1. Akhkaru

    LightWave 3D Modeling help

    I searched all over, but I cannot find a tutorial that tells how to make character models for half life or stuff, Gmax is confusing, but I wanna use Lightwave 3D, andyone know where I could find some tutorials?
  2. R

    chibi trunks alpha

    heya, new model..chibi trunks alpha and render sux but i dont care it is a alpha need to make torso and i didn't tweaked anything well here it is
  3. Antoine3323

    Editing models???

    How would I be able to edit a Half-Life model??? I cant seem to import it or anything!! What do I do??? Heres the progs I have: Milkshape 3D 1.5.8 Lightwave 7 Animation Master 2000
  4. X

    pcjoe i need some help

    hey pcjoe, i know u use 3dsmax but did u just learn how to model or did u find some good tutorials for it, if u found some tutorials could u tell me where u got them? plz tell me