1. A

    Modeling Software

    Can anybody send me it broadband only please. Maybe we can trade for something games/software or whatever. ** no warez kthx ** (S-Bolt--)
  2. Abhorsen

    ware do i get the milk either at

    ware do i get the milk editer at if u now can u help me plz and go here for Armor Pack ( 1 2 ) ok
  3. S

    need skinning programs

    can people post d/l links to skinning programs please. thanx
  4. D

    look at this huge spirit bomb!!

    check out this huge spirit bomb: http://www.geocities.com/dan2828282001/esf_falls0004.bmp http://www.geocities.com/dan2828282001/esf_falls0003.bmp
  5. IceFire2050

    Making a Sig. How do i get started?

    What program do i use and is there a tutorial or anything?
  6. ]\/[ITCHELL


    hey can someone tell me where i can find new scouters or how i can edit one??????
  7. G

    SSJ4 Goku, skin fix

    For all of you all that didnt like DaKD's ssj4 goku skin (including me), I have fixed the skin and made it look 100% better I think, it could still use some work but I think its a big improvement over the old one lol. I take no credit for any of the skin I just edited it.
  8. S

    Can Some Teach how to Model?

    Can some tell me how to Model bcoz it sounds so Interesting and what kind of Software do I need bcoz I'm a man wid allot of time on his hands! :D so like please lend a Dude a hand will ya :rolleyes:
  9. J

    Messed up beams

    All the beams that are supposed to have trails.... well they dont have any trails. Why is this??
  10. T

    glitchy models

    dont get me wrong.. i like mostly every part of the version 2 models except the fact that they appear glitchy.. you can c thru weird places in them.. although i problay shuddent complain i cant do any better what does every1 else think, r they soething to worry about or just me bein dumb