1. LOPAO

    Costume caracter powers and special tricks

    Hi, how would be to add 7 space for capsules like in dragon ball z infinite world, something like costume :yes: that will be great everyoane can custome her/him caracter :d 3 - Attacks , like Kamehaha-ha..,Spirit bomb .. Fusion Gogeta etc .. i'm refering at goku 4 - Special trick, like full...
  2. VideoJinx

    3D Max Modeling: Tips and Tricks

    Hey I'm starting this thread for everyone learning to model =), including me. Hopefully people can get answers for their questions on modeling here. To get things started, here is my question. Q: Is there a way to change the color of the space around* the model? Because when I render a model...
  3. A

    Melee tricks HELP PLZ !!

    Hy... can someone plz can wright to me the melee tricks on esf plz or send them to my E-mail [email protected] 10X =]
  4. bapplebo

    Card Tricks

    Maybe you've seen these, but these had me (seriously) going HOW THE HELL? EDIT: Found another one.
  5. C

    FPS tricks?

    i read the sticky..but it didnt help much...AT ALL...<_< satans thing didnt work for me sicne all it did was turn everything else off but the game..which was lame..i only ned console commands to raise my pretty sure theres something i can put in the config to raise my FPS..(and dont...
  6. N

    Cool Magic Tricks.

    Hey i was watching magic tricks shows and stuff its pretty cool. And does anyone know what you need and how to do the raven coin trick?
  7. D

    ESF: Secrets and Tricks

    ok my first serious msg here N-JOY -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- senzu hiding places: map:esf_geoarena bean area: here the bag: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- map:esf_lavapit In red: the...
  8. yogosaki

    Melee Tricks...

    Just wondering what kind of Ki saving /enemy fooling tricks you guys use... Personally, I like playing with my fly key. Turning off fly right after you stop swooping can get you all the way accross the map if done correctly, and the best thing is that while in transit, you regain ki (also...
  9. NightShade

    list some of the coolest tricks you have done

    I got 3 One throw a kril disk to the side teleport to the side as someone swoops at me. then kick them into the disk two Taking on 8-9 people alone *you all knew about that :P* last and best of them all. doing my fall trick kicking someone as i land seeing someone on spec team as i...
  10. D


    ik want training if you are GOOD and want to teach me some tricks and tips please contac me @ [email protected]
  11. MONXver2.0

    Just some optical tricks

    Click here :devgrin:
  12. G

    wanne know the good tricks

    i saw and had a few times that someone stopped a beam and hold it and flew away with the energy ball and was able to trow it back later as a ball of energy i wanne know how p.s. does anyone know some good other tricks
  13. P

    melee tips and tricks

    can you guys post some tips/tricks/strtegies for melee combat... ...i can't get the hang of it at all... the people keep getting out of the way...or my swoop isn't long enought...and most of the time it's short.... how come sometimes there is a long swoop and a short one...always the...
  14. OneWingedAngel

    ESF Tricks

    I'm just wondering what everyones lil trick is when they play ESF. Mine is play as a pretty weak character and surprise my opponet later on when his pl is extremly high :D like Freiza weak at beginning later on hes a power house. So just post some stuff you guys like to do in ESF.
  15. S

    Mapping Suggestion

    Ok... this is very rare of me to ask for help but im stumped... I made an awesome king kais planet map... round and everything! but... I cant figure out how to give the map a center of gravity in the center of the planet... I want this so that you can walk around the planet while Fly Toggle...