1. The Deco

    Just watched X Men: First Class

    and found out the human hatred for mutants is forced by the director. tiny spoilers - As I understand X Men and this specific movie: 1) They end the fight with Sebastian Shaw, Magneto tells them that the humans will hate them because they are, as mutants, are different and humans are...
  2. Zeonix

    So I Watched Football Today

    I'm not really a fan of watching sports. I get bored and tend to walk out, but a few of the guys were all about it. Saw Germany vs. Serbia. Decided to stick around for US vs. Slovenia. Did pretty ****tily the first half, but I wasn't exactly invested in the game in the first place, so I didn't...
  3. fululu


    Hello guys need much help of you, how do I add new models to bots. In my esf bot there are only 9 players, how do I add such broly and how to play against broly bot.I 9 tried to change the bots, but not geti.there a tool to edit and add bots? I watched a video on which shows the...
  4. Phobius

    Has anybody watched D.Gray-man? (Brim Read!)

    I'm just wondering if this series is worth getting into or not. I've seen the first episode which wasn't too bad but its an on going anime and their already at 66 so I was just wondering if anybody watches this or has watched it and gave up on it.
  5. dan_esf_fanatic

    Is there anyone that still hasn't watched all of DBZ here?

    This is related to the "DBZ Coming Back" thread. Seems to me that some people are getting riled up for no reason. Is it possible that there is someone here that still hasn't watched every episode of DBZ? Just wondering.
  6. Gama

    The last thing u watched

    What was the last thing or thing u may be watching now? Mine was: NGE Ep26 Take care of yourself
  7. Lethal_Vegetto

    Just Watched Trigun: $$60 Billion Man

    Were they the only 4 episodes made? I liked it, and would of like to see more.
  8. Seph`

    What was the last film/dvd that you watched?

    The last film/dvd I watched was... Hellsing: Impure Souls + Hellsing: Blood Brothers + Hellsing: Search and Destroy + Hellsing: Eternal Damnation If it was like a series of dvds (eg ^above^) you can post it like that. Seph
  9. S

    I need help and the newbie place isn't being watched

    How do I or can I invite people to a server?
  10. Element4q2

    Element4q2's WIPs

    Ok here's some new stuff i'm working on. Bardock: Based on my edit of Smo's Goku head and the Original ESF Vegeta Credit: Smo and ESF Team Lord Slug: (need someone to help me do the body cause its really hard) Any volunteers? Credit: ESF Team USSJ Trunks in Capsule Corp Suit...
  11. S

    at last i got another lazy friend to scan my drawing....

    here u go. no ref pic. only my mind ok, there.... what do u think? btw....its out of propotions cause i wanted to make it so...not cause its a mistake
  12. B

    New Bardock

    here my new Bardock i think it Burns !!!! What think you???? He is with a new face from me and new scouter
  13. Morrone

    Trans Sound Pack Coming Soon

    Ok thanks to a lil help from VenGaurd I've been getting started with making some new trans sounds for ESF. I warn you this is specifically my style that is being instrumented into this pack, so the critism I would like to recieve should not be about whether you like the sounds I've chosen but if...
  14. S

    i feel so bad........

    dont ask me why i made it. i asked every person i know what their favorite cartoon was that was anime, and every one said "everything". so i just cooked this up .. :S i got bored... *edit maybe some girl who browses these forums might like it ... you can have it, i dont care...
  15. M

    Cell form 2

    face is *** lol so im not gonna show u that :P...
  16. Big Bang Attack

    That Time Camber Map

    THAT TIME CAMBER MAP it ROCKS like hell and i want to play it so bad but SHOULDNT the sky just be white like in the show... ALthough i love it like that and i guess the white makes it hard to see
  17. I

    Torsomaking tut works!!!!!
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