A list of stuff you should all read!!!!!

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Feb 18, 2003
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I think that you should do one f many things that will make the game that much better (althought it is the best dbz game yet)

1. you need the obious super saiyan 2-3 transformations for goku and the same for the other saiyans-you nedd the full transformations for everyone.

2.you need the spirit bomb to be better -it needs to be bigger you should have 2 lines for the spirit bomb the first is the needed power to use it and the second is to signify when you start gathering spirit energy from the people of earth so you start gathering from nature but then you can also, if you keep going gather from the people of the earth, like at the end of the buu saga.

3.put brolly in the game!

4.Give ss3 goku the dragonfist

5.make final flash better-for vegeta

6.give the option of when picking gohan or trunks to be old or young

7.put fusions in the game use the same idea that the other guy had about reaching a certin pl then just make it another transformation, only have it last for only like 20 min then you have to weight for 10 min to use it again as well as give gotenks after the ability to go ss3 and have all there attacks like super ghost kamakazi attack.

8.let trunks use his sword!

9.make the shenron animation better make the sky get dark and make lightning

10. for super saiyan 2 and 3 make sure you put electricity around them

11.although not nessary put super saiyan 4 in the game it would just be cool

12.when at perfect transformation dont just have there hair stand up make some sort of flash or animation but have it not affect you movement or anything.

13. give goku the kaio-ken attack, have it so that with goku you hold down the turbo button and a kaio ken meter comes up and the longer you hold it the higher you kaio-ken goes up but have it so the higher the kaio-ken the more ki it wastes.

14.put some girls in the game!

15. if possible have some battle damage happen to the characters

16.fix the map when you get up too high the map dissapears you really need to fix this it is very annoying.

17. give goku some sort of new attack when he transformes he doesent gain anything he actually looses an attack this needs to be fixed.

18.make young gohans voice if possible not the really young gohan it sounds annoying.

19.put Goten in the game i mean what are ya thinkin....

20.make it when you die from a blast you disintigrate like in the show.

21.put andriod # 17 in the game with the super 17 transformation

22.also make the gogeta transformation for goku and vegeta but have it when you go ss2 with one of them then make it a different button then the transform button them bam gogeta!

i know that this is alot but if you could do as much as this as possible then the game would be even better then it already is.
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Dec 24, 2002
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1. Wait for beta 2.0

2. There will be 2 types of spirit bombs in 2.0

3. No movie characters allowed

4. No movie moves allowed.

5. Mebe

6. Adult Gohan in 1.1

7. There will never be any fusions in the game.

8. Beta 1.1

9. Mebe

10. Beta 2.0

11. No DBGT transformations allowed.

12. Mebe

13. Probably not

14. The only girl they can add is 18 and not anytime soon.

15. Not going to happen.

16. Beta 1.1

17. Goku doesn't have any other attacks, you cant make up attacks. He will get kame torpedos and 2 SBs in 2.0.

18. You can customize your own sounds.

19. Goten is probably the worst character to put in the game, and I would bet real money that he will never be added cuz he adds ZERO diversity to the game.

20. Mebe

21. Super 17 transformation no, 17 mebe in a later version.

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Dec 1, 2002
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Urge...to...flame.....rising...........plz.....use.....search........next......time.......FREAKIN N00B

(sorry couldnt help it)
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Nov 14, 2002
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yeah i was about to flame too :p but i was at school and i don't want to log in at school ::: security ::: but anywa nice jub answering Morrone!
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Jan 8, 2002
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whhhew! I’m with u guys. What an attitude! and on his very first Post telling everyone what’s wrong with everything about this mod. How presumptuous...

and PLLEEASSE, Next Time shenron, try to make thread name more constructive then: PLZ READ!!!!!

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Feb 4, 2002
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ok guys, you've had enough fun. This is for your own good.

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