1. donnierisk

    Processor thermal trip

    Hi guys. In the beginning of the year I bought myself a new computer, well each part seperately and my computer was working quite fine. I had a few problems though, I haven't built a pc in years so it is possible that I didn't do it 100% correctly. Everytime I disconnect the power from my...
  2. Dokutayuu

    Back from Wales

    I'm not sure if many people noticed my absence for the last week but I spent it in Wales on a Biology field trip. Most of it was Ecology, the first few days were spent learning how to sample, various statistical tests and stuff like niches and colonization. It was pretty dull at times, my final...
  3. sub

    Everybody kills Hitler on their first trip.. I thought it was a pretty ingenious short story.
  4. Denz

    A trip to Paris!

    I'm going to Paris for the first time ;D so you guys wish me a good luck or else! its excursion in my school if I might add its not cheep but when you are going with friends to hell with the money! I maybe buy ps2 and a skateboard deck there. if you have some good advices spit them out...
  5. C


    can somebody help me i downloaded milkshape 3d and i dont get how to make a model can somebody plz help me?
  6. Phatslugga

    Trip 2 .... Electric Boogaloo

    Ok guys, this time i'm leaving for real. I'm going to be packing tommorow and leaving early saturday. This sucks, and i just wanted to say that i'm going to miss you poeple for the three weeks i'm gone ( i probably won't have access to a connection where i'm going). Hopefully if i have time...
  7. Phatslugga


    Welp, this sucks, i have to go to poland in about 3 days, for 3 weeks. I have to start getting ready so i'm officially gone today, unless i find time to get on(doubtful). Just wanted to say i'd be gone, so i can't argue with anyone for a while :cry:
  8. H

    Quick Trip Melee

    I call it Quick Trip, IDK what you guys call it. Its where the guys move REALLY fast punching. You should add it in seeing as how its a beautiful feature. That would make this mod Untouchable. Please add this!
  9. Gazoline

    Strykers trip

    Well if you all read strykers new dev journal post.. you can all read about him going away soon or.. AUG2 might not be soon for some off you but it is for me:rolleyes: i really hope you do have time to finish one more map for us stryker:) and that you really do good in airforce.... go...
  10. N

    New night fox...

    As you all can see this is still a based sketch I didn't think about what he should look like so much as the crits i got..:fight: LOL.. the crits hurt but i like honesty thanks all! BTW...This is only the fist sketch of the new night fox look.. so please be gental... *PLEASE!!*:\