1. D

    wuts that?

    It's here! ESF open beta has now begun. While you download here is a short promo video showing off some of the features in the 1/6/06 build. wuts that???????????????????????????????
  2. A

    wuts the command 4 the bots?

    Like wut is the command so the bot wont use melee on me only powers?
  3. yopyop

    hm wuts that error?

    well i did some modelling but when i try to compile thw qc file this error-massage pops up: too many normals in model: piccolo_cape how to fix?
  4. Damaera

    Wuts ur ESF name?

    Ok if I put this in the wrong forum sorry ^^ What's your esf name? Mine is =FS= Goten
  5. P

    So wuts up?

    Im bored and wondering wuts up "odd my post number havent been going up for awhile"
  6. F

    Wuts the difference between worldcraft and vhe??

    they both look the same to me, but there must be a difference, which is better? i have wc 3.3 where can i get updates and shtuff??
  7. P

    Wuts ur favorite food

    Im just wondering whats your favorite food.I like sandwhiches and fried chicken
  8. Death The Jedi

    Man with a dancing headcrab..

    quality sucks, and don't ask what the flashing whit things are... I just thought it looked kinda cool. The round grey thing on his head is the crosshair I was using when I too the screen shots..
  9. R

    Master Roshi for ESf Beta

    I am a new member to this forum but I am in the process of trying to make a MASTER ROSHI model for ESF Beta (becuase someone requested it in the Last requests thread! I am having a little trouble finding side views of him in the black suit from the Worlds Strongest Movie and I also need just...
  10. S

    Wuts up with Servers

    is it me or do any of the servers on esf work. Cuz i cant get into any of them??
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