1. sub

    Fistful of frags [hl2 western mod]

    Pretty awesome mod, a new version just came out. I'll be playing it for a bit, I invite you all to join in http://www.fistful-of-frags.com/
  2. Suh Dude

    Western Blue in teh Xbox?

    I opened up inside my xbox since its broken. I looked inside and there's a Western Blue Harddrive. If I use it on my computer, will it work? I'm just wonderng. D:
  3. S

    Western Adventure - Cowboy

    This semester I was able to choose a game development project so I am making all the art for a project be it restrained. Anyhow heres a new model and texture ( the model is losely based of friends model but with quite alot of modifications). The model weighs in at 1700 polies and 1 512...
  4. S

    Mapping Away - western adventure

    something a little new about 20% done, still tons to add but its coming
  5. T

    Anime and it's similarities with Western Society

    *Please no flaming! I mean no offense to anyone with the following comment* Me and a close friend of mine have lost a lot of respect for anime recently because we see it as merely Japanese animators designing cartoons to appeal to western society or at least Americans. Thus being american we...
  6. U

    Clash: Western vs. Eastern pop heros!

    I've been wondering about this and I'm sure people will love to post their thoughts on it too: Who would win a classic battle between Superman and (your choice of most powerful DBZ character)? Note: --I say DB"Z", though you may read "classic" however you like. --"Joining forces"...