1. -Blaze-

    Weights in the map

    Well when you fly in the map, this would be cool to have weights (on knees, and hands, like goku weared in other world training.) in it. Of course you become slower (-10 speed) but in battle, your ki gain will increse by 400.000 and weights will work only one minute. But make, that weights...
  2. M

    Can Someone make me a

    Hi Ok i have a Question can someone make me a Goku that look like when hes Adult in Dragonball !!! I mean in the original Dragonball Series when he fights Tien without his weights !! I think thats not very difficult i hope just edit his feet !! And reskin it !! So if anyone could do it...
  3. P


    All characters who carry training weights (goku, gohan, piccolo, krillen) should be able to take them off with a button other than z, available only once per round (map), and raises the PL by 1.2 times their current (perhaps raise speed a couple points), this adds a bit more dbz in, and makes...
  4. God Gundam

    goku- blue outfit wip

    i dunno, i got bored earlier today, and this is what i came up with, took a half hour to make, but oh well it works for me i guess, i did arms odd, made them like neds vegettos in a way, so i could experiment with how they animate but oh well, crits as of this point.