1. U

    Half Life CD-Key Problem (I Have a Valid One)

    This is pathetic. I don't know why im having this problem but i didn't have it before. Im using Half Life and ESF 1.2.3. When I install Half Life it just needs the CD Key once and works correctly when i start a new game. but when i install ESF and play any level Offline for fun against...
  2. K

    HELP! It says I need a valid cd key! But I already have one!

    Well. It started when I was about to change from Team Battle to Free fighting, and when I hosted I got an error message saying -"Your cd key is invalid. You need a valid Half Life cd key to play." And every time when I try to host now, I get the same message, even though I already have a cd...
  3. N


    Damn it im getting sick and tired of it my porblem is... When i register it says i must wait 2 mins before the registration process is complete then i close milkshape after 3 mins and open it again but it wont work help me plzz.
  4. Optional

    Pulling hair out of my head!

    OK, I just thought up of something really cool to make with Valve Hammer! It requires vertex manipulation, right? OK, I make a block. Then, I barely move it up and boom! Invalid Solid Structure error! I do a fix and it moves it like 50 ft. away from where the hell I wanted it! Gah, it's so...
  5. S

    Creating a kamehameha

    I'm not much of an artist, but I came upon a pre-kamehameha Vegetto picture, and I just though "This picture looks so naked," so I decided to create the energy in his hands using Corel Photo-Paint Version 8. Custom 1. I made this one first. I made a yellow lens flare, but it was too...
  6. M

    Need help from a good modeler!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok i have a model and when i try to export there come a messege "found vertex with invalid bone assignement" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know i have to assign the model with the bones but i cant im not good enough :cry: So if there is a modeler that can do it for me !!!!!!!!!! Please give...
  7. Marauder

    City:power of bryce

    well, ive been getting alot of **** from ppl saying that my work is only rendom and ugly... well,they are probaly saying it cause they have something against me...i dont really care -_- anyway...just to show u the power of bryce and the fact that i DONT just make random i made...
  8. E

    problems with compile

    i've got 2 questions here: why does the compile destroy my beautiful mountain by causing all the terrain blocks to change shape and create holes in the map? and is there a way to prevent this? u see in hammer editor, the map is nice smooth with no holes. it compiles fine but in game, the...
  9. A

    No Valid Source?

    Ive Downloaded both the files from the MSI site, nothing. Yet when i even try to look for the zip file i come up with a, page cant be found msg... ive even gone to the Microsoft Site and tried downloading an MSI update still nothing. What the problems is that, i get a msg saying No Valid...
  10. S

    I Need A Good Modling Tool

    hey i need a good modling tool and not gmax i tryed that one and they never gave me a good code :S it says it was invalid so i fu could put a link down for a good one i would thanx u a lot :yes:
  11. S

    Mapping problem

    I believe this has something to do with the hull file (considering thats what the error says). Anyways, let me explain the problem. Basically when I compile my map, I get a hull error, and when you join the map, its like everywhere is water. When I look up, the entire sky is one big leak, but...
  12. B

    Cd-key not valid

    When i try and play esf on-line, it says that my cd-key is not valid with valve games. What is it that i have to do to be able to play on-line? would i have to go out and buy another Half-life cd and start over?
  13. T

    Questions about mapping ESF

    I have started mapping HL and have made some rooms and such that worked, however. I haven't figured the sky box thing out yet and haven't found good info. on it. Also I noticed compiling a map with a room bigger than about 4000 units doesn't compile (max leafs error), so how did you make such...
  14. Bryggz

    (HELP) Vertex with invalid bone assignment?

    hey guys im gettin this message when im trying to export my model anybody know a solution? i hardly know what this means
  15. G

    Need valid Cd keys

    can someone spare some? dont have anything to trade though.
  16. Deverz

    Sig Makers Read

    Ok as far as I'm concerned and a few other people, Sigs are NOT Artwork so they don't belong in the artwork section. Alot of you probally wouldnt remember but this section used to be full of sigs until people started complaining so now sigs aren't a valid part of the artwork section. Take it...
  17. H


    when i make a modell came a " Found vertex with invalid bone " what musst i do ????
  18. C

    Not valid win32 file....

    Ok, I downloaded esf from fileplanet's server(36mb if i remember right) And I save it in my Half life folder. When the download is complete I click on esf20.exe and it says: F:\Games\Half Life\esf20.exe is not a valid Win32 application. I have no idea what's...
  19. K

    anyone kow how to convert an ms3d format to a model format

    i need help converting a ms3d format to a mdl format on milkshape how do u do this