1. S

    Options for voices like the other dubs

    At the moment in 1.2.3 we pretty-much have 2 choices for voices, The Japanese version and 1 that is practically the Funimation dub. Some people prefer the ocean dub, Kai(un-cut) etc. Here is an idea on how they sound: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLEzZGosqe8 All rather different, I...
  2. Flink_Power

    Japeneses Voices

    There will be the japenese voices in ESF 1.3 as the version 1.2? Thank you.
  3. wheres_

    Japanese voices?

    Will we get Japanese voices in 1.3?
  4. -Origin

    Voices Unheard

    New sig. Took me a while but I like how it turned out. :)
  5. B

    Switching between English and Japanese Voices?

    Hello All, I recently downloaded this mod, and to my surprise found it very entertaining, good job. However, when I installed it, I had selected Japanese voices because I had never heard of it before. But over time, the unrealistic high pitched adult voices started irritating me, but I did not...
  6. MinioN

    DBZ Voices

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8msIE2JSPNU Dragonball Z Budokai 3 - Behind the screams ENJOY!(not mine)
  7. T

    Jap Voices

    How in the hell do i turn them off!? I want english instead..
  8. M


    how do i turn off japanese voices anyone know i turned them on, on the installation because i thought u could change em back.
  9. B

    Japaneese voices

    High i was just asking how do i remove the japaneese voices and put the english voices. (^,^ i really like vegetas gallet Gun Saying) -Enough!!! YOU WILL NOT MAKE A FOOL OF ME!!!! GALLET GUN!!!!!!!!!!
  10. S

    Japanese voices

    When i installed ESF i noticed i had the option to install the japanese voices, and i thot that sounded kinda cool, so i did. Its cool that I have the japanese voices when im playin, but im kinda curious, is there a way to switch back and forth between japanese and english voices? When i...
  11. E

    Jap voices??

    yeah there was probably a sticky but i could see one.... can someone tell me how to activate them with out over writing my english ones... thanx
  12. Shao

    1.3 Japanese Voices

    Will the Japanese voice mod be incorporated in ESF 1.3? I hope the team makes the effort to find sounds for SSJ3 transformations, Tien, as well as for everything else planning to be added in 1.3.
  13. S


    i just had a thought. is 1.2 always in japanese voices? or can they be english?
  14. T

    Japanese voices...?

    I have a small wish. Well, not really all that small, considering it might take a lot of work. I shifted from DMZ to ESF ages ago when I got the broadband and could download a file as big as 110 megs (downloading on 56k modem is a pain), and I must say that I am very much satisfied with ESF...
  15. Zephon


    Could someone please sort out the voices for the model I mean aGoku when he gets hit or is meleed sound just like Krillin and cell stage 2 when using Kamahameha sounds like cell stage 1 and cell stage 1 sounds like cell stage 2 when using spaecial beam cannon and gallet gun.Its just messed and I...
  16. S

    original voices sound pack!

    this i would love to see.. unless its already out there somewhere.
  17. Jeroen2205


    I think some voices where beteer in 1.0 then in 1.1, like vegeta's final flash voice, or gohan's kamehameha, i think that needs to improve again in the beta 1.2
  18. DaKD


    i've been wondering why for some attacks and voices they dont use stuff from budokai. especcially vegeta man i cant stand his voice before the new episodes all scratchy like it was. Just a suggestion. if i had the proper techno i would do it myself.i mean the voices in that game werent bad.
  19. K

    Goku Voices Wrong!

    Hi, I got a problem whit 4 voices of Goku. Everything is ok, accept for: pain1, pain2, pain3 and pain 4. When you here that sounds you hear Krillins voice. I hope someone can send me Goku his voices.:) Add me on MSN: [email protected] Or link to a download page ^_^ Cya
  20. DaKD

    Are my models @$!%

    well i need to see how i stand and if i need to try harder at modeling so tell me what u think