1. Killface

    Me compy needs yer help!

    I have a problem with the control panel on my other computer. When i click on the tap "Phone and Modem Options" it gives me an error message saying "Windows cannot open Phone and Modem Options, there may be a problem with the Telephony Service". I cant connect to the internet with that...
  2. S

    Sore Loser? Me? Never... Engar, Hold out yer hand cus...

    ... I'm about to hand you your ass. I challenge you to FIght Club, and this time, it's gonna be done right. Hey, I request a special Ref for this match. Prozac really wants to watch me kick Engars ass, so could you let him Ref this one?
  3. A


    guys ... can any1 be kind enough to recolor the battle damaged gohan's hair to make it look black ? so he will have a regular form and a transform ;/ i will be greatfull and many others that im sure that they want the same thing
  4. S

    DBZ Revo Layout!

    Well I'm in Italy ATM but I'm using a cousins computer. Talk about Gfx Heaven, You wouldn't believe some of the software they've got here! Well, Heres a Web Site I'm making for my nephew and his friends. What do ya guys think? And the splash screen :) I think I've improved alot so...
  5. DaKD

    Startin Over

    Well now that ive begun to use a more powerful modeler (3dsmax) i will be taking down my site and restartin all my models by making better versions
  6. M

    Error,I need yer help.

    What does "Cannont Find the file 'C:/Sierra/Half-Life/esforces/../hl.exe' (or one of its componets). Make sure the path and filename are corrected and that all required libaries are available." mean? do u have a Resolution for this, i dont know this Scriptin stuff like u guys, So could u please...
  7. Ranma

    Are some maps the same in beta?

    Sorry if this has been asked/told, but will any of the maps in alpha be in beta, or are you making new ones. Also if they'll be some old ones, will they be changed to look better when transfering over to beta? I know your making new maps for beta (right?) but i'm just seeing if the old ones...