1. Viper

    Tribes players unite

    I'm not gonna copy paste things that already been written so: http://www.tribesnext.com/info Basically, all support for Tribes 2 was dropped and it became free, but with no servers to play on. This is where the TribeNext guys come in and help. Follow the instructions on their website and...
  2. M

    Artists of the World Unite (...and other cheesy titles)

    Help a fellow artist out, and get great art to boot. There's a charity auction to help a friend that a bunch of us at the PA forums put together. Spread the Love Take a look, I have a couple things up there as well, though it's not the best work of the auction by far.
  3. Z Senshis|Shin

    Unite power

    how about to unite your beam with a teammate beam? 2 beams shooted to the same exactly moment and target become one big beam, of course it would be dificult to do it, clan are for that, "syncro" replies?
  4. H

    Mappers Unite!

    Hey, I figure I could start a new thread here and just talk about anything and everything. Share maps, etc. My first question is: How do I export my map into a TRUE .bsp file? When I compile it in Valve Hammer Map Editor it makes a .bsp file, but the file is only 14kb small!! It should be...
  5. Amayirot Akago

    The Matrix fans unite!!

    Aaah....May 15th is the day when The Matrix Reloaded is finally released here in Holland. I'm really looking forward to it. :laff: Too bad some surprises are already spoiled for me, since I got to see the trailer during my last visit to the cinema ;(
  6. M

    Disc jokeys of the world unite!

    Well I have been playing around with esf for a while now and I have taken quite a liking to freiza. I tried being a melee whore but because of my bad connection and laggy isp it is way to hard to win a melee face off or even hit any one (easy on a lan tho). However I like to use the freiza disc...
  7. L

    ESF's photoshoppers unite

    Ok here is a challenge, over at worth 1000, they had a comp where u had to photosahop people out of picetures, but leave the clothes, this was the winner... EDIT: sorry, i want to see if any guys at esf can do things like this
  8. SS_Vegeta

    Modelers of the world unite!

    With the loss of Vassago and Joe as major modeling figures on the team, I am seeking some assistance. All modelers who feel their work is up to par should email, PM, or IM me. My email address is [email protected] and my AIM handle is HereticJiisu666. Once you contact me I will present you with...