1. MrPlow

    Websites containing Windows XP themes?

    So yah i'm lookin to change my windows look a bit so i'm lookin for some themes. However most of the "theme" websites which google throws up are infested with viruses,spyware and such so i'm wonderin can any one of ya help me find a normal website?
  2. C

    Of websites and templates...

    So here's what I've been trying to figure out for a while... A lot of sites, like ESF, Mechmod, Final Fantasy The End, and the former redsaiyan, hell any site that takes itself seriously has a "template" page where there's a box in the middle for content and a sidebar off to the side, splash...
  3. D

    How do u link words to Websites?

    what I mean is, How can u make the link to be a sentence, or some words Click here ^^^ like that, and it would link you to a website.
  4. SailorAlea

    Kaioshin/SupremeKai Model

    I was wondering if anyone has a model for Kaioshin(Supreme Kai in the dub), and a soundpack to go along with it? I searched GSF and Redsaiyan, but couldn't find any.. I didn't put this in the 'request for model to be made' folder, because I'm asking if one already exists. Much thanks..
  5. T

    Heh...a new guy around me plz

    Well I 'm new around here so I would like some infos plz. played the game a few weeks ago ago and I really loved it.So when I heard that there are new models from a friend I came to this site but the link you had (redsayian) doesn't work.Could you please tell me were to find new characters?(I...

    map host

    Need a host for my map. :notice: If someone can host it, please tell me. :notice: Or does someone know websites where I can host my map?
  7. Colgetto

    custom model websites

    does anybody knows some websites to download some neat esf models like: - enz. thx.
  8. Colgetto

    download custom model websites...

    does anybody know some websites to download some custom models; like - enz. thx
  9. W

    Any websites for skins?

    U guys know any good websites to get skins from?
  10. VivaLaPineapple

    website header

    im constructing a website layout for a friend so far ive only done the header. im aware it is a bit grundge orientated but ya know what what? grundge is easy to do and it looks somewhat decent on websites plus im not getting paid to do this so i went for the easy root. anyway commetns and crits plz
  11. LaMM

    My New Website

    I've made a new website on which I show all of the work I do and have done!!I'm not quite as good in anything as I want to be but I'm getting better!!!Look at the last ones with everything. Anyhow look at my site it has backgrounds, sigs, maps, programs and more! This is it's url...
  12. D

    What are your guys websites?

    Hi all just leave your url and i wanna go take a look at some sites thx
  13. L

    Site Layout in the works - Need Opinions

    Ok guys i never ask for opinions ever because i likedoing stuff onmy own. however i was asked by a friend of mine to make him a layout. Now i suck major ass at layouts because they take too much time. However i got really bored today and decided to spend some time and work on one. everything you...