1. DBZ master

    are'nt all YU-GI-OH games crapy

    i baught all yugioh games and i hink they all suck
  2. DBZ master

    who has YU-GI-OH card

    if you have Yu-GI-OH cards tell me yes or no
  3. DBZ master

    isnt YU-GI-OH is old news its been around for years

    who likes YU-GI-OH any more its been around for years and will im sick of it now
  4. RavenTrunks

    Yu-Gi-Oh Card game.

    I didnt put this in "Video Games" section because this isnt a video game, but a card game. I just got into the anime and bought a starter deck so i could learn to play. Its a pretty complex game when reading it. Advance play lost me big time... But anyway im just wondering if anyone else...
  5. RavenTrunks

    Yet another Sig (Yu-Gi-Oh)

    Made another sig. what do you guys think? getting better? worse?
  6. imported_EVIL_GOKU


    Hy....do ya know were could I download a Yu-gi-oh Trading card game cuz I have one on my Pc but it has a bug........so could u tell me were could I download one(something like Yu-gi-oh Power of Chaos Yugi the Destiny grafix) for the PC or one that I could play online
  7. Jugo

    Yu-Gi-Oh power of chaos

    does anyone know this game ? i saw it in a store and i want to know is it worth buying it ?
  8. NightShade

    Yu-gi-oh movie woooo

    What i saw. Yu-gi-oh doing a duel vs brolly 0_0 I am a yu-gi-oh fan :p i like the card game so rawr.
  9. G

    My new yu-gi-oh sig