1. Suh Dude


    OMFG!? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxU7YfkGZKA AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'M SHOCKED that it's a fake. ;'(
  2. Suh Dude

    Vitural Stampler!? No Wai!

    http://www.virtualstapler.com.. WOW, this site is the l33t! Internet Stampler for the big kids now \O/
  3. Element4q2

    GokuGT Pack Released

    Humpz0r has kindly offered to host my pack since RedSaiyan seems to be down again. Here's the link: http://www.igclan.com/esf/models/GTGokuPack.zip It's finally up for download. And yes it does have the SSJ4 thats in my sig. Feel free to post comments
  4. N

    USSJ Goku by Nicho

    As the title says its a drawing of goku, I just got my new How to draw books to day, they are really cool, I'm only on the first few pages in one, but I can't wait to start drawing action poses.. (Image ) And just for the record.. This drawing would be my second time ever drawing a SSJ and my...
  5. S

    Gohan from NG (quick pencil art)

    here you go: enjoy!
  6. N

    YYH pack for esf

    This might be closed, i dont kno the policy on this, but i'd like to build the hype on a YYH pack for esf beta 1.1. Oh no, i didnt make it. The great sexy asian made it for me since im a friend of his good friend dannylad ;) I'd like to thank sexy asian in advanceed, keep your eyes peeled for...
  7. Element4q2

    Element4q2's GT Goku Pack

    I asked for the other thread to be closed so i could start a new thread when the file was up for download. It seems a lot of people were interested in downloading it as i get about 10 pm's about it per week. I have sent the pack to RedSaiyan for hosting (since they're back online) However...
  8. B

    will costum Models used in Version 1.1 work in 1.2 ?

    I ask because of the new movement's, which may come with 1.2. And because i like the gohan i use much more, than the kid version which is in game..... <<< the one i use. or is there an option to edit the model so it can be used with 1.2 ?
  9. T

    A ssj4 gohan

    well i was tired of waiting so im doing a ssj4 gohan heres pic. just need to put the ssj4 hear and fix a flew things.
  10. S

    When Doe version 1.2 come out?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  11. Nuttzy

    basic skinmapping tut by nuttzy

    alright this wont make youa great skinmapper, and due to your ability to understand what i say it may not teach you at all, but here goes, i start this assuming you have a model made and are in milkshape looking at it, also i may skip a few steps, but if your good nuff to model you should be...
  12. Nuttzy

    temp thread - please ignore [grOOvy]

  13. V

    PLZZZZ help me

    where can i down some cool skins for esf cause i heard lots about some skins and i just want to see some for my self so plzzzzzzzzzzzz leave a url where i can down skins ta and cu on esf servers some time
  14. V

    I need Ssj2 Gohan (RedSaiyan Site is Down)

    IF anyone can get me a ssj2 gohan plzz just put the link below: or if u can send the file to my e-mail [email protected] Just write the link: Thxz
  15. U

    whats the problem now

    ;( why is redsaiyan.net down again i hate when that happeneds
  16. W

    plz plz plz help me

    is some1 have a model of this gohan??? (pl dont tell me reqwest theard..) or this: i realy have to get this model...
  17. T

    Supreme Kai

    Would someone be willing to make a Supreme Kai model?
  18. U

    NeW BeBiS

    NEW bebis made by me and Koolkiller. :cool: heres the download link with pormision and credits. :devsmile: download link: http://gundamwingnendlesswaltz.homestead.com/files/ultra_bebis_1_.rar
  19. D

    Vegeta GT WIP

    Here is a pic, crits. (I did fix the shinyness in the shirt)
  20. S

    Namek Vegeta WIP

    I worked on this for like 30 mins and it was my first time ever skinning so tell me what you think credit ESF Team for model me for the skin and Zod for hosting pics front chest vest Back vest strap