1. M

    Prototype Sega Dreamcast Zip Drive on eBay This is the first time I've seen this machine.
  2. SupersaiyanHero

    Extracting 1.3 zip

    once i've downloaded ESF 1.3, how do i install it? does it become a seperate programme? (to use via steam) do i have to backup my ESF 1.2.3 then extact it all into that folder? help, im confused and the sounds seem really awesome!
  3. crazykorean10

    hwo you extract zip models

    i no how to extract .rar models but i always had a problem with .zip modles How play the specialist answer me case i have my .mdl in my thing but soemthing wrong
  4. crazykorean10

    were doi get .zip

    hey majin the reason y i cant get a buster sword is because that wrar thing you gave me dosent have .zip so anyone who KNOWS how to get .zip make tell me
  5. H

    zip zop wallpaper

    zippity zop
  6. C

    Pikkon release.. pikkon :P Credits to: Me (CrackerJack/Un1imi73d) Nuttzy Shijing Morone :fight:
  7. D


    I START TO MAKE A CAPSULA CORP AND WHEN ME DO A DOOR U COULDNT GO OUT! SEE THE TROUBLE. give me solutions, plz!here the zip if anyone could give me what u like in the map and some ideas to do better like types of textures or shape for the capsule.
  8. T

    Gotenks Pack in zip folder?

    *Read topic title* The one I want is only in rar. and I dont wanna dl Winrar so can someone either AIM me at gfxtiger or PM me, or just gimme a link, peace out. PS Id prefer the one made by Bryggz, peace out again :D
  9. MaX

    My 1st COMPLETED Model. dl that it got the 2 pics in it..its a half human chicken dont plan i skining it or animating it...just felt like making somthing...itf somone wants to finish it they can..and if they use it for a mod..gime credits..hope ya like...
  10. DaMan


    I don't know if this goes here move it if you have to but I have a problem,I can't open .zip files when i double-click the file looks like a exe one but it's not and it turnes into 60 kbs and can't open anything please HELP!!! :cry:
  11. K

    Can Any One Tell me.......

    Were To get a 1.1 compatible mystic gohan pack?because the old mystic gohan oack doesnt support 1.1
  12. MaX

    my backround pack :)

    my 1st edits and art are in the pack. there about 13-18 pics i forget. anyway hope ya like. and remember there some of my 1st stuff. :) :)
  13. We$$ide

    The reskin of BrightBlade

    Like the thread says, this isnt mine reskin!!!! dl link : i think the black spots should be changed into vegetas skin!!! but guys give BrightBlade some crits!!!
  14. S

    is there a way to decompile a PK3 file in milkshape??

    like the title says can any one help me?
  15. M

    GT Dragon Model Pack

    Im planning to combine stuff i found all together this makes the GT Dragon Pack Dragon Model Credits to original Creator of Shenlong Edited by: Emp GuranGa Blackstar Dragonballs Credits to original creator of the Dragon Balls Edited by ????? Thank u The Wes here the download...
  16. MaX

    AURAPACK Has returned. 1.5 RELEASED!. there ya go. i dont got any pics. but it is alot better. cl_fxquality 1-3 is the diff qualitys. 1 lowest FX 3 Best FX. anyway. extract it to. esf/models and overwrite the files... *copy and paste the link*. and critz to please.
  17. M

    New Model , How to use it?

    I had just downloaded a new model and the site said that there was suppose to be a README.TXT file in the DLed ZIP file Well , there was not! none so please guide me and tell me where exactly each and every filetype should I put? I really dont want to take an unsure risk cause the last...
  18. B

    problem with map!!

    i made a test map in valve hammer editor. when i got in i selected my charater and spawned. but my character was standinf 3 or 4 feet of the ground and i was not in fly mode. does any one know how to fix this? email me at [email protected]
  19. R

    someone answer me

    :confused: what the point is creating models/skins ?? Can you put them in to the game and play with them?:confused:
  20. Sicron

    Cape Gohan

    I know there is a final request tread, but i dont get answers there: does some one know the gohan with cape (the one that mtaches s-bolts ssj2 gohan) cuz if i take the one of brollman i cant use him cuz he has a error