1. Nuttzy

    basic skinmapping tut by nuttzy

    alright this wont make youa great skinmapper, and due to your ability to understand what i say it may not teach you at all, but here goes, i start this assuming you have a model made and are in milkshape looking at it, also i may skip a few steps, but if your good nuff to model you should be...
  2. Wangster


    how do i make a ladder in valve, i cant find it, can someone help, ps: i deleted the other threath cuz problem was solved.
  3. DaMan

    I made a aura

    Here is what I did to Goku some kinda aura Comments and critz welcome, but no FLAMING
  4. 1_heart_boobies

    photosop is confusing.....

    man...i just bought a photoshop 7.0 and was on those online tutorial things. i tried to do that ice text thing and failed 8/ photoshop is hard...
  5. Wangster

    just 2 show you how easy it is.

    3Dabstract tutorial. well, alot of people make 3D abstract bg's these days, and they looks verry cool, well, if you have bryce, you can do it 2! just follow my steps and you wil have a verry cool BG urself! step 1: select the ground object and delete it step 2: press the tab sky and fog...
  6. D


    i cant find out how 2 make a waterfall, and i searched, looked at the stickies (so close i could :laff: ), and i know there is a tut. out there sumwhere, but where is it:confused: :confused: :confused:
  7. Wangster

    tut request

    well, i have bryce now, and i wanna know how people make those tubes with a verry cool render onnit, is there a tut to do this? i know that there r stickys with tuts, but none for bryce 5... please help...
  8. M

    first 3dsm thing

    it's my first time so plz have respect and don't rip
  9. Death The Jedi


    Another creation of mine, tell me what you think:
  10. Eider

    female model

    Hello y'all, I was just wondering if sbd has a female model with animations which I can (re)skin with photoshop, i'll give u credit when i release it :p u can send it to [email protected] or [email protected] PS: this is a request sorreh bout that, but I finish the skin, I ll post it...
  11. GhostfaceKillah

    Digital Inferno BG

    Done completly in photoshop, I was messing around with a tutorial I found, and this is what I came up with: Critz/comments please...
  12. Z

    my first bryce picture

    well i see every1 else is making them so i decided to.. <img src=http://home.nc.rr.com/majins/bryce.gif > its my first so u might not think its good , & even i think the name i made for it is *** but thats what it looks like lol EDIT: okay i forgot to say i edited it in photoshop some...
  13. Z

    Matrix Tut.

    *edited for ripping copyrighted content
  14. S

    Can someone help me?

    Hi i need halp to model hair any one know of a tut or can someone tell me, im using milkshape 3d thx if u can tell me.
  15. -Dark Shadow-


    Can someone please give me some tuts!!! of it any kind of style which = good thx :) without using pics of some sort
  16. -Dark Shadow-


    is there any good tutorials for high poly models in 3ds max 5 can someone tell me please thx :)
  17. G

    Moddeling in max

    I have been modeling in Milkshape for a while, and have just switched to 3ds max. The way I model is I have like 10 cylinders and I shape them and connect them all when I am done. The one problem is I can't figure out how to connect these cylinders in 3ds max. I can sort of get a crude system...
  18. K

    Got a new sig

    Needed a new sig host (thanx Lee :devil:) But i tried a grunge. It my first grunge ever and i didn't use any tut's or anything .What u guys think???
  19. Kman3252

    new sig

    what do u think of my new sig <br> <embed src="http://www.geocities.com/ssedbz/mysig.swf" quality="high" width="350" height="96">
  20. TimTheEnchantor

    Time Is Eternal

    Maximum dimension are 1024x768...hopefully you can see my alias in side it.. Time is Eternal