1. L

    What is the philosophical significance of the first two rules of fight club?

    In my philosophy course we watched the movie fight club. our assignment has the question stated above. my teacher tried to explain ti for me. i tried googling it. i tried asking my sister (a philosophy major) andddddddd i tried asking friends in the course. im LOST! i have no idea what to write...
  2. DiebytheSword

    Roshi's Sock Drawer, aka, the over 18 years old club. Lets talk.

    Alright. Here's the deal, we've talked with the host, and we have two hard fast no-no's that cannot be posted on Gamer's Desire. Drug talk and outright porn (naked solo counts) can't be posted regardless of the age of the group viewing it. So what I need from those who want this to happen...
  3. Rocky

    FanFic: Fight Club 2012

    Hey All! As mentioned before in another topic somewhere else a couple days ago. I'm interested in writing a fan-fic based on the fight club, as named in the topic. So far, I've only written the prologue, (see next post) it's about a page and a half and is more of a teaser/self test to see if...
  4. DiebytheSword

    So, who still wants anything to do with the fight club?

    I have some questions for the people who are still interested in being active here. Who still wants to referee? Who still wants to compete here? What shall we do about the vacant championship(s)? I would like to do a championship tournement, but the failure of the Royal Rumble shows...
  5. john_volkov

    Esf fight club

    Well i want to make a tournament of esf open beta final Here are the RULLS: THERE ARE NO RULLS , ABSOLUTLY NO RULLS , evrything Goes, beam's , melee, evrything Match will last till some one get's 10 frags, no chacater limit , anyone can chose any chacater, after each match , your will be...
  6. DiebytheSword

    I have a request on behalf of the Forum Fight Club

    Right now we are using rather ugly icons to signify championships for the fight club using the forums new award feature. What I would like, are gif images of championship belts with transparent backgrounds. Here are the titles we need icons for: Forum Fight Club Champion Forum Tag Team...
  7. DiebytheSword

    Fight Club Bios

    Here is the original thread: This thread will be the site of all current bios, this way we don't need to comb through inactive clubbers to get to who you need. Anyone who wants to move their bios over here feel free to do so.
  8. DiebytheSword

    Doubles Fight Club Tournement

    This will be a tag team tournement to crown the Fight Club Tag Team Champions. Those who are interested in this bracketed tournement should begin pairing up, and working on strategy. FC Refs are allowed to participate if they so wish. The brackets will be determined after the contestants...
  9. PiXel

    TryForce's Anime Bewbs Club

    Bewbies Against Butt!
  10. M

    Pain Fan Club

    How do I join the Pain Fanclub.
  11. DiebytheSword

    Seeking new fight club referees.

    If you are interested in becoming a ref for the fight club, there has never been a better time to climb on board. "MUST" REQUIREMENTS: *Be literate. You must have strong grammar and excellent spelling skills. *Be critical. Do you have a keen eye for detail? *Be fair. All fight club...
  12. V

    Musica's Fight Club Server

    Alot of you will have seen Fight Club so you'll know the rules of the game: 1. You do not talk about fight club (:P not really talk all ya like) 2. Only two people fight at a time 3. Only one fight at a time 4. Everyone will fight in a round 5. A fight will go on for as long as is needed...
  13. clen

    The Newb of the Fight Club

    Looking for my first fight, Will someone accept my challenge?
  14. Jakut

    Come one come all and joint the Bill Gates fan club. What is this world coming to. Personally i think it's sad -.-
  15. ZeroNightmare

    What is fight club?

    ...well what is it, i dont understand.
  16. Amayirot Akago

    Return to Fight Club: open challenge

    After a long time of absence, I have finally decided to continue my Fight Club career. Anyone looking for a quick fight is free to challenge me. Here is my new bio: EDIT: I've noticed this thread has gotten a lot of views, but no...
  17. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Fight Club Vs. Microsoft Word -- WTF?

    This happens to me constantly. In fact, EVERY SINGLE TIME I POST a Fight Club round. Was wondering if anyone around here knew a way around it. Okay, so, when I crack open a new round of Fight Club, I open word, set the style as plain text, and save the file as a plain text file (txt) before I...
  18. Soulicro

    Fight Club

    Hey! Theres a new Fight Club fighting game coming out... guess when? November 16th. Yup, ANOTHER awesome game is coming out november 16th. My budget cant handle this!! Bah.... Post your opinions.
  19. Soulicro

    Fight Club

    Alright so, lets talk a little about fight club. I think we can all agree that this has to be one of the best ****ing movies ever put out. Ive watched it so many times, probably will watch it a lot of times, and simply not get sick of it. So, what now? The game. Thats what now. In about a...
  20. S

    Fight Club Character Illustration Requests

    I dunno wether to post this in here or the art section, but eh, here goes. Im not really into fight club, the thing stopping me being i cannot enjoy reading, im a much more visual person, so sorry for my lack of knowlage on these fights. Anyway, i do know that you use characters, and they...