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Nov 27, 2002
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This thread was created in notepad, I've had a lot of time to do this. Some of these might and might not be possible, and I know that. Once again I'm not demanding or ordering, i'm suggesting.
Most likely none of this will actually be implemented into the game, I'm just speaking my mind.


When your in the game you should always be able to swoop, whether or not you have a lock or someone. what i mean you is should always be able to go fast for a time even if you do not have a lock.


For some characters you should always be able to go ssj anytime in the game. (Realistic or Fair?)

Old Stuff

In ESF Alpha, you had Ki streams when you were flying and had turbo on, you could put that back in the game but it would look different. I like the Ki glow when charging some attack in the Beta, but i also liuke the Ki streams coming from charging attacks.
Like in the Alpha. (I wonder if anyone still has it?")

Light Effects

When your powering up, have T-mode on, transforming, and charging attacks, their could be more light effects, the area on the ground would be a bright glow of what ever the unfired attack looks like. It would sort of look like a disco ball was around.

Scouters and Power-Sensing(P.S)

Some people have read before in my previous thread("dozen suggestions" and the "More Ideas" thread I started)
that "it wouldn't be fair if Frieza and Vegeta were the only who had scouters", well i'll give my opinion to way it's fair. Vegeta and Frieza should be the only one with the scouter which you'd be able to take it on and off and turn on and off, and give it to other players, you should be able to drop it on the ground and destroy it to show that you don't need a scouter to win, and the scouter would be destroyable even if you have it on in the in the game, friezas finger laser, or Piccolos eye laser, or a direct shot with a ki blast would be able to destroy the scouter that mounted on your head, if is Frieza without a scouter than he can't find anyone easily, the scouter can give a PL readout and a dragonball location, this is fair for players who aren't Vegeta and Frieza because Goku, little Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo, and Trunks would
have the special abillity of sensing power levels(Vegeta is the only one who can both sense PL, and use the scouter, Buu wouldn't have power sensing(or P.S) or the use of a scouter until you transform). P.S can be turned off and on, if a person a far away from you, he appears as a dim glow you must
find on your screen, instead of giving you a full readout, it just estimates the other guys power to the nearest 100,000, half a million or 1,000,000(sound like math class, huh?). The scouter and the power sensing has no limit to how far you can find another player, the other guy(S) will always be in range, thats it. To make it realistic, P.s would have to be a bit inaccurate unless someone has powered up to max, then he's just impossible to hide from anyone, he appears as a bright glow on the your screen.

A New Melee Idea
(this probably isn't a good idea, what do you think?)

Instead of just swooping, hitting 'em and then stop, make it continuos like a power shruggle, you swoop in and you hit him in 3 ways, you swoop in and kick and punch(continuosly until yo let go of the mouse button), or you swoop in and punch only, or swoop in and kick only. once you start kicking you can only go in one direction, foward if your winning, backwards if your losing. If the other player tries to block a fe things can happen, anamations makes it look like he blocking with his arms and legs(They do't have to keep up), or the other player blocks the attack and sustains to damage until he hits the ground(If he didn't block he'd sustain damage immediatly and even more damage when he hits the ground). If the other player has a certain amount of power than you can't block the kicks, you just keep getting kicked and punched and until he stops, or until he delivered the fianl blow, there isn't even a win/lose bar because your helpless until he stop or you die.


For the new beta, you could also but in the feature of choosing how you want your character to look like when your powering up, transforming, in turbo mode(T-mode), in some kind of fighting stance, or charging an attack(Most attacks will always be the same), this is most likely hard to do and time consuming, but it would be cool if it was in the new beta.( I hope I haven't said this somewhere else before )

1. Transforming: Transforming, their are many ways for you could make it look like if you wanted, for Buu there's not many, for Gohan a Couple, Vegeta, almost half a dozen I can think about. You can make, of course, anyway yo wanted, as is everything else.

2. Fighting Stance: For a fighting stance, you can cycle through what defencsive stance you'd be in, it wouldn't make much of a differnce; maybe just what kind a kick you do when you kick the guy. Buu doesn't have a stance, he can still be dancing in the next beta.

3. Powering Up: For powering up, their could just be 2 maybe 3 ways of how you'd be able to choose how it would look. Once again, for dramatic effect.

4. Transformation Turbo-Aura: You know how that when your transforming to a supersaiyan, and the yellow aura appears and gives a real good looking transformation effect, well how would it look if the saiyan transformation aura were also the turbo aura to really look good. And when your in T mode, dust would fly away; you'd also be able to choose how you want that to look, and since the T-Aura looks like a SSJ trasformation aura, the polys would also move around except not so many and not so dense, get it? (Have I said this before? hmm)

Battle Damage(In-game affects)

I know a way you can add battle damage in the game without serious scripting. The way you can do it
is when you make a model and texture it, texture so it look already damage, then cover the battle damage area with a sprite that looks exactly like the rest of the clothes (following me?), then when you cover the model with sprites it looks like the character is undamage, then program the sprites that when they get hit a certain amount of times, they reveal a small part of the damage area which could be anywhere on the model. Sprite one, would be programed to be revealed, after maybe 3 unblocked hits, Spr 2, would be revealed after another 3 or 5 hits, and this would be the same for all the other sprites. A simpler way to do it, would be to animate the damage, which would in my opinion since I haven't done before, would be times easier, instead of taking the time to animate lims, just animate the clothes, and script it so if you hit without blocking and wham into a wall the clothes tear, rip, or shear away. I thought of this, when I downloaded BD /\/\ystic Gohan, the creator made the clothes, to appear like his been in a fight for a while(Is he on your team?),
the difference is instead of the model always look BD for the beginning, it would happen over
a period of time.

Firing Beams

When you fire a beam and try to turn it so you can hit another player, the entire character turns along with the beam throwing your accuracy down and gets a little annoying. That could be fixed.

Storing Power

In the game, you could add a feature of storing power. In-game there would be a menu where could decide how much power you want to store away so when your in a power shruggle you could release it and win the match.

Mid Power-Shruggles

When your in a power shruggle, you could add a feature where you could release your energy in burst(Power Storing) as well as simply holding down the mouse button to dump power in the beam. For a reference, think about the fight in DBZ between Gohan and Cell. In-game it would be like if two people engage in a power battle, you could simply hold down the mouse button to keep dumping power into the beam, and if you were to put this in, you would use stored power and in a power shruggle release it in a burst to give a darmatic look. What i'm talking about is just like the fight between cell and gohan. And when you release the stored energy or something, the beam you fired gets bigger as you use more energy to a reasonable size.


Instead of some of the beams you fire exploding on contact, you could make it so that the beam envelops the player dealing damage if not blocked, and when it isn't blocked and the player is engulfed. So instead of when you stop blocking an attack the beam explodes, it envelops you and does damage. Depending on what attack is fired at you it's swated away.

Attacks the could be implemented:


(Which would you rather have not fair or realistic?)

1.1. Buu

Buus mouth blast, it should take just second to charge deal a lot of damage takes up a hefty amount of power, when fired it looks like a pink SSJ transformation(It looks like a pink SSJ transformation without the moving aur triangles) on it side and is huge! Everything engulf is damage or even killed if not blocked or is strong enough to withstand it, the beam is not capable of being turn to be fair, and for more fairness, it can only be fired once be life.

1.2. Buu

Buus attack where he scoupes up and take their power and ability is impossible for the HL engine.

1.3. Buu

You could put in Buus own Big Bang, it was used for destryong citys but he could have it.

1.4. Buu

When Buu fires a Generic, it could look like he's getting ready firing a Kamahameha. I got this Idea when he was fighting Skinny Buu(Old Buu or Evil Buu).

1.5. Buu

When you use Buus candy attack and fire it at someone, it should immobalize him, until he respawns.

1.6. Buu

The Ki Blast/Renzodukan could be a little bit faster, the arms could retract quicker, zoom across the screen a little be faster.

1.7. Buu

When Buu powers up it could look like steam blow out or it could be like Gohans shield. What I mean is that when he power up, a not so big or small(about half the size of the cell arena in Cell_Day) Pink shield goes out from Buu, and everything in the radius is damage except for Buu, nothing can get in just out, all attacks while powering up are in effective.

1.8. Buu

When or If you were going to make any other new forms of buu you could give the higher form(s) a kind of spirit bomb that would be mounted on you hand. Kid Buu, Evil Buu(not skinny, old, or fat Buu) and all his forms would have this attack, depending on the power could be swated away, but not in a random direction, right back at the guy who fired it.

1.9. Buu

Buus regeneration of health could be a maybe 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x as fast as it is now, to be a bit more useful because, in the game almost no on uses it because it takes up so much time to get to max.


1.1. Goku

Gokus kamehameha is fine, the only thing in my opinion that could be changed, is the feature that when more power is use for it, the stream and the beam gets bigger.

I'm not going to finish the rest of this thread because I now realize that no one really care, probably no of this will be in the game, and will probably be dismissed as just another frantic Esf threader trying to shape the game with lame suggestions.

What do you think?
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Nov 30, 2002
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ARG! to many idea's,, sry, but i am going to read it tomorrow, those are many :p , i am going to sleep :tired:

goodnight all..
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Jan 2, 2003
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i didnt really have time to read it all so i rated it average.. sry u shouldve shortened it
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Dec 1, 2001
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If you don't have time to read, you dont have time to post either . . .
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