1. sub

    Tell all your friends about my victory

    I know none of you people give a ****, but seriously, this victory needs to be known about all over the world. I was playing rome total war as the dacians, a race so ****ty that their not even a playable race unless you alter a text file. They start off with a ****ty economy and not great...
  2. S

    VICTORY FOR THE UK POP CHARTS O/ I did my bit o/
  3. K


    :laff: YEAH BABY! HAHA i am SO happy i got this thing to work! I know all of you who have the stupid dll problems and what not are pissed because i was. So ill tell yall what i did so maybe you can get it working too. I was at the point where it worked fine until i tried to load a server...
  4. jeff_d5

    Victory Dance

    This is for a very far future version with single player or maby even for multiplayer. where when you and your team beat the boss or bunch of bad guys etc. your character does some funny lol or dance or faint (if low on health at end of a fight) for multiplayer same stuff but shorter. and the...