Ban Sabre from his belt. He twirled it once between his fingers then caught it in his hands and activated it, smirking.

The two crouched, ready to meet each other.

Then Engar appeared, gasping for breath and crouched on the ground, then as Hwoarang appeared he leapt sideways and out of the path of Hwoarang's boot. His energy was just rising when Deverz - "I'm through with that!" - snatched him with his free hand and, his cloak ruffling as he gathered his energy, smacked Engar off the ground. Rolling sideways out of the path of the Sabre, Engar ran straight into SaiyanPride's fist and was lifted up into the air with the physics defying wave of slow motion enveloping him. It was that that prevented him from blocking Hwoarang as he appeared above him, foot sinking deep into his stomach and sending him slowly down towards the ground.

Time caught up with them all just before Engar hit, his head cracking off the arena floor with such brutality that he lost conciousness for a moment. When his vision cleared he was staring into the business end of Deverz's Ban Sabre.

"Sorry Engar, but it looks like you will be going out before me.."

Fifth rule of back alley fighting..

Engar felt Deverz's energy rise as he prepared to sink the Sabre through his head, then moved with the same instinctual reflexes that had kept him alive in the darkness. The blade sunk right through Engar's head to the hilt but no blood burst forth; Engar was standing several feet away and approaching with his purple Rogue Sabre burning brightly in his hand.

Hit hard..

Deverz brought his Sabre up but it paled in comparison, Engar hammering his own down upon it with all the single minded energy Deverz had shown before and more! Deverz's blade shuddered but withstood the blow but Engar's tactics changed almost instantly; his blade slipped under Deverz's and, aura crackling down along his arms and surrounding the blade, Engar screamed as he wrenched both up.

Hit fast..

Both blades landed beside each other, skittering towards but not quite over the edge. Deverz turned from them just in time to see Engar wasn't finished; bringing both fists forwards he tried to blow Deverz right out of the arena but he was too quick. Deverz sliced his one hand down at Engar, forcing him to curve out of the way and catch the hand before looking up at Deverz and then to the Sabres.


Both warriors disappeared.

Most important of all..

Deverz was the first to reach the Sabres but, glancing backwards, realised that there had been no race. Engar was standing across from him, 10 metres away at least, with his arms folded.

There are..

"What do you say we finish this the old fashioned way?"


--- When it came down to it, Engar would always think of that first fight. Of the time when he had been too weak. And for that poor, unfortunate soul who had, in a very real way, died following that first fight, Engar fought back. He was always fighting back, and he always would be for the boy who sacrificed himself so that he could be born. ---


Both warriors charged each other and there was no trickery here. The arena was shaking and shuddering as both drew on their energy resources, sparks the size of lightning bolts leapt between the great chains that held the arena in place, the audience was screaming and passing out in huge chunks as the energy fields enveloped them. SaiyanPride and Hwoarang for their part conserved their energy, waiting for the outcome.


The two leapt at each other and time seemed to freeze. They hung in mid-air, the eddies of energy actually visible in the swirls of contrasting colours, sweat glistening on their faces, fists actually glowing as they poured more and more energy into just one blow. The audience, those who were still concious, were rising up in their thousands in anticipation. And, with infuriating slowness, Engar twisted sideways and brought his right fist forwards even as Deverz's skimmed his cheek.

In the final moments Engar's fist stretched forwards, crashing into Deverz with the strength that turns two colliding continents into an impassible mountain range and in that last moment everything stopped.

Then reality caught hold.

Bright white light burst forth, enveloping both figures and filling the whole arena. It didn't stop there; it hammered down on the audience and pounded its way into the commentator box. Then, from where the light was brightest, Deverz rocketed out going backwards and smoking from the excess energy. He rose up into the air then followed his inevitable arc down outside of the arena; the darkness rose up to claim him.

When the light finally faded all that was left in the centre was Engar, his cloak torn and blackened, and his face solemn. He looked over his shoulder towards the other two warriors, a spark dancing along his hair then crawling across his face.

"Who's next?"

And the crowd erupted!
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"I am, Princess."

Pride had known for the better part of the battle between Deverz and this new beast Engar that his own power was outmatched.

He had always been a raw warrior, and had always been a fighter. What his powers lacked were made up for in his motivations. His blows held behind them the fury of an eternal struggle. When Pride was born, his mother died from complications; he knew now that part of those complications was his own aural ability. Even to be born, he had to fight; he had to escape the womb. It was the aural energies that had kept him alive. When his mother's body had been brought to the hospital finally, the doctors had thought it impossible for the baby to survive that long. But it had, and it was born.

He never had a name. Pride was just...something he was. Something within him. Maybe that was what the aura was, he sometimes guessed. Maybe it was something darker. Who knew?

He also knew that pride as an emotion often blinded people into arrogance. But not this fighter. Not he or the newcomer. He was as stiff a veteran as Pride ever was, and it showed.

Pride and Hwo looked at each other. "How 'bout it, smallfry?"
"A little...winded..." Hwo uttered, gasping for breath. His lungs were searing. His voice had a high pitched desperation to it, as if his trachea were closing and each breath was harder and harder to catch. "You mind?"

"Nah. I'm a little outclassed, though." It hurt Pride's ego deeply to have to admit that, but it was true. That last shot had annihilated Deverz. He could take the blow, sure--but he wouldn't be much good once he'd been flung clear out of the arena.

"Pride!" Hwo said, would more of his breath behind his voice now. The Phenom looked up from staring at the ground; his face was solemn. To Hwoarang, his friend now, the big man appeared defeated before he even began to fight.

Rising momentarily to his feet, Hwoarang flicked his foot upward in a blink of fiery speed. Something big and glowing was flying toward Pride and for a moment he almost thought that Hwo had finally turned on him, that rat **** son of a--

--and then with a snap, Pride had grasped the handle of the spinning blade. Deverz' ban saber. It stopped cold, and by a coincidence that could not quite be coincidental enough, Pride stood in a triumphant pose as he eyed it.

"You can do it, my friend." Hwoarang said. There was no uncertainty in his voice.

Something strange was happening, though. Pride held the saber out in front of him and noticed something very strange; his aura appeared to be reacting to it. The area around him was rippling slightly, as well as around the saber itself. Amazingly, the saber began to bleed a bit, no longer being a blade of violet energy, but rather trailing upward as if it were made of a liquidy kind of purple flame.

Pride watched it, fascinated. As the licks and eddies of purple energy gracefully rose off of the blade, it became visually distorted in sporadic waves. The ripples themselves were riddled with a kind of pixilated distortion.

He didn't even know what this god damn thing was. But for some reason, it was causing...some kind of pixilated distortion in his aura. He didn't know if it was good news or not yet, but he was sure to find out.

Hwoarang looked on, watching Pride's aura rising and rippling upward in slow, involuntary and deliberate sweeps. Rippling around his person were what could only be described as blades of electronic-looking distortion digital distortion. Like his auras time-shifting and physics-defying abilities, the ripples around him now were only visible in the sense that they distorted whatever was behind them. The rippling bubbles of aural energy were one thing; but now, Hwoarang saw sporadic blades of...digitized mess, dancing about Pride's person in quick, sporadic bursts. This pixilated waves and their sudden, brief snaps were in sharp contrast to the aura's slow, deliberate upward rippling.

"Hmm. Interesting," Pride commented. He was surprised the fancy sword was even working in his hands...and he also felt a sting of joy when he found that this fearful weapon seemed to malfunction just being in his vicinity. "Well," he said, turning. "We gonna do this, or what, Princess?"

Engar was a fighter through and through as well, and he knew the snide comment would only serve to deter his concentration, and predictably ignored it. He casually picked up his own rogue saber and stolled back to the center of the ring. The crowd was quiet. "You'll be destroyed, you know."

"I might lose, but I won't be destroyed." Pride's voice was uncertain, but bordering once again on a mixture of proud and ****y. "You know damn well you can't break the aura, even at your strength. Energy doesn't play nice with it. If you ARE going to kill me..." He held out the ban saber--now turning silver in its digital ripplings--and demonstrated.

"'re going to have to do it with a legitimate blow."
The comment worked this time, and secretly infuriated Engar. He was done messing around. Vanishing, leaving behind an afterimage that now would no longer fool Pride after he'd abused the technique earlier, Engar took a powerful swing at Pride from the Phenom's left side. He had known full well that the Phenom gripped the weapon--his only real defense against the rogue saber--in his right.

There is no way this cumbersome behemoth will be quick enough to block it! Engar thought. He was only half right--Pride never wasted the effort trying to bring his own newfound ban saber around to defend. Instead, he focused his aura and threw up his left forearm.

The rogue saber caught and, on impact, began to ripple and distort violently. It was burning and Pride could feel the pain, but the aural focus had stopped the weapon short. Pride's own aura--was it malfunctioning somehow?--began to distort and the waves of pixellated distortion grew more frequent and agitated during the prolonged contact. And though it hurt, he was still there, which was always a plus. Pride realized then that he suddenly had an open opportunity for attack; as Engar furiously pressed down on the saber, burning a black scar into Pride's forearm, he completed forgot about Pride's own free hand. He was undefended.

"I told you," he grunted through gritted teeth. "You're NOT..."

And he pushed back.


The two monstrously strong men pushed against each other, and Pride's focused aura was fluctuating wildly as the blade seared his arm.

"...MY AURA!"

And Pride took his free arm and swung upward, simultaneously using his left to parry the rogue saber. His own blade swiped across the mighty Engar's chest, sending him backward. A huge sear mark decorated his torso.

Pride smirked. Underneath, though, he was quite worried. He's gonna break through it and carve me up if I let him do that again. His arm burned with a kind of pain he was familiar with, but never quite got used to.

Engar was infuriated. How had this fool blocked the rogue saber with his bare arm?! It was outrageous, and it was not in Engar's character to become outraged or lose his focus in the least--but this one was different. He sensed that this static aura of his was prithee to a lot more power than even its owner was aware.

"You gonna fight, or stand there and look pissed off?" Pride commented, shaking his wounded arm a bit. He knelt down and pushed hard, flaring up his aura, but it was wild and the sparking waves of digitized mess intensified. He knew he was in trouble.

Engar regained his silent composure. "I will not only break your defense; I'll break your spine."

And then Engar's afterimage began to fade, and Pride was dimly aware of the fact that he was being charged at. He brought his own blade up just in time to stop the rogue saber. Pride realized unhappily as the two blades sparked violently together that the blade he'd been given was sorely outclassed.

With his aura flared already, Pride was able to break into a flurry. Engar was too damned fast, though; the flash fighting bore clash after clash of sparking digitized grandeur radiating off of them in waves, but often Pride would move to exploit an opening in Engar's defense only to strike the afterimage.

Martial arts and street fighting intermingled with the saber fighting; Engar would responed to a failed swing of Pride's saber with a somersault followed by a vaulting kick, knocking the Phenom against the chains. He came out swinging, but damn, the saber was light--he could get no leverage even with his strength, due to the awkwardness of the weapon's unfamiliar physics.

During this fight, Hwoarang noted that Pride's aura didn't appear to be doing its signature "Pride time" much. He worried that his newfound ally might be grievously handicapped somehow...and ironically, by the weapon he held now as an equalizer.

The swinging whoom sounds of the blades were overly accentuated when the two sabers impacted. Pride's aura seemed to go more out of control with each contact against the rogue saber.

**** this thing.

Pride threw the ban saber back, towards Hwoarang. As soon as he released it, the peculiar energy surges ceased, and his aura appeared to return to normal. Unfortunately he was now desperately trying to dodge an appallingly quick lfurry of two handed swipes by the mightiest entrant thus far. Engar's speed was overwhelming, and Pride used his forums to deflect as many glancing blows and swipes as he could.

Each impact caused a ripple of the digital waves, and appeared to...scramble the aura somehow. Pride was doing okay, though; the blows were fleeting, and though he was dodging a majority of them, only a few had hit anything but his forearms.

Engar bust into speed, and Pride could not follow; helpless, he threw his arms up, and was met with a flurry of blows, each one sparking off of his rapidly malfunctioning aura.

The pain was rippling through with each wave of aural distortion; each swing of that saber not only burned and disoriented him, but in Engar's powerful hands, each hit felt like a sledgehammer's impact as well. He was dimly aware that he was bruising heavily about the arms, shoulders, ribs and torso...and he was also dimly aware that each fleeting impact was being sent with more force then the last.

He was trying to cut through the aura and kill him. Plain and simple.

Engar silently swung, his speed so blazing that Pride eventually could only see blurs of his opponent's rogue saber and nothing else. Finally, Engar burst into a scream, and unleashed his aura, along with a barrage of heavy two-handed blows. Pride slowly was backed into the chains; he had nowhere to go. The impacts seared; his aura rippled and spastically pulsed, now irreparably damaged. Desperate, Pride gritted his teeth against a scream of the combined pain, and held on for dear life as his aura broke down more with every impact.

One of the swipes had caressed Pride's face, cutting open his cheek slightly. The resulting scar would remain for the rest of his life.

Finally, Engar finished the combo. His aura blazing, swirling throughout the ring and rattling the chains, he dove upward and then straight down, bringing the rogue saber straight down toward Pride's head. Engar screamed with the exertion--the blow was as charged as the punch that had eliminated the one called Deverz.

With a slam to end all slams, Pride's aura shockwaved throughout the arena, as did Engar's. The furious blow caused a wind sheer that blew many people in the crowd over. Lighting and distortion sparked from where the blade met Pride's body.

The impact of the rogue saber had landed against Pride's horrifically thinned aura, focused into his forearms, blocking the shot in an X-formation. On his already scarred left arm, a slow searing was present; he felt another scar burning into his flesh, and the aura began to give way despite his best efforts. This too would become a scar in time; melding with the first to make a crooked cross along his left forearm.

Cuc was on his feet. "Looks like the Phenom is done for, boys."

A blurring flash of red and blue shot across the ring then, and ended the wild madness of the aural clashing. Hwoarang had driven a knee into Engar's face, Vegeta-style. The blow was enough to separate the two, and Pride's aura was away from the blade now--making him able to finally counter.

He made it count. As Engar tried to recover from the sudden and amazingly impactive blow, Pride brought up his boot. Time froze, and his aura's full power was sucked back into him and concentrated into his monstrous boot.

Frozen in time, they looked at one another; Pride grinned.

When the boot hit, the sound was all sucked inward to the impact. It was explosive, and rivaled the fury of Engar's overhead swing a moment earlier. Instead of letting it impact and die, Pride decided to use his aura while the getting was still good; time sped up but only to a crawl. The sole of Pride's boot was crushing Engar's face, and then time sped back up to full furious speed.

For the first time ever in a battle, Pride actually yelled out. The Phenom stomped downward, taking his opponent's head with it.

Engar's head was crushed into the concrete with a shockwaving impact to rival all they'd seen thus far. The rogue saber came out of Engar's hand and slid across the ring; he appeared to be unconscious.

Pride had used all of his aura's power to bolster that blow's effect. He knew it wasn't nearly enough; he was simply outmatched.

But at least he finally had a moment to breathe. The searing pain and sores finally made themselves apparent without the heat of combat to veil them; he felt weak, old, and fatigued. Looking at Engar lying motionless, Pride decided it was time to finish the job. He picked up the ban saber once more and approached the fallen warrior. He touched the cut on his face. "You bastard," he muttered. He drove the ban saber downward into Engar's exposed chest, and then--


--and the Phenom turned around. Holding the ban saber in his hand had scrambled his aura once again, and when he'd turned it was far too drained to withstand the mighty thrust of the overpowering Engar.

Pride's eyes widened. He felt something hot.

The rogue saber was impaling him through the chest. And his aura, at that point, went completely insane.

Pride literally exploded. For a long moment that could have lasted days or years or seconds, he was completely unconscious. The aura around him had flared to an appalling and imhumanly bright shade of white and silver. Spiraling blades of the digital distortion, along with violent rippling spikes, emitted from him. Mortified, Hwoarang looked on as his ally was killed.

But Pride was far from dead.

Beams of light and spirals of huge energy waves poured out of him. The foundation of the very ring rocked; the chains rattled violently now, and the waves were blowing over spectators and announcers alike. Engar had to exert his own aural force to keep from being blown out of the ring; Hwoarang braced himself in the corner and held on for dear life. The only being in the arena that stood tall through the shockwaves was the Green One himself. Otherwise no one was untouched by the spiraling distortion. The columns of the arena loosened, and the entire building seemed as if it might come down. Pride screamed a seemingly endless howl of pain and fury. The aura's furious reaction to the rogue saber's penetration caused a strobing effect throughout the area. Outside of the arena the flashes could be seen echoing their way through cracks and small openings and doorways, as if a universe were being born in the center of the premises.

This went on for close to a full five minutes, until finally one last blaze of silvery white light came out, the sound drowning out Pride's scream and everyone else's vision completely.

Pride himself had not transformed, but his aura had. It was now a wild sparking blaze of silver. The light it emitted was impossible to look at without fascination. Pride was now a being of inverted black and silver energies; the aura bled off of him like he was on fire. Whisps of pixilated energy radiated from him like tongues of electric flame.

Instead of a traditional lightning effect, Hwoarang saw that Pride had blades of lightning that were comprised of the silvery digital pixel effect. They radiated from him and superconducted onto the ring chains and other various random points nearby.

During the transformation, the rogue saber had been blown away completely. With the colors inverting in the aura's light, his eyes had become black with glaring, electrified pupils. The image of him standing there, engulfed in a silver cask of digital flame, was both gracefully serene, and deathly intimidating.

Engar stood in the center of the ring, appalled at the display of power. He's...amplified somehow...

Slowly, Pride approached the shocked Engar. He had seen vulgar displays of power, but this was the most flagrant yet. He, for all of his experience, did not know what to expect from this being.

As Pride walked, the huge aura followed and trailed behind like water in zero gravity. The sound was deafening; it was almost a roar. Compared to the silence of the crowd, it was earth-shattering in volume.

Silently, they stood looking at each other. Then Pride did what he did best.

He drew his right hand far back, and threw a monster right in a potent version of Pride Time. Physics and gravity, they were the nonsense laws of the physical world...they were of no concern to this impact.

Pride's fist hit Engar and he had been helpless to do much about it; the aura had slowed time in Pride's favor even more severely than before the transformation. And the blazing entity's punch exploded outward, cracking the very walls of the arena itself.

Engar was sent helplessly flying at unheard of speeds, breaking through three sets of columns before finally being implanted on the far wall of the arena.

The aura surged and calmed down, drawing back into it's master.

And after a long silence. A lone voice screamed out in cheer of the Phenom's display. Slowly, the rest of the crowd joined in.

Pride knew that Engar was dazed, but not finished. Not by a longshot. Still, he smirked. Hwoarang approached and admired his new form.

"Nice trick," he commented. "You been saving that?"

"Saving it?" Pride said, his voice booming and now sounding fused. "Hell...I didn't even know I had it."

And the blazing entity stood with his friend, admiring his new aural strength. The rogue saber had been nothing but a...catalyst...for the shockwave aura's true power. The only question now was, could he control it?

Pride's power was furious; he didn't quite understand what happened but he understood the only part that mattered: his power was amplified beyond any of his wildest expectations. Who knew what possibilities this new form would bring about?

Hwo had a hunch. "He's not down, you know."

"For damn sure."

"And as soon as he gets himself dislodged from the wall, he's going to give you hell's fury. You know that."

Hwo smirked. "Well, what are you waiting for?" Pride smirked back, and together they both got the same idea at the same time.

Pride ran forward in three big steps and then a huge rippled shockwave burst out from underneath his feet. He leapt over the chains and landed perfectly on his parked motorcycle, being careful not to touch the floor and eliminate himself. Revving the engine got the crowd was elated and screams erupted for the flaming figure in the digital distortion. He had become a living Catalyst, astride his chrome chariot. The crowd was in awe.

He sped back up the ramp as fast as the bike would take him. About halfway there, he leapt off of the bike and bolted upward at a perfect 45 degree angle. The motorcycle itself crashed into the side of the entryway and exploded violently, but paled in comparison to the mighty shockwave Pride had unleashed when he dismounted. At breakneck speeds, his new Catalyst Form bolted for Engar, who was already almost fully recovered.

Engar was prepared, and when they collided and locked in combat, the shockwave once again rattled the arena's walls. Hwoarang had felt the force back in the ring, and even had to turn away from the bright light of the impact.

Cuc looked on from his announcer's booth, very impressed at Pride's new change. "Good thing he's so into honor and respect," Cuc said to the others. He put the announce table--long since blown over--back down in its place and took his seat, eyeing the competitors.

He knew Pride's new power deep and seething, but it was also wily and unrefined. that might be just the edge he required to win, or it might be just the handicap required for his defeat. Only time would tell.

Yeah. Good thing...

...Otherwise, he'd be a complete monster.
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Hwoarang stood motionless with a sense of confusion, looking around at the crowd with an immeasurable composure. He had felt forces he couldn't not understand, powers that drove a weak mind insane with guilt and madness.

Solid red aura scattered rapidly, his aura leaking eyes only covering his vision of focus. "I never even expected this kind of competition."

Hwoarang tested the Earth once again, his aura increasing with a visible and rapid rotation. The arena shook beyond human comprehension, violently captivating the audience, helping them finally realize they had more than attended a natural disaster. Hwoarang dropped into an almost unconscious state, his legs shaking as they became the epicenter of a giant eruption of aura. It whipped and howled, pulling the crowd almost out of their seats as it became the center of attention. A mist of red aura was spreading to the edge of the arena, increasing it's revolutions.

Cucumba was frozen in his seat. "It almost feels like... the Rumble has really started."

SaiyanPride was but a bullet heading straight for Engar, quickly preparing the extremely adept modiwan. SaiyanPride quickly engaged Engar, realeasing a fury of right and left crosses. Engar mockingly leaned around each of them, dropping as he rotated to his right, launching a stiff left elbow into the stomach of his opponent. Engar spun again, his right arm swinging around with blinding speed. SaiyanPride screamed with pain as Engar's open palm landed against his chest, rocketing him back into the crowd. Engar pushed off the side of the wall with an enormous gust of mystical wind flowing with him. He extended his right arm again, his fingers stiffened into a curved and choking formation. His eyes flashed and suddenly pinpointed on SaiyanPride's throat. His fingers tensed, forcing SaiyanPride into another mind boggling struggle.

Both of hands grasped his neck as he barely mumbled within his excruciating limits of pain. "Not... again, do these powers flow through all of the administration's remnants?!?!."

Engar pursed SaiyanPride through the air, the mystical wind flowing with him, carrying him towards the momentarily suspended phenomenon.

Engar's eyes increased with precision as he completed a waving motion with his right hand, sending SaiyanPride towards the crowd below. "Your fifteen minutes of fame are up!"

SaiyanPride blurred towards the crowd, caught between a mental level of pain and undisciplined static. He fell helpless to the crowd, as if someone else had control of his soul. Suddenly, Hwoarang appeared under him, grabbing him and disappearing again. The Tae Kwon Do prodigy reappeared standing in the ring. Dropping SaiyanPride gently, he disappeared again, reappearing infront of Engar. The crowd grew silent from amazement, as a gust of deafining wind found it's way into the arena.

Hwoarang was filled with determination and the will that blessed the person, who was the chosen Iron Fist. "I do not know what you are, but mark my words... I will defeat you!"

Engar laughed, launching a right upper cut at Hwoarang. He surprisingly blocked it with ease, forcing Engar to launch Hwoarang into the the crowd with another right arm extension of unexplainable wind. Hwoarang spun back and out of his control. Engar pursued, rotating to his right as he swiped with his left heel. Hwoarang dissappeared, reappearing behind Engar , the Tae Kwon Do prodigy spun around, his right foot violently connecting with Engar's back. Lighting flashed from the contact as Engar spun out of control, headed straight for the ring.

SaiyanPride had already found his bearings, staring at the incoming Engar with an expression of revenge. "Deja Vu."

A shockwave covered the octagon as he arose from the ring, sending SaiyanPride towards the quickly descending Engar. Kinetic energy danced off him, intensifying his speed. The arena shook with little resistance as he sent Engar in the opposite direction with an intimidating right roundhouse. Pushing off the maneuver, he landed back in the ring, sending another shockwave through the arena. "My true CATALYST form is only the beginning."

Hwoarang blurred at Engar, the crowd; their vision too slow, could only watch as an invisible gust of wind approached the modiwan. Lighting ambiently crashed and spread from the contact, glowing in the audiences' unsuspecting eyes. Another fighter had become caught in a pain filled game of pinball; rampant, pure, and kinetic energy being used professionaly. SaiyanPride sent another shockwave through the arena as he intercepted Engar, suspending the modiwan's momentum with a rising and visually challenging right knee. SaiyanPride watched as Engar gritted with pain, quickly rising above him. Suddenly, Hwoarang appeared over Engar, his fists were cupped and looking to damage.

They beging to glow with a slight red tint of aura, intensifying the the constant echo of pulsating energy that already filled the arena. SaiyanPride gasped, spinning out of the immediate and easily predicted trajectory of Engar's next enforced direction.

Hwoarang brought his cupped fists down on the slowly ascending Engar, redirecting the currently stunned modiwan to the arena. Engar became a descending bullet, his violent landing practicly shattering the ear drum's of the audience. They cheered, ambiently and randomly echoing their air horns, clappers, and thunderstixs.

Hwoarang disappeared and appeared next to Engar, SaiyanPride landing with a thud on the other side of the arena. They looked toward each other and exchanged a short but victorious nod. Almost simultaneously, Hwoarang and SaiyanPride found the closest turnbuckles and jumped up, their feet landing on the first row of connected chains. Throwing their arms up, personaly and openly marking their prediction of a CATALYST victory almost at hand.

The crowd began to chant, their random noise makers joining in. "CAT-A-LYSTS! CAT-A-LYSTS! CAT-A-LYSTS! CAT-A-LYSTS!"

Cucumba leaned forward into his seat, his hands crossed with a joyful expression. "It seems the crowd has picked their early favorites."

The crowd continued to chant, echoing louder with each passing minute. "CAT-A-LYSTS! CAT-A-LYSTS! CAT-A-LYSTS! CAT-A-LYSTS!"

Cucumba continued under the almost physically tingling flow of energy and cheers that erupted from the crowd. "One would be foolish to underestimate this faction. The first stretch of this rumble has undoubtedly belonged to them."

Optimus Prime turned to Cucumba, his eyes filled with a favorable expression to Cucumba's previous comment. "Engar doesn't look he should or wants to get up from that beating. Does this ring trouble for your own faction Cucumba?"

Cucumba smirked, slightly shaking his head with an unagreeable intensity. "Don't count my young modiwan, Engar, out yet. This pupil does have a lot tricks of up his sleeve."

Engar lay still, near the middle of the arena. Hwoarang and SaiyanPride finally had to time to catch their breath, each of them leaning against the turnbuckles they had previously stood on, with their arms stretched out over the chains.

Hwoarang pushed off the turnbuckle and walked over to his fellow faction member. Adjusting his gi, he turned to the currently strength regaining SaiyanPride. "You ready for another ten or eleven fighters? Two of them are allies though, we might just pull this off."

SaiyanPride slowly got to his feet, stretching his shoulders in a sluggish manor. "Keep that enthusiasm my friend, for right now is when we definately need it."

The phenomenon eyes filled with fear, staring towards Engar. Hwoarang noticed SaiyanPride's facial expression change and turned to Engar as well.

The Tae Kwon Do prodigy smiled, enforcing his jubilant happiness when he knew a battle was about to begin. "Looks like this one still has some life in him."

Wind began to swell and rotate around Engar as he slowly began to move. His eyes flung open, his body shaking with a sense of pain. The wind began to swell more, forming a premature tornado around the quickly rising but physically faltering Engar.

A flash erupted from his eyes, signaling a battle ready visage throughout his face. Pointing at SaiyanPride and Hwoarang, the wind that surrounded him began to howl and whip. "You face the protege of an ancient horror!"

Engar blurred forward, catching both of two fighters off gaurd. He spun in Hwoarang's direction, launching a fury of multi-directional, right, and left jabs. Hwoarang leaned around blocked them the best he could, noticing that Engar had not only increased his overall speed, but he had truly become a force to reckon with.

Engar quickly countered a fading drop kick from Hwoarang, leaning under it and springing at Hwoarang with a right uppercut. Hwoarang screamed with pain as he was sent reeling above the crowd.

SaiyanPride blurred towards Engar, launching his own fury of multi-directional, right, and left jabs. Engar leaned around them with a new found grace, laughing and dropping back as he made the phenomenon look weak. SaiyanPride grew angry, stomping his right foot as he gained what little distance Engar had previously achieved. A shockwave erupted from him, momentarily causing Engar to lose balance. SaiyanPride persued with even more intensity, rearing back his right arm, preparing for a violent attack of opportunity.

SaiyanPride connected completely, enfluencing a surge of kinetic energy that engulfed Engar. Engar slid across the octagon, quickly and surprisingly finding his bearings. He extended both his arms, as a gust of wind swept through the arena. Hwoarang and SaiyanPride both found themselves in a paralyzed trap, contemplating their actual elimination.

Engar began to laugh as he eyes flashed even more bright, signaling a tighter grip on the mystical force that gripped both his opponents. "Your persistance will only make this even more painful!"


The crowd chanted the countdown as the timer once again, reached the magic number zero.

"Now making his way to ringside at six foot three, two hundred pounds. ssjFaaaaaaaaaaaaaajiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitaaaaaaaaa!"
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"Well . . . I'm impressed, these competitors are giving more than even the crowd can take. It's a shame it was more than Fajita could take as well," said Cucumba.

Hibiki raised an eyebrow, as did Prime.

"What do you mean? We don't know why he couldn't come out here, he just didn't show," said Prime. "I smell a rat."

"I wouldn't worry about rats, I seriously doubt he would have lasted anyway. Look at the power of these competitors, they will grind up any newcomers, any challengers to get their hands on the prize," said Deverz.

"Like you Dev?" snickered Hibiki.

"NO . . . LIEZ," barked Deverz, "They would have lost if I had shown my true power, but like Cucumba here, I realized that the less fortunate should have their shot at glory. So I let them win, . . . "

". . . and got the hell out of your own kitchen?"

Deverz looked at the three who answered in unison.

"Bite me."


Fajita has withdrawn from combat due to technical difficulties.

The new round will have the following order:

SPXIX, Engar, Hwoarang, Newcomer.
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When Pride realized he was being mercilessly held in place by Engar's mystical force abilities, he had known he was in serious trouble. When he realized that Engar was slowly and deliberately constricting he and Hwoarang's innards, he bordered on panic.

Even with his newfound strength, Pride couldn't break free of the invisible death grip. It was totally useless. The force that held him was solid, intangible, and unyielding. He noticed that Engar was not performing this feat without a noted degree of effort, though. He was concentrating; the taunting had stopped. All of the focus was on holding the two powerful warriors in the death grip.

Engar's grip was tightening around Pride's bones and organs, and slowly he was asphyxiating. The pain was insane. His aura flared violently, and Pride tried to pump his energies as desperation set in.

Hwoarang followed suit. It was literally the only thing they could do, in their respective frozen positions.

Hwo flared red and blue, the energies of the earth coming to him faithfully; Pride was engulfed in a violent computerized capsule of digital lightning. Slowly and in unison, they let out a cry of exertion.

The auras burst and flared far and wide, rumbling the very arena. The winds of the energies began to blow hard; dust and minor rubble debris kicked up, and the people in the arena were having a hard time maintaining their balance. Everyone except the ancient one himself; Cuc, looking on, knew exactly what they were trying to do.

The ceiling of the arena began to shake violently. Pride was all but emitting a full-scale electrical storm that tore the stone ceiling as if it were tissue; Hwo's aura blew the rubble around violently as an afterthought.

With one final outcry, Pride's aura reached its most insane level of activity yet seen in the Rumble. And finally, they succeeded: the ceiling had begun to crumble.

"Good god!!" Optimus yelped, hanging on to the table in the makeshift storm. "These beasts are trying to bring the whole arena down!!"

Cucumba just watched, silent. He was standing, his arms were crossed. He was waiting--eagerly--to be impressed.

Finally, the rocky debris of the first layers of the ceiling began to come loose and rain down. As huge blades of rock rained around the fighters, most of them were blown about violently by the two screaming captives' auras. Engar gritted his teeth and struggled to stay focused, but when a huge chunk of rock came loose above his head, he sensed it.

Engar looked up; the second he stopped paying attention to what he was doing, Hwo and Pride were suddenly free. Hovering in mid-air, the two contained their auras before anyone was hurt.

Engar had narrowly dodged the huge boulder, but he had been momentarily distracted, and it was enough for the others to capitalize. With a nod, the two fighters already decided a course of action almost unconsciously. Pride darted downward, towards the rock-laden ring. Hwo bolted forward and unloaded a flurry of martial artistry on the unsuspecting force user.

Engar had barely had time to react, but his frustration fueling his reflexes. He had them, he had them both--and he'd blown it. The frustration, while doing wonders for his fighting, made it nigh impossible to focus well enough to use his more intense force powers. Hwoarang's blurring limbs shredded the air, but Engar's mighty senses allowed him to reflexively block many of the blows.

"Gyahh, damn you both!" Engar spat. A quick spinning kick caught Hwoarang in the stomach, stopping his flurry instantly. The result was Engar turning the tide, unloading a furiously fast flash of fist and fury. Hwo tried to block, but he wasn't able to keep his defenses up long, and slowly, Engar smiled a maniacal smirk. He was hitting the prodigy more and more each pass.

Finally mustering his concentration, Engar fired a shoving wave at the prodigy, finishing his insane combo. Hwoarang soared into a far off column, embedded into it violently. His body was racked with pain; he was not going to be making any more attacks for a while. Engar, sensing his opponents defeat, howled with delight.

"Ha! Tae Kwon Do prodigy! I must admit, I respect your tenacity, but honestly, did you reall--hey, wait." His eyes shot around nervously. "Where's the freak?"

A huge shadow was cast over Engar just then. He looked up to see Pride, holding the very massive slab of stone that he'd avoided earlier. "Batter up, Smallfry."

With the insane strength he naturally possessed, amplified by his amazing new power and reflexes, it was no surprise that Pride's throw was one that Engar couldn't avoid. The force user could not react in time, as the massive boulder-like slab--easily the size of a quadrant of the ring below--smashed into his face and chest, sending him furiously downward toward the very center of the ring.

The impact of the 3-ton slab of rock was further amplified by Pride's Catalyst form. A massive shockwave of pure natural force emitted from the huge, deafening sonic boom of impact. Everyone in the arena painfully clutched their ears (save for the Green One, of course).

When it was over and the dust cleared, the boulder sat embedded in a crater in the center of the ring, Engar crushed beneath it.

There was a silence for a moment. And then the crowd, getting its bearing back, erupted with excitement!

"Uhh," Hib asked. "Does that count as an elimination if he hit the ground, THROUGH the ring?"

"No way," Deverz spat. "He's within the ropes. No deal!"


The stoic Green One looked on. "He's still in. The crater isn't even deep enough to hit the floor anyway." Cuc was beginning to be a little upset; if they kept at it, the entire arena would be left to rubble by the end. He didn't want to resort to drastic measures, but it was becoming too wild. What if they had gotten outside? No one would be able to eliminate anybody on technicality of the rules.

He was distracted by his thoughts when he sensed a powerful life stirring beneath the crater. "Ah. You disappoint me, Engar. I thought you'd have already been up by now." He shook his head and looked down. "A real warrior, a true disciple of the admin force teachings, would never have been hit by that boulder in the first place."

There was a strong disturbance emitting from under the boulder. Cuc looked up at Pride, who was preoccupied helping Hwoarang recover.

"Are you alright?" the Phenom questioned. "He got you pretty good."

"Pretty good?" Hwo rasped. "Looks like you rocked his world yourself."

Pride smirked. "They say the best defense is a good, SOLID offense." He chuckled at the obvious pun, as did his friend.

Suddenly Hwoarang's face dropped. "Good god! Look!"

Wind was billowing out from under the boulder. From deep in the crater in the center of the ring, an amazing crescendo of raucous screaming arose.

In a flash, the boulder exploded upward at speeds beyond the limitations of physics. Pride realized it was going to hit Hwo as well as himself, and in Hwo's injured state it could be too much to handle.

"Look out!!"

Without thinking, Pride shoved Hwoarang out of the way, and then turned to brace for the impact. He had his hands outstretched, hoping to catch the boulder or at least slow its violent ascent, but he didn't even remotely stifle the force with which it flew. It was then that Pride realized Engar was controlling the boulder itself.

It hit him with a wet smack, the kind that made a crowd go "awww!!" (and they did just that). And then, just as violently, Pride's body impacted against the ceiling of the arena itself, slamming clear through the powerful and thick stone with a violent crash.

Hwoarang looked up and saw the hole where Pride had exited the arena. Below, Engar stood in the crater, holding out a hand, no doubt willing the rock itself to his will. He swung his hand downward, and in rammed Pride and the boulder once more; his aura showered off of the front of the rock, making it look like a comet. Engar violently swung his hands, and using the rock's speed and weight, smashed Pride through pillar after pillar, into wall after wall...and finally, through the ceiling one final time. Engar released his grip; somewhere outside, the boulder and its helpless rider fell earthward.

The injured Hwoarang looked at Engar. There was a maniacal gleam in his eyes. Hwoarang could stand up to him, but for how long? Up until then, it was Pride and Hwo's mutual backup that had let them survive this long. Pride was seemingly out of commission now (possibly even eliminated, depending on where he landed). What if the next member in was another versed in the powers of the Admin force?

Engar laughed furiously. Cuc smiled, looking on. "It's too bad," he said aloud. Glancing up at the ceiling, where moonlight now spilled in through Pride's various exits and entryways.

"This has gotten completely out of control."

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