1. DiebytheSword

    WTH is Jericho?

    It's the best damn show you didn't watch, you american idol loosers! http://www.jericholives.com/ Save face, save Jericho, probably the best prime time TV show to come out in years!
  2. J-Dude

    WTH is WRONG with people anymore???

    Okay, people know I like DBZ...a lot. So all the time, I check out a multitude of DBZ related things: DBZ vids on youtube, DBZ fanfics, DBZ mods, etc, etc. But at every twist and turn for the former two, I pass somebody's stupid fanfic or music video crossing over with the ONE anime I despise on...
  3. R

    wth is EEA and EVA?

    wth is EEA and EVA :confused:
  4. Delusional

    WTH IS STEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Omg I Have No Clue What Steam Is And Everyones Talking About it Someone Tell me Before I Pass Out O Too Late *faints*
  5. I

    wth script packs

    hmm i herd rumors about Mr.Satan's Script pack and, their really not cool. please strighten my story out if wrong. ---- recently ive been accused of bs about how im using mr satans script pack and using the super zanzukan or whatever. they told me it teleports like 3 times then attacks...
  6. S


    ok i uninstalled ESF last night and today i woke up and reinstalled it but i downloaded it from - Daddelin server cause all of your US servers are dead and i dont liek file planet anyway i got a strange error Connecting to Server 'Mr. Satan's ESF You are attempting to connect to a...
  7. B

    ssj2 Gohan.

    I have some screens of a model i made, but nowhere to postem =/ so anyhelp would be nice (and im forum impaired)
  8. S


    it wont let me make this picture my avatar because its too big!! its smaller then most of your avatars and its telling me mines too big how do i make it smaller?
  9. P

    Omg a 2 year old CD!

    i found a old back up cd from 2 years ago, with some bad artowrk of mine on it lol edit: these are hand draw, the color one is from paint (2 years old heh) and the dbz one i went over the lines in paint cos my scanner did not like it much I done this pic of Mihoshie (no idea how to spell...
  10. R

    samurai brave model

    http://www.dragonballquake.net/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=9890 there is my samuray brave model..what ya think tell me and comment it so i can make it better